Proud To Be An American – Stand Up and Let Your Voices Be Heard – ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

Sep 11th

I know as many of us wake up today we will be remembering the horrible attack on our nation 12 years ago.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long!  It seems like it was yesterday.  I remember where I was and what I was doing as if I were there again.  I can smell the aroma of coffee in the air on the morning ferry to Seattle, I can hear the voices starting to get louder as people started to tell the other commuters what they had heard on their radios and computers as the news was starting to be broadcast.  The shaking I felt in the pit of my stomach, and the tears of shock that wouldn’t stop falling down many of our faces, as we got off the boat and stared at the tall buildings, in fear that they too would be attacked.  My office closed down that day and we all went next door to the restaurant bar and watched the news all day long, until time to go home.  None of us could believe what we were seeing, we didn’t want to.  That feeling never quite went away.  Even now, when I go to the city I find myself staring up at the sky, watching the buildings, remembering the fear I felt.  Of course, what we experienced on our coast wasn’t even a drop in the bucket to what they experienced in New York.   My heart bled for them then, and bleeds for them now. 

It doesn’t take much to fill the people there with those feelings of panic and flashbacks to that infamous day, and I wonder, does it ever really leave them?  I can’t imagine it does.  I won’t go into a long diatribe about this – I posted my annual blog about 9/11 last night, and I do hope you read it and understand where I am coming from.  What I will say is to LOVE our nation!  LOVE the freedoms and principles our nation was built upon, and BELIEVE in the vision of our forefathers.  Stand up for those principles, for the vision, for this nation!  We are FREE, but that’s temporary if we do not stand up and take our nation back!  If we do not fight for what we have we will find ourselves like the other socialist nations, floundering, suffering from the poor economic decisions and the resulting disasters that they have all faced.  Our national debt is higher now that it has ever been and if I hear one more person blame the PREVIOUS administration  I fear I’ll slap them upside the head, in the hope that perhaps a couple of brain cells might accidentally rub up against each other and fire some intelligence into the thought process.  Twelve years ago today the citizens of our great nation came together, unified, and we stood up as one and demanded justice for the dead.  It didn’t matter whether we voted Democrat or Republican.  It didn’t matter whether we were rich or poor, employed or not, or what our spiritual beliefs.  We were ONE NATION UNDER GOD and we demanded that our enemies be tracked down and stopped.  I want that nation back.  I want that unity back.  I want the love for each other to infuse this country from one coast to the other, and I want to see every single patriotic voice stand up and shout for our nation and the principles on which she was founded to be saved.  Do not let the loss of innocent lives be for nothing, do not let the sacrifice of the men and women of our military to be in vain, do not let ambivalence and the hand out for free stuff blind you to the reality.  If we wish to remain free then we need to stand up and be ONE NATION UNDER GOD again!

Even on such a day as this, with the heavy and painful memories, we can find something lighthearted to think about also.  It doesn’t take away from those thoughts and feelings, but gives us a break so we can deal with them better.

Make Your Bed Day –  I admit it.  I don’t often make the bed.  In the mornings there is a rush to get out the door to work, and honestly, but the time we get home it’s not that many hours until we get back into it, so why bother?  It’s just never been one of those things that bothered me.  I didn’t make my kids make their beds either.  I made sure they knew how, just never really enforced it.  There were too many other things to focus on – household chores that affected the entire family, their school work, etc.  It turns out that I’m in good company!  A LOT of people don’t bother making the bed, except when they change the sheets or when company is coming.  For today though, make the bed when you get up – it is a pretty simple way to celebrate something and you’ll have a nice neat bed to get into tonight. 

No News Is Good News Day – I can’t do it.  I can manage to do without the news when we are camping or on a cruise – simply because it isn’t available – but to turn off the news, especially on a day like today just isn’t going to happen for me.  I can see why someone would though.  There are times when the news just puts us on emotional and mental overload!  So much bad stuff going on all around the world can short us out to the point that we just need a break so we can focus on something good.  I like to see what is happening in the world so I know how to plan my life – but maybe that is just me.  Today though, if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by current events, turn it off and just assume that No News Is Good News!

This Day In History

2001 –  Islamic Al-Qaeda militants flew planes into NYC’s twin World Trade Towers and the Pentagon
1962 – The Beatles recorded their 1st single “Love Me Do”.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Hot Cross Bun Day –  How a day celebrating an Easter treat landed in September is a mystery, but use this as an excuse to bake up one of your favorite holiday breads.

Throughout your celebrations today, keep your hearts and prayers on the victims of the horrible attack of 12 years ago, and I know that for me, I am saying prayers for, and feeling proud of, the 2 Million Bikers in DC today!  I wish I could be there to see them.  It is my hope that at least some of the media does footage on them, it would be an amazing sight to behold and a huge source of patriotic pride.  Let Our Voices Be Heard.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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