Put On Your Tux . . . Or At Least Wear Black And White!

Jan 20th

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  I’m going to be racing through todays because I got caught up in an online class last night and didn’t plan ahead!  Sorry if it’s a lame day but I’ll make up for it later! 









Penguin Awareness Day – The Penguin is one of the few natives of Antarctica.  Today you can spend a little time learning a little about them, or even just looking at pictures of them.  You can even watch a documentary about these cute and very popular grounded birds.  Penguins, since they can’t fly, walk or waddle wherever they go.  I’m sure that makes their migration a LOT longer!  Here’s a pretty cool website that I just took a quick glance at that may give you lots of information and what looked to be great pictures.  I admit it, one of my favorite movies is Happy Feet!  This picture reminded me of that movie.

Martin Luther King Day – I’m torn on this one.  I don’t really like celebrating the BIG ones here, unless they are religious or family oriented in nature.  And, to be quite honest, there are conflicting reports about Martin Luther King, Jr.  However, that can’t take away from what he did do to try to unite the country.  Something that has been systematically torn apart in the last 6 years or so.  Martin Luther King, Jr. became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize.  He was assassinated on April 4, 1968 while he was making a speech from the balcony of his  hotel room in Memphis, TN.  His birthday became a National Holiday by an act of Congress in 1983.  His actual birthday was on the 15th, so they must has settled in on a Monday so a lot of people get 3 day weekends.  I am not one of those people, and I’m perfectly fine with that.  Like I said, I’m torn on this one.

This Day In History

1964 – The Beatles release “Meet the the Beatles”, their first album to the U.S., sparking a new “English invasion”.      
1981 – At 69 years, 349 days old, Ronald Reagan becomes the oldest person to become U.S. president.



Food Celebration of the Day

National Buttercrunch DaySomewhere between caramel and toffee lies buttercrunch — and its name has become synonymous with cookies that also bear bits of its sweetness. Get a buttery crunch fix with one of these crowd-pleasers.  I won’t be telling anyone to break their diets, but if you were going to anyway . . .

Sorry about the lack of detail or in depth research, but I am SO behind schedule!  Run run run  . . . it’s going to be one of  THOSE Mondays.

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