Roses . . . What a Delightful Way to Celebrate the Day!

Jun 12th

Can you believe how fast this week is passing?  At least I hope it’s passing as quickly for you as it is for me.  Before we know it we’ll be at the weekend again. 

Red Rose Day – If you ask anyone what their favorite flower is, according to statistics, most people will say red roses.  They aren’t MY personal favorite, though they are quite beautiful and I’d never say no if someone wanted to give me some.  Makes me wonder if there is a National Tulip’s Day? Hm, another celebration for another day.  Today is the day to enjoy and appreciate the rose though, so back on topic!  The red rose represents love, which is appropriate since June is the most popular month for weddings.  Roses are in bloom in gardens across American from early June up to the first frost of fall, which could account for the popularity with gardeners.  Each rose color has a different meaning, so if you are giving someone else some roses, make sure you are sending the right message!


Rose Color Meaning
Red Nothing sends the message of love more clearly, than a red rose. Make that a dozen! The meaning of this rose color is quite clear. Red roses represent  love, beauty, courage and respect.
White Whit is the color of purity and innocence. It also represents silence or secrecy, reverence and humility.
Pink Appreciation,”Thank you”, grace, perfect happiness, and admiration
Dark Pink Send roses of this color to show appreciation or gratitude.
Light Pink admiration, sympathy
Yellow Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning
Orange Desire, and enthusiasm
Red and White Given together, these signify unity.
Red Rosebud A symbol of purity and loveliness
White Rosebud Symbolic of girlhood
Thornless Rose Signifies “Love at first sight”.


It’s always a good day to receive flowers, but giving them can make you feel good just knowing you put a smile on someone’s face and in their hearts.   Check the color list before you send them though – you don’t want to send the wrong message!


Crowded Nest Awareness Day – I’m sure that many of us have experienced empty nest syndrome – that sad and lonely time when the kids move out and what was once bustle, noise and confusion is very quiet and well. . . empty!  You get used to the commotion and it’s difficult to adapt to them being gone.  But after awhile it’s normal  to get used to it, and the routines change, the appreciation for the quiet grows, and life takes on a new pace.  In this economy though, there are children and grandchildren moving back home, or in with the in-laws.  It just has gotten very difficult to make it on their own, and once again families are crowded in together, the noise level increases, the confusion and chaos return and life is sort of like it was when they were growing up, with the new twist that they aren’t children any longer so you can’t really tell them what to do.  House rules can create resentment and frustration.  Today though, cherish your crowded nest.  No matter how much I enjoy the quiet and calm of our lives now, deep inside I miss the hectic confusion of the kids being at home.  I am Mom to the core and am never happier than when I have my loved ones all around me, no matter how noisy it gets. 


Loving Day –   This is a pretty important day in history!   One I’ve never head of before today, but I’m glad to know of now.  In June of 1958, two residents of Virginia did something that nobody else had been brave enough to do.  Mildred Jeter was a black woman, and Richard Loving was a white man, and they stood against opposition and unfair laws that were set in place and they were married in the District of Columbia.  When they returned to Virginia, they were indicted by the grand jury for their interracial marriage.  On June 12, 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the remaining 16 state laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Brave people, standing up against laws that were discriminatory and unfair.  They were amazing role models in an unfair time.



Food Celebrations of the Day –


National Jerky Day – For people who love meat snacks, you’ll be thrilled to know that they rank #4 for highest grossing sector of salty snacks, even outselling pretzels and popcorn.  Did you know that jerky has a proud heritage?  In the U.S. the practice of drying meat dates back to the Native Americans and earliest European settlers who sought highly portable, filling foods that didn’t need any refrigeration.  Jerky is actually very lean and naturally high in protein and low in calories, fat and carbohydrates.  And in spite of popular belief, jerky is not guy food.  Research shows that almost as many women as men snack on jerky.

To truly get into the spirit of National Jerky Day, check out some of these fun, delicious and outlandish jerky treats and products!  The following websites feature some interesting, if somewhat disgusting, versions of jerky.

  • Zombie Jerky: the world first green jerky, intended to help you feel as if you are snacking on the ‘un-dead’ themselves.
  • DIY Brief Jerky, Edible Underwear: For those who want to take Jerky day to an entirely new level, here is the step-by-step recipe for your very own jerky-made edible underwear (or any other jerky-garment you’d prefer)

Well, I must say – after all that reading on those sites – I can say without a single doubt that I prefer plain, regular, normal beef/turkey or buffalo jerky. It just seems safer that way!

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day – Most food celebrations bode ill for diets and healthy eating, but sure do make it fun for those of us who love to bake!  Peanut butter cookies are being celebrated today, and for those who don’t suffer a peanut allergy, quite irresistible!  In the 1890s peanut butter was originally touted as an alternative to cow’s butter, by none other than vegetarian Harvey Kellogg (yep, the cereal guy).  By the 1900s the creamy mixture found its way into salads and main courses at restaurants, and in sandwiches made at home.  By the 1930s peanut butter also found its way into desserts.  The crisscross pattern on top of the cookies started being added as bakers began flattening the stiff dough so it baked properly.  Here are a few delightful Peanut Butter Cookies recipes to try from  Have fun with them!


Well, hm, I have to wonder if some cookies would be worth the indulgence. They sure do sound good!  Hope you enjoyed the reading today!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!  Cookie anyone?


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