Oh My Goodness . . . It’s National Candy Day!!!

Nov 4th

What a wonderful weekend!  After the storm was past, it was quiet and a nice combination of relaxing and productive.  I feel pretty doggone good about the whole thing . . . and I don’t say that every weekend!  There are just some weekends end up scratching my head wondering where on earth the time went and why nothing got done . . . but thankfully this is NOT one of those weekends.  So now, we’re back to Monday again and the countdown to my son’s wedding is on!  Eight days away! In the meantime, we have a week to get through, work to do, celebrations to enjoy and memories to be made.  So let’s get the week started!  (I’m not really grumpy – and really did get my coffee this morning, but this picture was too funny not to use this morning)

King Tut Day – Over 3,000 years ago, King Tutankhamen became the King of Egypt when he was 9 years old.  He died when he was 19 and was called Egypt’s “child king”.  On November 4, 1922 his tomb was discovered nearly intact in Egypt’s Valley of Kings.  The cause of King Tut’s death is uncertain, but the two main theories are murder and that there was an innocent accident.  Seems to be two opposite extremes.  Anyway, to celebrate this day you could spend a little time studying Egyptian history books learning more about King Tut and the culture of his time. 

Fill Our Staplers Day – I am giggling a little over this one – because a group called the Dull Men’s Club started it.  How funny!  They’ve decided that it is very annoying to run out staples right when you need them, so to eliminate the problem they decided that the day after Daylight Savings time change, and the day after Standard Time change should be designated to refill the staplers.  It is also check batteries day and changing the clocks day – so it can all be done at the same time.  Now, this one wouldn’t work for me since I use a LOT of staples at work and have to fill it all the time.  Perhaps it might work for you though!


National Chicken Lady Day – Nope, this day is not about a lady who invented the Chicken Dance, and honestly it doesn’t have much to do with chickens at all!  The Chicken Lady is really Marthenia “Tina Dupree”, also known as The Chicken Lady.  She worked for 12 years for the 2nd largest chicken restaurants in the world, in one of the highest level positions in the company as Director of Community Relations and Training.  For her community involvement and her efforts to raise educational standards, she was invited to meet President Bush in 2001.  In honor of her work the President proclaimed November 4th to be National Chicken Lady Day.   Though he didn’t officially declare it to be a National holiday, their meeting did bring about the celebration and recognition of this day.

Use Your Common Sense Day – American cowboy and actor Will Rogers said, “Common sense ain’t all that common.”  And no, it is not a coincidence that Use Your Common Sense Day is on November 4th because Will Rogers was born on November 4, 1879.  Sadly, it seems these days that common sense is an oxymoron that holds its own holiday since we really are seeing less and less of it every single day.  There are ways YOU can celebrate it though, and make it less of an oxymoron in your own life.  Celebrate by using common sense with your money, family and health.  Read Thomas Paine’s historic take on “Common Sense” as it pertained to American Independence.  Maybe watch the classic movie “Sense and Sensibility”, which is based on Jane Austen’s novel.  Regardless, just USE your common sense not just today, but every day.

This Day In History

1842 – Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Candy Day – Honey was the original candy, but now we aren’t limited to honey for our candy.  The sky is actually the limit!  Learn how to make your own candy, or find creative ways to use store-bought candy in a recipe.  I found a few interesting candy facts and dates from the National Confectioners Association.  I thought you might like to read them.
1854 – Whitman’s debuts its first box of chocolates.
1902- Necco introduces the first “conversation hearts” with sweet Valentine’s Day messages on them.
1928 – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups debut and are still “among the most popular candy bars today.”
1954 – Ferrara Pan Candy Company introduces Atomic Fireballs.


Well, I admit it, I do love candy, and there aren’t many things on a Monday that are better to celebrate, right?  And it’s easy to combine this one with Common Sense Day – because if you DON’T use common sense while celebrating candy, you’ll get a sick tummy!  I know, that’s silly, but it is true too.   I have to run! It’s time to get to work.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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