Party! Party! Party! It’s A Pintastic Pinterest Party!

May 8th
It’s our weekly Pintastic Pinterest Party! 
Welcome back to our party. We are pretty excited about featuring you and spreading the word of some amazing posts to read! Thanks for joining us.

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Here is this weeks feature:

I felt my heart skip a little when I read this, as I held back a few tears.  When my children were growing up I had the burden of being the only reliable breadwinner in the house, so I was gone for many hours each day.  Because jobs that paid a fair wage were not near where we lived, I ended up working in a position for 7 years that had me traveling round trip 5 hours each day.  I left before the kids were awake in the morning, and I got home barely in time to tuck them in at night.  I spent many hours, days and weeks of their lives crying myself to sleep because I missed my children and I was missing out on their growing up years.  This post is such a lovely and simple reminder to take the time with your children and breathe.  Enjoy these years for they are so quick to pass by.  Do it now while you have the chance so you aren’t looking back with any regret on the things that you missed.  What a blessing this reminder is . . . now if only we could go back and have do-overs.

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