National Nacho Day! Get Creative – the Possibilities Are Endless!

Nov 6th

Last night after work I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things.  Now, I went to my very favorite grocery store, the best one EVER!  There are more organic produce choices in this store than anywhere else in our area.  The fish department is incredible.  The meat section has better quality, grass-fed, no hormones or antibiotics fed choices than any other store near here AND they aren’t pumped full of salty water to make them look plump and juicy.  You get what you see – quality, delicious food.  The rest of the store is just as incredible, and I can find things there that just can’t be found elsewhere – coconut palm sugar, quinoa flour, bags of xylitol, and one my favorites, milk in glass bottles, from a local dairy that guarantees their cows aren’t fed the nasty extras.  As I wandered from aisle to aisle, trying to decide what I wanted to have for dinner, it struck me how incredibly blessed I am to have such options available to me, and to have the ability to shop at this store – which is more costly than some of the other options available to me in our town. I know that I may not always have that ability, and day by day we are hit with more economical stresses than the day before.  I wake up each morning feeling happy to have a job, yet in fear of more hours being taken from me, or my benefits being altered in a way that would take a bigger bite out of my budget.  My point is, while trying to plan for an uncertain future,  take happiness in the blessings you are given today.  We don’t know when our circumstances will change in a negative way.  Especially with the pathetic “leadership” we have in our country right now. 

Marooned Without a Compass Day – Well, this one isn’t a celebration I would necessarily know how to celebrate, but it’s interesting at least.  How is your sense of direction?  When you are out and about, do you find yourself feeling hopelessly lost?  Do you know where you are?  If you are someone who feels that way, then this day may be for you!  Learning to navigate without a compass is something that we all should consider, perhaps by learning the position of the sun and stars and how they correspond with the time of day.  Perhaps learning to check the trees for moss – which grows on the shaded, north side of the tree trunk.  If you view things in a different way, maybe being marooned without a compass for just one day may be a good thing!  So many of us live such busy life styles that we have no time to relax.  Just kick back and enjoy being marooned, then tomorrow head east when the sun rises.  Until then, just find a shady tree and kick back!  Of course, depending on where you life, this could be a cold and wet outing this time of year. 

Saxophone Day – The Saxophone is a classical woodwind instrument and an essential instrument in jazz bands, symphonic bands, marching bands and more.  The Saxophone was invented around 1840, by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian musical instrument maker, and is made of brass.  Adolphe invented 8 types of saxophones:  Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Contrabass, and Subcontrabass. The first Saxophone ever created was the Bass Saxophone. A 9th type of Saxophone, the Soprillo Saxophone, was invented in 2004 and is the smallest Saxophone.      
Some famous Saxophone Players (Alphabetical order):

  • John Coltrane
  • Stan Getz
  • Coleman Randolph Hawkins “Hawk”
  • James Moody
  • Charlie “The Bird” Parker
  • Lester Prez Young

I’ve never played any sort of horn, the piano was my instrument of choice, but for those of you who play the sax . . . well, Happy Saxophone Day!

This Day In History

1860 – Abraham Lincoln elected President of the United States

Food Celebration of the Day

National Nachos Day – Legend has it in 1940s Mexico, a restaurateur named Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, who loved to get creative with leftovers, dreamed up the cheesy chips we know today.  I browsed through these recipes, and I can tell you, one of these days I am definitely going to try those Black and White Nachos.  They look absolutely delicious!

Today is a very busy day at home for me.  I was gone last Wednesday, and the weekend I spent doing other things, so today I have cleaning to do, more applesauce to make, more pumpkins to dehydrate, more sugar flowers to make and a bunch of other things I haven’t even thought of yet to accomplish.  It’s the way I like it though – nothing makes me quite so content as staying home and puttering around the house doing my projects.  I know, that sounds silly to people who like to be on the go, but it’s what I like!  I’d better get to it!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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