Oh My – This Brings Back Memories – National TV Dinner Day!

Sep 10th

Good Morning!  Today I want to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to a young friend of mine – she’ll know who she is – who made the Varsity Volleyball team today!  Great job!  Have a wonderful season young lady!

Isn’t this time of year amazing?  Yesterday when we got up it was really foggy and slightly chilly in the morning, was quite warm by afternoon, and I got really chilly sitting on the couch with the window open in the evening. Yep, we’re heading into autumn weather.  From what the local weather guessers are saying it’s going to be doggone hot today, and really warm through the rest of the week.  Oh, the joy.  I’m not a fan of the heat, but that cool air in the evenings sure is nice!

Sewing Machine Day – Today we celebrate a very important invention – one that eased the burden so many people – the sewing machine.  The first sewing machines were made in France in the 1830s, but it wasn’t until 1846 that they were patented in the U.S.  Before this clothes, blankets, etc. were sewn together by hand, stitch by stitch.  Sadly, people who know how to use a sewing machine are dwindling in number.  I’m betting that most of our mothers and grandmothers had a sewing machine in the house, but do you?  I do, but I’m very much a novice when it comes to using it.  It actually intimidates me quite a bit!  Many people don’t have one though, and never actually thought about having one.    Ever hear of the saying  “A stitch in time saves nine.”  ?  I’ve always wondered what that means, and it seemed appropriate to look it up.  Well, the first instance of the phrase appeared in 1732, and was printed in a book called “Gnomologia”, by Thomas Fuller.  It isn’t known if he actually coined the phrase, or just used a proverb popular during the time.  In the 1800’s Louisa May Alcott brought the phrase back into popularity in a short story she wrote that was titled “Kitty’s Day Class”.  Though there are many different interpretations, the most common one is to avoid procrastination, or you’ll have more work in the long run.  Makes sense!  (My Grandma had one like this picture!)

Swap Ideas Day – We all have different knowledge and life experience, and today we are encouraged to share that information with someone else, and get some information and knowledge from them in return!  If you fully participate in this day, you will get plenty of good ideas to use in your every day life.  I have friends I’ve met who write their own blogs, and I’ve learned a LOT from them.  It’s always a good thing to learn everything you can throughout your days on this earth – you never know what information you’ll need or when you’ll need it?  Learning from your friends, family and knowledgeable acquaintances is never a bad thing, right? 

This Day In History

1846 – The Sewing Machine is patented. 

Food Celebration of the Day

National TV Dinner Day –   I remember when I was a little kid, my dad always worked either the swing shift, or graveyard.  Because he was gone when we were eating dinner, Mom kept TV Dinners in the freezer for him.  You know the kind – the Banquet TV Dinners?  He always enjoyed them so much that I always felt like he had some sort of a treat.  Reality wasn’t all that edible, but they made the pictures look so good that it took me quite a few years and adulthood to realize that homemade was better.  Today there are so many different kinds of TV Dinners, that they don’t even resemble the originals.  If I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to make lunches, those Kashi meals are pretty tasty!  Today though we remember the originals – the ones in the aluminum tray.  The very first one hit the market in 1954, and the desserts were added in the 1960s.   Much to the delight of kids everywhere, dessert was added in the 1960s.

Well, my goodness, after reading these I’m hungry for a Hot Pocket!  I won’t do it though – too much sodium.  See if you can make up your own copycat version of a TV Dinner – it’ll be better for you and give you the feeling of having something so full of nostalgia.  It’s time to get myself to work!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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