National Medal of Honor Day – Giving Recognition To Our Greatest Heroes

Mar 25th

This winter loving gal has to admit something . . . yesterday was just the taste of spring needed to get the bug growing for nicer weather for more outdoor activities.  Sitting in the living room last night, with the windows open, letting in all of that beautiful fresh air was bliss.  According to the news we are going to be back to rain for the rest of the week, which isn’t a good thing.  Not with so many rivers at, or near, flood stage, and the rescue crews still trying to find survivors at the site of the Oso landslide.  My heart has been heavy for the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the disaster, and for those who have loved ones missing.  We certainly could use a period of dry weather, but it doesn’t appear we are going to get it . . . at least not yet.

National Agriculture Day – Where would we be without agriculture?  There is not a day that goes by that we do not use something that came from a farm.  Think about it!  Every meal we eat, we have agriculture to thank – whether we are buying from a grocery store that stock their shelves from what comes from commercial farms, or we are growing our own I our backyards, it is still agriculture and we should be standing up and cheering our good fortune.  According to the Agricultural Day website, the purpose of this celebration is to “celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture”.  And every year producers, associations, universities and other groups do come together to recognize and celebrate the contributions that agriculture makes to our lives.  Today we should spend a little time to better understand agriculture, learn how food is produced and distributed, encourage people to consider agriculture either as a career or as a hobby to produce food for their own families, and to eat well, thinking about everything that goes into the food on your table every evening.

Pecan Day – Always March 25th     National Pecan Day – Always April 14th      

I love pecans.  They are my favorite nut to bake with, and are tasty just snacked on by the handful!  There are so many good things about pecans that there were TWO days set aside to celebrate them, one in March and one in April!  Did you know that pecan trees are the only nut trees that are native to North America?  No wonder they are so popular here!  Celebrate today be cracking a few open and eating a few pecan nuts, or maybe made some pecan pie! 


International Waffle Day– March 25th   National Waffle Day– August 24th.      
This is another one that is so popular that there had to be two of them.  International Waffle Day originated in Sweden – it is called Våffeldagen.  This day is considered to be  the start of spring in Sweden and Europe.  It became a custom for Swedish families to celebrate the by making waffles on this day.    Now National Waffle Day – which we celebrate in August, celebrates the patenting of the waffle iron in 1869.  Waffles date back to the 1300s in Greece.  The Greeks cooked flat cakes between two metal pans.  At that time they would top them with cheeses and herbs – since pancake syrup wasn’t around back then.  Waffles are eaten often as a breakfast food, or even a snack.  They are also even a dinner item – like chicken and waffles.  That’s something I still haven’t tried, but would like to at some point.           

American Diabetes Association Alert Day – Today is a one-day “WAKE UP Call” asking the American people to take the Diabetes Risk Test to find out of they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.  The Diabetes Risk Test asks simple questions about weight, age, family history, and other potential risk factors for pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.  Preventative tips are provided for everyone who takes the test, and people with high risk are asked to speak with their health care provider.  For every test that is taken, Boars Head Brand deli products will donate $5 to the American Diabetes Association, between March 25th and April 25th, 2014, up to $50,000.  Get tested today – the life you save could be your own.

National Medal of Honor Day – This day every year we celebrate National Medal of Honor Day, a day dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients.  (Public Law 101-564)  This honor day was conceived in the State of Washington, and should be one of our most revered.  Unfortunately all too many Americans are not even aware that it exists.  So, let’s learn about it.  Why do we celebrate it today?  This date was chosen to highlight this special day because on March 25, 1863, the first Medals of Honor were presented to six members of Andrews’ Raiders.  Though there are some communities who do celebrate National Medal of Honor Day, for the most part this day comes and goes with very little notice.  As a patriotic American there are a few things you can do to commemorate this day:  You can fly your flag with pride and patriotism; Remember our heroes!  Even if they didn’t get a Medal of Honor, all soldiers who have served our country honorably deserve to be recognized for their service and sacrifice.  Thank one of them!; Inform your local media!  Many newspapers aren’t even aware that this special day exists.  Tip them off to it, perhaps they will do a story on a local medal recipient!; and if there is a Medal of Honor recipient buried in your home town, get together a school class, a scout troop, youth organization, or other group and adopt a grave site!  Taking care of the grave of one of our decorated heroes is a worthy activity for a very deserving hero.


Tolkien Reading Day – Did you know that there is a Tolkein Society?  I didn’t!  Well, they
had their first Tolkien Reading Day on March 25th, 2003.  They chose this day from the book for the reading day . . . do you know what the significance is?  I didn’t think so – most people wouldn’t.  In the book March 25th was the day of the Downfall of Sauron.  For anyone who isn’t a fan, that won’t make a bit of sense.  The Tolkien Society have provided information packs, bookmarks and posters for school that take part in this event. They provide free posters for events held by libraries and the general public taking place near the event, instead of on the 25th.  With the popularity of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy making the books popular all over again, this day was set up with the hopes of getting even more people to read and discover from Tolkien – not just the Lord of the Rings.

This Day In History

1957  – The European Economic Community (ECC) is established by the Treaty of Rome.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Lobster Newburg Day –  Named after sea captain Ben Wenburg, this dish got a new title when he and the chef at Delmonico’s had a falling out. It was too popular to take it off the menu.

Lobster Newburg
Lobster Newburg Pot Pie
Lobster Thermidor
Cajun Lobster Pasta
Lobster Mac & Cheese
Lobster With Brandy Butter

As I head out to work today, anticipating being back in the rain, I go with a prayer in my heart and on my lips for the victims, the families and friends of the victims, and the rescue crews for the Oso landslides.  As I sit here watching the news footage I can’t help but shed tears for all of those people trapped, and am unable to imagine something more horrifying than this destructive event.  I pray that God allowed them to feel His arms around them throughout their ordeal.  Please, keep these poor people in  your thoughts today, and say prayers for the living who must deal with the loss of those the ones they love.  God Bless You.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

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