National Junk Food Day? National Ice Cream Day? Oh My Goodness! My Diet!

Jul 21st

Today is Sunday – and I’m sure you are all off doing whatever it is you do on Sunday.  Whether it’s attend a church service, watch a sermon on TV or listen to one online, camping with your family, or just relaxing over coffee as you observe the beautiful morning as it starts.  However you spend this day, do it with a smile, for This Is The Day The Lord Has Made.

This Day In History

1873 – Jesse James and his gang rob their first train (The Jesse James story has become romantic legend, but don’t ever forget, he was a criminal who thought nothing of stealing and killing to take what didn’t belong to him.  Sounds like a lot of people today – some things never change)

Food Celebrations of the Day

Why – oh – why?   I have been dedicated to my healthy eating plan, and doing pretty well at it, for just over a week.  I love junk food AND ice cream – this just isn’t fair!  If any of you have something delicious that is horrible for you to celebrate this one, please comment so I can live vicariously through you.

National Junk food Day – Today is the day for many people to just give in to whatever treat is calling your name.  Different people have different things they go for when they are doing a swan dive off of their healthy eating plan.  Some like crunchy, some salty, for many it’s chocolate, for others its cheese.  Whether you want savory or sweet, pick something that is completely off limits the rest of the days of the year.  Just don’t overdo it, you wouldn’t want to wake up tomorrow with a tummy ache from too much of a good thing.  Here are some thoughts that the folks at thought fit the bill.  Maybe you will too.








Ice cream really calls to a lot of people, so much so that we were given two days a year, and an entire month with it, to celebrate this creamy, sweet, deliciously cold treat.  Even my dog Tibbi loves a cup of puppy ice cream on a hot day!  Here she is with her face in a cup.  So cute!

National Ice Cream Day – 3rd Sunday in July       Ice Cream Day – December 13   –
It’s hot out, we are just miserable and the thought of turning on the oven or stove just fills us with dread.  So what comes to mind on one of these days?  Well, ice cream of course!  Everyone enjoys their ice cream differently, some like it in a cone, some in a bowl.  Some like it as a sundae, and some in a milkshake.  I really like mine sandwiched between two home baked oatmeal cookies.  YUM!  In 1984 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month.  He also set up National Ice Cream Day to be the 3rd Sunday in the month.  So today, let’s left a cone to President Reagan, who in my opinion was the BEST President we ever had.  Here’s to you President Reagan!
Well, we have some stuff to do, so I need to hurry, but I hope all of you find something wonderful to do to celebrate this day!  Happy Sunday!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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