Ooooooh – It’s Friday the 13th! Are You Superstitious About This, or is it Just Another Day?

Oct 13th

Good Morning and Happy Friday to everyone! We deserve a little Friday Happy Dance today, don’t we? I know I will be mentally happy dancing through my day since Miss B and Big Brother E will be here this afternoon! Well, my son is dropping them off at my parents’ house and I’ll pick them up after work, but it’s NEARLY the same thing.  I also get to give my handsome boy a big hug when he comes to my office to get Miss B’s car seat buckled in to my car – I never quite get it in there correctly.  I saved him a couple of my low-carb no-sugar/sugar cookies with frosting to munch on, so I’m sure he’ll be happy about that. 

OH MY GOSH! Wow! It sounds like the sky  just opened up! Geesh! I looked out the door and it’s HAIL! It’s bouncing all over the place. It’s seriously coming down HARD out there!  Whew – it looks like snow, though I know it’s not since snow doesn’t bounce. I guess I’d better get going, just in case the roads are slick, which they very well could be since the road is covered in white!

Verse of the Day

October 13, 2017

Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.

Psalm 34:14

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

It is not enough to turn from evil. We can clean the putrid things out of our life, but if we do not actively pursue what is good then a worse evil will rush into the void. (cf. Mat. 12:43-45) Let’s be a people eager to do good and with a passion to “wage peace.”


Food for Thought

 Sometimes it is just depressing and sad to think of the legacy we leave to our kids emotionally.  When I was growing up my parents went through a really rough patch in their marriage.  As a result, as in most marriages, there was fighting involved.  Yelling, arguing, words that kids probably shouldn’t hear, but that young parents don’t think about when it’s going on.  I remember taking my little brother out to the woods to play or to read books to him in the shelter of this one enormous tree that we loved to sit by, and wait it out until my parents were done with their heated discussions.  Last night I was talking to my daughter who was a bit emotional. She misses her little brother. They don’t live near each other and with both of their lives being different, jobs, kids, etc., they don’t see each other, or even talk on the phone much. They’d had a great conversation the day before, and she was missing him.  She told me that she had a flashback to when my ex and I were fighting and she would take her little brother to the furthest room in the house, cover them both up with a blanket and read to him by the light of a flashlight.  I never knew that.  It made me so sad that I had a few tears falling when I fell asleep last night. Take a moment and think about it, to all of the parents out there. In the moment, your argument means everything to you – you may be fighting for your emotional, or even your physical, well-being, but your littles are LISTENING! They are soaking it all in and it is affecting them profoundly. Take it somewhere else, or wait until they are asleep, and keep the volume down. Take it from a mama who has been there and done that from both ends of the story, it isn’t good when one of the most profound memories of their childhood is hiding out while you fight. *sigh* Lord help us to raise healthy humans who love each other and learn to show it, even in times of adversity.


Friday the 13th – This is a fairly rare occurrence – when Friday lands on the 13th.  It usually only happens twice a year. If you are superstitious, then Friday the 13th is a day you might face with fear.  For these people, this would be an unlucky day, a day when bad things might happen.  For you – don’t walk under a ladder, or let a black cat cross your path.  It could lead to something bad simply because you think it will!  The number 13 has been seen as an unlucky number, but do you know why?  I didn’t until I started looking into this today.   Though nobody is sure HOW this was determined, in Biblical references it is believed that Cain killed Abel on Friday the 13th.  Since our calendar wasn’t in existence then, this may not be entirely accurate.  What we do know is that the ancient Babylonian Code of Hammurah omitted the #13 in its list of laws.  Written in 1,700 B.C., it seems to suggest that ancient Babylonians thought the #13 was unlucky.  Another interesting thing I read was that if you live in fear of the #13, you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia.  Here is some Friday the 13th Trivia that you may find to be interesting:

Many buildings and skyscrapers do not have a 13th floor.

Many people will not allow 13 people at the table. If there is exactly 13 people present, a second table is set up.

Skippers would not go out to sea with a crew of 12. Including the captain, that made 13 people.

Ancient Mayans of Central America were the most advanced culture in all of the Americas. They considered the number 13 sacred.

Embrace this day – don’t live in fear of it – and like any other day, have fun with it!


International Day for Failure – The world we live in is a success driven world.  When you watch the news, read the papers, hear stories . . . they are usually giving praise to people who have, by societies standards, succeeded.  You’ve probably noticed that when you are successful, that other people want to be around you . . . sort of like moths to the light.  Where are those people when you’ve failed though?  They don’t really want to be around much, maybe they are afraid it will rub off?  We are celebrating the International Day for Failure today, which has been happening since 2010.  It was started by a group from Finland with the intention of encouraging people to throw aside their inhibitions and lose their fear of messing up. It happens to all of us, after all, and honestly, if we do not have failure, then we learn nothing new.  This isn’t a widely known celebration yet, but if we could all embrace our failures, we could march onward after valuable lessons learned to achieve the success we desire.  Every successful person fails . . . did you know that J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter serious, had 10 publishers reject her work before she was published?  Or that Walt Disney’s first cartoon series in Kansas City left him bankrupt?  How about that Albert Einstein was expelled from high school when he was 16 for failing several subjects?  You may be surprised to find that Steve Jobs lost his job with Apple, the company he co-founded, after a number of failed designs, including the NeXT hardware, which later became the foundation for future Apple products.  All of these people agree that their failures played a role on their journey to success.  The bottom line is that anyone who works hard and tries, will have failures, and each of them is a valuable tool by which we can learn how to move forward and succeed.



International Skeptics Day – Do you doubt everything you hear if it isn’t immediately provable by scientific fact? Do you even doubt things that HAVE been proven? If you are the quintessential Doubting Thomas, then this day is definitely for you.  Some folks just have a difficult time taking anything on faith, where others believe everything they hear, whether or not it is even logical to believe.  Faith is a big part of my life, but I feel like I temper it with enough skepticism to balance myself out – of course what I am most skeptical about is people and their motives for doing anything.  There are people who just can’t believe ANYTHING that is seemingly outlandish – Big Foot? Not a chance.  Ghosts? Never!  Aliens? Are you serious?  Yep, if you question everything, then this day is going to be a special day for you, so enjoy!


National Bowling Day – What a fun day!  Different bowling alley’s in different communities around the country open up their lanes for this celebration, to allow families to enjoy some fun with each other.  We can all use more family togetherness, so if you are up for a great day with the kids, head out to find a bowling alley in your town that is participating . . . maybe even get a pizza!  I haven’t been bowling in an actual bowling alley in many years . . . does it count if you do Wii bowling in your living room?  Maybe I’ll see if hubby wants to bowl a couple with me tonight. Sounds like fun!  May not be in an actual bowling alley, but it’s in the spirit of the day, and it’s still free!


Navy Birthday –In the United States we usually celebrate Navy Day on October 27th.   The date was selected because it was the birthday of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was an avid supporter of the U.S. Navy.  In the 1970’s, research determined that the actual birthday of the U.S. Continental Navy was on October 13, 1775.  At the time there were efforts to move Navy Day to this date, but it is still mostly recognized October 27th.  Today, give some well deserved attention to our proud U.S. Navy, and to the sailors who serve our country.




This Day in History

1775 – The U.S. Continental Navy was created


Food Celebration of the Day

National M&M Day – How many of us have happy childhood, or even adulthood, memories of M&Ms? I know I do. They come in several different flavors, with new ones coming out often and sometimes seasonally.  The original M&M was inspired by a candy that Forrest Mars, Sr. came across while he was in Spain during the 1930s.  During the Spanish Civil War he saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets that had a hard shell of tempered chocolate. This prevented the candy from melting, which was very important if the candy was going to be included as part of the soldiers’ rations.  The M&M original candy we have come to know and love was introduced to the United States in 1941, and are now sold in as many as 100 countries, appearing in a variety of colors that have changed from time to time over the years.  Some interesting tidbits I read on are that from 1976 through 1985 there weren’t any red M&Ms produced.  Also, blue M&Ms were introduced in 1995.  It’s funny how I never realized that they didn’t have blue ones before that!  It is also interesting that there are 340 million M&Ms produced daily! That’s a LOT of candy!



Yorkshire Pudding Day – Despite its stately moniker, Yorkshire pudding is nothing more than a savory popover. Do as the British do and serve it for a late Sunday brunch, preferably with a hearty roast or sausages.


Have a beautiful Friday, and be kind to each other.  It’s the best thing we can do for those around us, besides praying for them.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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