National Chocolate Day – Something Tells Me I’m Going to NEED Some Chocolate Today!

Oct 28th

Sunday ended up being a bit stressful, and I responded to the stress by getting really sick to my stomach.  All of a sudden at nearly bedtime I realized I hadn’t even started researching what was going on for celebrations today.  I quickly read over my lists, and did a very brief blurb on each.  I apologize for that, but honestly, it’s just not something I can focus on right now.  I’ve mentioned to you before, I hate wind.  Every time the wind blows it feels like a tree or branches hits either the house or the cars and today is no different.  One very large branch crashed into the truck, denting and creasing one of the fenders, and another branch crashed into the roof, rolling off onto the ground. Sounded like the whole house was crashing in.  Fortunately, and Praise God, the dented truck won’t keep it from running, though it will be somewhat costly to replace and repair the damage, and we won’t know if the roof is damaged until hubby can get up there in daylight to check it out.  From down below, shining lights up onto the roof there isn’t visible damage, so we are hopeful that nothing broke through.  It still put my stomach in knots.  The news just said that we are expecting more high winds today.  *sigh*  I know we are blessed not to deal with things like hurricanes, but it doesn’t stop the stress from rising to know that.  Oh well, nothing I can do but pray and have faith.  Today’s celebrations, though brief, are still fun, so I hope that you enjoy them, in spite of the fact that the explanations are a bit sparse.

Plush Animal Lover’s Day – There are just some things that we never completely outgrow – especially girls, and that is our love of squishy, stuffed toys.  The whole idea of this day is simple.  Enjoy and appreciate any stuffed, plush animals we still have from when we were kids – or even new ones we have gotten as grown-ups.  Give them a little squeeze and let them know you still love them.  is today.  Nothing wrong with getting enjoyment out of the simple things. 

National Chocolates DayI love chocolate and I know so many others do too.  Actually the few people I know who DON’T love chocolate, I have to wonder what is wrong with them.  I mean, seriously – NOT love chocolate?  That’s just not normal!  Chocolate is so loved that there are three days in the year that it is celebrated.  July 7th has Chocolate Day, September 13th is International Chocolate Day and today is National Chocolate Day.  I admit it – there can never be too many days to love chocolate and celebrate it with enthusiasm. 

This Day In History

1866 – France presented the U.S. with the statute of Liberty.      
1965 – The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is completed.

Food Celebration of the Day

Wild Foods Day – Forager clubs are all the rage these days. Summer may be the best time to find nature’s hidden goodies, but there’s nothing stopping you from planning a future feast.  The winter months are the best time to look over seed catalogs and get that garden plan in place.  In the meantime, here are some recipes to get the imagination going so you can plan what to plant!

Have a good Monday everyone and thank you for understanding.  Sometimes short and sweet is good, right?  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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