Oh My . . . The Excitement Is Nearly Overwhelming . . . It’s National Fanny Pack Day!

Mar 8th

Oh Happy Day! Don’t you just LOVE Saturdays?  I do!  I love not having the driving need to destroy my alarm clock by throwing it as hard as possible across the room . . . a feeling that I have five days out of seven.  I love opening my eyes, realizing it really is the weekend, stretching and rolling back over to sleep some more.  The bliss of puttering around in my PJs while I sip my first cup of coffee and catch up on email messages is a simple one, but bliss nonetheless.  I hope you find your bliss today . . . perhaps it will be wrapped up in what we are celebrating!

It’s Be Nasty Day! –  Well my goodness, I can only imagine that the person who created this celebration was in a really bad mood when they thought it up!  Sometimes we have good days, sometimes great ones . . . and others we wake up in a bad mood and the day follows along the path with us.  I hope for you that you aren’t celebrating this one, just learning about it from afar.  If you DID wake up on the nasty side of the bed, but try not to pass it on . . . OK?     

International Fanny Pack Day – Oh my, how many of us spent a portion of our teen years giggling at people who wandered around with fanny packs?  They were typically older, and wore white socks with black shoes.  Today we celebrate International Fanny Pack Day and give a nod to the tackiness of the frightening fashion mistake that fanny packs are/were.  They have been called the belt pack, hip sacks, waist bags, bum bags, or buffalo pouches, and became a sensation in the late 1980s, mostly by soccer moms and dads that didn’t care if they humiliated us in public.  I know they serve a practical purpose, but so do backpacks, purses and deep pockets. Thank goodness my Dad never got a wild hair to get one! 

National Proofreading Day – Oh my goodness, this is a pet peeve of mine, and definitely a day that needs to be observed! Pay attention!  Today is about proofreading all of your posts, letters, documents  . . . something that not nearly enough people do these days.  Have you read posts lately?  For crying out loud! They look like they have been written by a bunch of illiterates, if what we see on Craig’s List and Facebook are anything to do by.  It’s horrifying.  Proofread people!  Take a moment and LOOK at what you’ve typed before you hit send.  It isn’t difficult, especially with spell check!  Go for it – check your work before you show it to anyone else.  Your old English teachers would be proud.  Sorry . . . this is really a hot button one for me.

This Day In History

1983 – President Ronald Reagan calls the USSR an “Evil Empire”.  (history seems to be repeating itself!)     
1999 – Baseball great Joe DiMaggio dies.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Peanut Cluster Day – Old-fashioned peanut clusters were simple: some peanuts covered in chocolate. These days, the chocolatey-cluster idea works with lots of goodies.  Thanks to the folks at www.food.com we can make our own!
Roasted Pecan Clusters
Peanut Butter-Potato Chip Clusters
Coconut Clusters
Easy S’more Clusters
Easy Peanut Clusters
Chocolate Cherry Clusters

I admit it, these celebrations are a rather odd grouping.  Some days sort of blend together well, and some just have you sitting back and scratching your head while wondering . . . Huh?  Yeah, today is sort of like that.  Well, they are at least easy to celebrate, right?  We avoid celebrating being nasty, we proofread all of our posts, eat a few peanut clusters (YUM!), and look at old pictures of our friend’s grandparents wearing fanny packs (because we would never admit it if our parents ever used one!).  Sounds like a great day to me!  I think I need another cup of coffee now . . . God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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