National Inane Answering Message Day – Buy WHY???

Jan 30th

National Inane Answering Message Day – yes, you read that correctly.  This is a day that is a copyrighted holiday by the folks at     We all get inane messages on our machines, those senseless or meaningless messages – sometimes prank calls, that greet us when we get home.  I’d like to include the inane messages we sometimes reach when we call someones phone and they aren’t there.  Other than screening our calls with our caller ID’s, possibly using the block call option on our cell phones, there’s really no way to put a stop to the messages.  So just choose to let them slide off your back and delete them when you get them.

By the way, the name of this holiday may start with National, but there are no records on file to indicate that this was indeed a day set up by a vote in Congress, so we must assume that it’s just for a fun title.
I had more fun looking at pictures of old answering machines and giggling.  We didn’t get one at our house until I was nearly ready to move out, so these pictures are hysterical to me!

Well, that was it for celebrations today! Short and Sweet!  Anyone have anything fun to let me know that I may have missed, please leave a comment! I’m always glad to hear about your thoughts and ideas about these celebrations or anything else!  In the meantime, have a great day, be blessed and may the Good Lord smile upon you and yours today.  See you tomorrow!

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