Our Guardian Angels Are Always With Us . . .

Oct 2nd

It’s Wednesday.  If you turn on the news, you can see that the country is in chaos. Our government officials are playing a game of chicken with our lives, each daring the other like school children on a playground to blink first.  Favors are being handed out like candy to the supporters of the administration, even though the favors in question just bury the rest of us deeper under the steaming pile of fertilizer that is helping to destroy the nation.  The suffocation many of us feel of trying to make ends meet, with the same or less pay, is just going to get worse as the penalties for non-compliance with a constitutionally illegal mandate roll into place.  There are days like these that just the act of getting out of bed and putting one foot in front of the other is nearly as big a struggle as comprehending the destruction of our great nation that is playing out in front of our eyes.  There has to be some relief!  Well, that’s why we are here.  These silly little holidays and celebrations may not affect our lives tangibly, but if they give us a slight and temporary distraction from the turmoil of the world, then they have done what they were designed to do.  Join me today for a few minutes of fun . . . finding SOMETHING to celebrate.

National Custodial Workers Day – Today we honor custodians.  These dedicated workers don’t get the acknowledgement that they deserve.  Today is the day to give them a big thank you – whether they are at your school, church, where you work,  or in the local mall, they silently support the facilities where they work all year long.  They clean up messes and do the dirty work that nobody else wants to deal with.  Seriously, think about it, have you ever actually paid attention to the nastiness that is a school bathroom?  Or thought about who has to deal with it when a kid throws up at the food court at the mall?  Gross!  I appreciate these dedicated workers very  much, and hopefully you do too.  Thank you custodians of the world.  You deserve all the appreciation we have to give. 

Name Your Car Day – Does your car have a name? Apparently lots of people name their cars. I suppose it stands to reason, since people with boats name them.  We don’t even give that a second thought.  So, if we name our boats, why not our cars or trucks?  Every car has character and personality to the person who drives them.  We find ourselves encouraging the car to make it up that hill, or get us through the snow, or to the gas station when we run it too low.  I suppose, if we attribute our cars with the ability to hear us, then we should give them the courtesy of a name too!  Since I personally have never named a car, I am curious.  Do guys call their cars by masculine names or feminine?  And what about girls?  I found a  list of suggestions for selecting an appropriate name for your car: 

  • Don’t select wimpy names. That might give your car a personality complex and it will perform accordingly.
  • Do give a strong, aggressive name to sports cars and cars with powerful engines.
  • Sleek, sexy feline-like cars prefer names that begin with “lady”.
  • Old junkers are proud just to be around. You can call them just about anything. Try “Tramp”, or “Old Yeller”, “Old Blue”.
  • Pick names to reflect your personality.
  • “Pickemup” trucks must have country names.
  • Don’t give common names (like Joe, Mike or Sue)  to luxury cars. They beam over names like Reginald, Archibald, and Crystal.

These weren’t my suggestions, but you get the idea.  So, if you haven’t named your car – you may want to think about it.  If you HAVE named your car, I’d certainly love to hear from you what you have named it.  Really!  I’m  curious!

Balloons Around The World Day – This one is always held on the 1st Wednesday of October.  Is there anything quite as magical as balloons?   Watching someone create balloon animals or sculptures is fascinating.  The balance between watching someone use all of that creativity, while standing back expecting an explosion as they twist, bend and fold those balloons just brings a bit of magic and wonder to the whole process.  Balloons Around The World Day is about sharing happiness, giving smiles through the act of giving and sharing balloon art.  If you aren’t inclined to risk bursting balloons in your face, maybe present someone you care about with a bright and colorful helium balloon.  It will naturally bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Guardian Angels Day – I believe in angels.  According to the sources I found researching this, about 80% of people believe in them too.  And why not?  So many people have individual, personal accounts of encounters with angels that it would be nearly silly NOT to believe.  Angels are all around us all the time, and when we are born God assigns one of these heavenly spirits to  each of us with our own angel to watch over us.  They are not here to intercede with decisions we make – whether they are good or bad – but to protect and watch over us.  (I tried to find an image of an angel that was more defender/warrior but apparently everyone just thinks of angels as ethereal beings.  It’s not the image that I have of mine, but I’m not an artist, so you get what I can find!) Today, we celebrate the feast of the Guardian Angels. The belief in angels has been a part of the Church’s traditions since the beginning.  Scripture mentions angels often, showing them as messengers, defenders, companions, guides and guardians.  The role of the Guardian Angel is thought to guide a person towards good thoughts, works and words, and to preserve him from evil.  The angels cannot force us to those good thoughts, works or words, or keep people from participating in evil, but they can influence those decisions if we have an open and willing heart.  Since the 17th century a feast honoring the Guardian Angels has been celebrated in October.  At one time all the angels used to be remembered on the feast of Michaelmas (September 29), but people wanted a day to honor their own special protectors, so today we have the “feast of the angels” on October 2nd.  Have you ever experienced intervention or a message from an angel?  I have.  I know that a lot of people don’t believe stories of these types of things, and for that I am truly sorry – you don’t know what you’re missing out on. 

Remember I was telling you about my fear of trees hitting our house?  Well, the last time (not the only time) I have heard the voice of an angel was on the day that the 1st tree landed on our home.  The day before this storm hit, as I was driving home from work I started to not feel well.  A headache that had begun a little earlier in the day just started getting worse.  By the time I got home I was nearly throwing up from the pain, and could barely hold my head up.  I told myself that if I still felt that way the next morning I’d call in sick.  Now, I don’t just call in sick easily.  My job is important to me, and my responsibilities at the office are also.  To call in sick I have to be REALLY sick, or feel that I’m contagious to my fellow workers.  It’s a big thing for me.  The next morning I woke up feeling like death.  I could barely raise my head off of the pillow, so I called in sick.  Oddly enough, about 1/2 hour after I called in I started to feel a little better, and by about an hour after I should have been at the office I was feeling quite good.  The headache and nausea had just  melted away.  I played with the idea of going back to work, but every time I thought about it the headache started coming back, so I decided that I’d just stay home and get a few things done. Mid day the wind was whipping up pretty good and I was watching out the window as branches and leaves flew past, and things thumped on the porch and the roof of the house.  At one point the dog started tap dancing that she needed to go out, and as I stood there, about 10 feet from our French doors, wondering if I should let her out the back or the front (there are large trees on both sides of the house), I heard a voice, directly behind my head, tell me urgently “Do NOT go out the door!”  I whipped around to see who was in my house, my heart in my throat, but nobody was there.  Literally 10 seconds after the voice told me to stay inside, a tree came crashing down on the back deck, onto the roof and knocking the doors open in a loud booming explosion of sound, branches and needles.  If I had gone outside when I was thinking of going outside I would have been standing directly in the path of the tree and would likely have been killed.  I needed to be home that day – the tree opened up the house to the elements and I needed to be there to close and barricade the doors, and call my husband to come home to help take care of it.  I firmly believe that the headache was my urging to stay home, since God knew I wouldn’t stay home without something with my health happening.  And the voice of my Guardian Angel was there, loud, in person, audible and clear – DO NOT GO OUTSIDE!   I am grateful for the gift of my angel, and I don’t take for granted this gift one single moment, ever.  Have you ever heard or seen your angel?  Please, I’d love to hear your stories.

World Farm Animals Day –  This nature-minded holiday was started primarily by people who oppose eating meat as a lifestyle, and try to convince everyone to stop eating animals.  And while I don’t agree with them, there are some things they talk about that I do agree with.  Factory farm mass-production slaughterhouses are horrible.  They treat the animals cruelly while they are alive, if you can call what those poor creatures are doing living, and the process they go through for slaughter is horrifying.  Raising awareness about how the animals are treated at these production facilities is definitely a worthwhile cause.  Please use this day to research local farms who raise their animals free-range, fed organic grass and antibiotic and hormone-free food.  These meats are more expensive, yes, but they are better for you.  Happy animals during their lives, who are treated with respect at the end of their lives, and slaughtered with humane means, give healthier food for us to eat.  God intended for people to eat meat, as we see throughout His word, but He never intended for us to be cruel to that food while it is growing up. 

This Day In History

1950 – Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schultz first appeared in newspapers

Food Celebration of the Day

National Fried Scallops Day – The sweetest and most tender of the bivalves, scallops live in saltwater all around the world. When deep-fried, larger sea scallops give a meatier bite than smaller bay ones, but both make for a delightful dish.






Today I hope you have found something to celebrate and put a smile on your face.  I know you are thinking of a name for your car as you read this, aren’t you?  Yep, I knew it.  Have a fantastic day, in spite of the turmoil all around us – we should always find a reason to celebrate!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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