Out Of Respect . . .

Apr 16th

As I sat here trying to summon up some enthusiasm for celebration, I found that I just couldn’t.   The tragic events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon have turned my thoughts towards the evil that has been running rampant in our nation, from the inside out . . . and from the outside in.  We have become prey on our own soil, prey for the monsters that would strike when we are at our most vulnerable, when we are celebrating life with events such as this race, when we are just living our lives the best way we can!  As our leaders try to be oh-so-politically correct in the face of something that is so horrific, I say just stop!  Stop trying to gloss over things, stop trying to deflect attention from the truth . . . and that truth is that we are under attack.  No, not from the conservative . . . oh wait . . .”right wing extremists” . . . but from evil people who just want to inflict pain and death.

There isn’t a label here that describes this attack, except for TERRORISM.  Terrorists struck our soil again, and again we lost innocent lives because of it.   Rather than pointing fingers left or right,  just find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.  Dividing our nation against itself when it should be focused on helping each other won’t accomplish anything but more problems.  We are being given yet another chance to turn back to the path of good and right, the path back to being a God following, God honoring nation.  This is yet another wake-up call to stop what we are doing and take notice of how far into the depths we’ve allowed ourselves to sink, and climb out of it.

My thoughts and prayers are with those people who were harmed in the senseless violence today.  For the families who lost a loved one, my heart is with you.  For the parents of the child who perished, please have peace that that child is sitting in the arms of our Lord today. It won’t take away the pain, or fill the hole left in your heart, but maybe it will give a little calm in this frenzy of grief.  For the people who lost arms or legs, who were harmed in any way by the explosions, I pray for your healing – the healing of your minds, your bodies and your souls.  For the people who witnessed the violence, even if they weren’t harmed physically, I pray for their minds, for their hearts, for the emotions they will be dealing with, as their grief is going to be weighing heavily for a very long time, perhaps always.

Dear Lord, I lift up these people to You today, and I pray that You give them peace, healing and a sense of Your presence in their lives.  I lift up our nation to You Lord, and I ask that our leadership set aside their petty politics and focus on what is important – justice – TRUE justice – and that they do what is necessary to find the guilty, rather than using this event to once again push through their own agenda.    And Lord, finally, I ask that You create in people’s hearts a willingness to turn back to You, and that our nation heal as a result of this tragedy.  In Jesus precious name I pray, Amen.

I will be back tomorrow with a mention of what would have been today’s celebrations, and tomorrow’s regular celebrations.  Thank you for bearing with me as I regroup my thoughts to get them back on track.  God Bless You and may His peace be in your heart today.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

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