Naps, Cakes and Being Nice!

Jan 3rd

Today is a very interesting day, and there were three official holidays registered today that are quite unusual. Celebrating them will be quite a challenge! 

Festival of Sleep Day.  I can only imagine what was on the mind of the person or people who registered this holiday.  The holidays are over, everyone is tired and the desire to just collapse back into bed and snooze is nearly overwhelming for all of us, I am sure.  It’s not that easy of course – many of us have to work – but if you have the opportunity to sleep in, snooze, doze or nap, do so!  If you are working and you have the chance to grab a power nap at lunch, that will work too!  However you choose to celebrate this day, it is proven that most of us do not get enough sleep.  We lead busy lives running here and there, and we sacrifice our sleep to have time to get everything done.  Sad thing is that everything is never done anyway, so we may as well have treated ourselves to a restful night of sleep so we could do the best we can with as clear a head as possible.  I just got finished with 5 days off from work, so I won’t be staying home to celebrate this holiday snoozing in bed, but I think I’ll observe it by turning off the computer and TV early and snuggling down sooner than usual.  Sounds like a good plan to me!    I do know that at least one of my family members will be celebrating this day – my dog Tibbi.  She’s an expert sleeper and gets plenty of practice every single day!

Fruitcake Toss Day.   This unusual holiday is always on January 3rd.  I don’t have much experience with fruitcakes.  They weren’t something that were a part of growing up in my family, and my Grandmothers never made them.  I did taste a couple over the years though – and only one of them was something I would consider to be edible.  I have considered trying to make one next year – by the time I thought of it this year it was too late.  So NEXT year perhaps this is a holiday I can enthusiastically participate in, but if you were gifted with one, this is your opportunity to finally throw away the old fruitcake.  One suggestion I read for tossing out the fruitcake was to gather up a few friends who also are fortunate enough to have received one for the holidays, and go out to a field and see who can toss it the farthest. There could even be a prize for the winner! (just make sure it’s not another fruitcake)  If you are truly enthusiastic about tossing those fruitcakes in a traditional manner, you may wish to make a trek to Manitou, CO or Ponka State Park, Nebraska!  They take it so seriously that the break out the heavy equipment to give theirs the ol’ heave ho!  So this is it, today is your chance . . . it’s time to toss out the old and ring in the new, and apparently that includes these weighty masses of sugar, flour and fruits.

Interesting Note: This is not the only fruitcake tradition out there!  This one is opposite of the tradition of passing the fruitcake from family member to family member –

re-gifting it throughout the Christmas season – and the person who ends up with it by Christmas morning is the one who either is supposed to eat it, or hang onto it for another year and begin the process over again.  I’ll have to revisit this one in December!

Humiliation Day  is always on January 3rd.  And contrary to what the name of the holiday may sound like, it is not a day to humiliate someone.  The person/people who registered this day wanted to bring attention to the negativity that humiliation brings to peoples lives, and to speak out against it and use the day to build people up.  I believe I will celebrate this day by remembering everyone has feelings that are easily hurt, and do my best to keep in mind, not just today, but every day, that they deserve to be treated with the respect that I wish for myself.   Like many of these unique holidays – the origin of this one us unknown, or why today’s date was chosen for it.

So there you have your challenge for the day . . . take a nap, throw a fruitcake out if you have one, and be nice to someone (even if you aren’t feeling particularly positive about them in that moment).  And if you fail at those things . . . you can always fall back on the monthly celebrations and have some soup, some oatmeal, some tea, or donate some blood.

Have a great day no matter how you decide to celebrate it . . . is it naptime yet?

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