Putting Our Focus On The Christ Child – Have A Blessed 1st Day Of Advent

Nov 30th

11-29-14 snow  2It is the last day of November – and I find myself to be almost surprised at how quickly it passed us by!  Between getting ready for Thanksgiving, and now gearing up for Christmas, it just seems like there’s no time to calm down and enjoy what’s going on . . . we are getting one event past and moving on to the next one before we can catch our breath.  I realize we live in a hurry, hurry world, but this sometimes feels a little ridiculous.

Snow CollageYesterday was a good day, and I hope it was for you also.  Many of you know how much I love winter, and I REALLY love snow.  We woke up to about four inches of snow and some very cool temperatures.  I liked that part, the wind I could have done without.  Trees were down all over the place, I heard reports of homes being destroyed, and many folks were without power.  As far as the snow went though, it was pretty fun.  My son and his family were visiting, and we all headed out to find a Christmas tree.  Our first plan was to go to the mountains and get a tree in the wild, like we have done so many times before, but the road conditions were horrible, and with the wind, it just didn’t make sense to go up lonely logging roads where there isn’t any cell service, with small children in the car.  The next best plan was to go to the Christmas tree farm up the road . . . only it was closed because of the weather.  I understand that they couldn’t risk having a tree fall on a customer, but it was pretty disappointing.  So, plan 3 . . . we went to the park and played in the snow.  I haven’t made a snow angel in so many years that I can’t even recall the last time I did it . . . but I did!  As did my son and my grandson!  We threw snow at each other, ran around and my boy even tackled me and knocked me over.  OK, that may not have been my BEST moment of the day, but his intentions were fun.  Sort of embarrassing when I have to be hauled to my feet because my knees won’t allow me to easily get up on my own.


first-sunday-of-adventToday is a very special day.  It is the first Sunday of Advent, and in our home – and I hope yours – it is treated with reverence and solemnity.  Each Sunday from now until Christmas we focus on the amazing gift we were given by God, the gift of His Son.  Each Sunday I will be posting the scriptures we will be reading as we light the candle(s) on our wreath, and invite you to do the same.  Even if you do not have an Advent Wreath, you can read the Word and focus on the Christ Child.  Bringing our hearts and minds to the meaning of the season is so much more important than any other tradition we may have going on this time of year.

Beginning the celebration:

On the first day begin with either a prayer or a Christmas carol. Light the first purple (or red) candle, known as the prophecy candle.  With the lighting, talk about Jesus being the light of the world. Read the Advent Scripture of the day. End by singing or praying. Blow out the candle.  Light the same candle each day of the first week. Follow with the reading, Christmas carols or other meaningful activities.

Sun. Is. 40:1-5
Mon. Is. 52:7-10
Tue. Is. 40:9-11
Wed. Gen. 3:8-15
Thu. Gen. 15:1-6
Fri. Deut. 18:15-19
Sat. Ps. 89:1-4



Elf Adventures Continue!  I knew that the Shelf Elves got a little mischievous this time of year, especially when there aren’t any full time kids in the house, but if this guy likes sugar so much that he gets into the Almond Roca already, I can tell we’re in for some trouble.  Better hide the candy canes!Elf and Almond Roca

This Day In History

1782 – The United Stated and Great Britain sign a peace treaty in Paris, formally ending the Revolutionary War.

Food Celebration of the Day

chocolate_hazelnut_mousse_(_mousses_recipe)-3442National Mousse Day – Fun fact: Teeny, tiny air bubbles (from whipped egg whites or cream) are to thank for a mousse’s signature delicate and light-as-a-feather texture.






Today is the last day of a whirlwind 5 day weekend! I know! Five days! You would think I would have gotten more done, but I’ve been running like a crazed woman for all of it.  Everything I didn’t get done over the last few days needs to be done today.  Laundry, cleaning up from having company, getting and decorating the Christmas tree, since the farm was closed yesterday, and preparing for the busy upcoming week.  Not sure when relaxation will come into play . . . probably next year!  Well, I’d better get to it! God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!AmericanFlagCrossandPrayingHands


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