Oooooooh . . . It’s Friday The 13th! Should We Be Afraid?

Jun 13th

Good Morning and a Very Happy Friday to you!  We made it!  A few hours from now and we’ll be getting started on our weekend!!  In the meantime, we have some fun stuff to celebrate together, so without further ado . . . let’s have some fun!


Blame Someone Else Day – We all know someone who loves playing the blame game . . . there are a few key government officials who do it daily!  I don’t think I need to mention names.  These people won’t get much out of this celebration because for them, pointing the finger at someone else is a way of life.  For those of us who take responsibility for our actions, this day could be fun!  Just point at someone else – for today only – when there is a mistake or error you don’t want to fess up about.   Don’t forget though that while you’re pointing the finger at someone else, they may be pointing the finger at you!  Remember, they get to celebrate this one too.  This one ties directly into first Friday the 13th of 1982.  Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan was having a heck of a day.  Her alarm did not go off, so she overslept.  Because of that she was late for appointments all day long.  According the story I saw, she spent the day spreading the blame around, and making excuses for being late.  Yep, sounds like a good start to setting up a holiday to me!

Friday the 13th – This is a fairly rare occurrence – when Friday lands on the 13th.  It only happened twice last year, will happen three times NEXT year, but this year . . . there is only ONE!  That make today special and unique!  If you are superstitious, then Friday the 13th is a day you might face with fear.  For these people, this would be an unlucky day, a day when bad things might happen.  For you – don’t walk under a ladder, or let a black cat cross your path.  It could lead to something bad simply because you think it will!  The number 13 has been seen as an unlucky number, but do you know why?  I didn’t until I started looking into this today.   Though nobody is sure HOW this was determined, in Biblical references it is believed that Cain killed Abel on Friday the 13th.  Since our calendar wasn’t in existence then, this may not be entirely accurate.  What we do know is that the ancient Babylonian Code of Hammurah omitted the #13 in its list of laws.  Written in 1,700 B.C., it seems to suggest that ancient Babylonians thought the #13 was unlucky.  Another interesting thing I read today was that if you live in fear of the #13, you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia.  Here is some Friday the 13th Trivia that you may find to be interesting:



Many buildings and skyscrapers do not have a 13th floor. 

Many people will not allow 13 people at the table. If there is exactly 13 people present, a second table is set up. 

Skippers would not go out to sea with a crew of 12. Including the captain, that made 13 people. 

Ancient Mayans of Central America were the most advanced culture in all of the Americas. They considered the number 13 sacred.      


Embrace this day – don’t live in fear of it – and like any other day, have fun with it! 

Sewing Machine Day Before the invention of the sewing machine all clothing was made by hand, one laborious stitch after another.  Today we celebrate the machine that changed all of that, and simplified clothing production, forever.  The first sewing machines were made in France in the 1830s, but it wasn’t until 1846 that they were patented in the United States.  The people who are good at using machines are dwindling in number.  Our Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers all likely had a sewing machine, and they were very good with them.  (The picture to the left is exactly like the one that sat for my entire life in my Grandma K’s dining room.)  My aunt and cousins carry on that tradition, and though I have a machine, in no way am I proficient at using it.  One of these days I may actually buckle down and take some lessons!  Do you remember that saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.”?  What does that mean?  No really! I want to know what it means!!!

This Day In History

1983 – Pioneer 10 becomes the first satellite to leave the solar system.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Kitchen Klutzes of America A Day –  Not everyone is comfortable in the kitchen, and wouldn’t know how to boil water if it came with written instructions.  There are even people I know who have joked that they only have a kitchen because it was in their house plans (yes – I know you’re reading – I mean you).  Remember when on “I Love Lucy” that loaf of bread shot out of her oven and pinned her against the cabinets? hahaha If you identify with that moment for her, then this day may be just the celebration you need. has set up these super-simple dishes that even the biggest stranger to the kitchen should be able to master.


I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and fun day, completely lacking in fear of any kind!  Remember that it is Friday, regardless of the number on the calendar, and superstitions are just folklore.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow . . . after I sleep in!!!


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