Monday! Again? Geesh! Pass the Coffee and Let’s Get This Day Started!

May 15th

Weight loss attempts are great – no matter how many times we don’t have the success we may want, we learn something from it and maybe tweak things to make it work better for us next time.  One of the things that packs weight onto me faster than anything else is sugar.  I’m not talking a lot of sugar, just a little, teensy bit of sugar will do it.  I’m back on the wagon, as always I am supported and assisted by my very supportive Hubby, and for the most part it feels really good. What DOESN’T feel good on an emotional level – and let’s face it – eating can be an emotional experience – is passing up delicious treats that we traditionally connect to special days.  I stuck with what I should eat yesterday, and in spite of a bit of back patting over this feat, I really wanted a piece of cake, a brownie, a tiny cookie – SOMETHING that is considered to be a real dessert.  We settled on a Lily’s chocolate bar, sweetened with stevia, and a little peanut butter.  If you don’t think this sounds like a decadent treat, you’ve likely never bought a Lily’s chocolate bar – at nearly $5.00 per candy bar (and it’s no bigger than a “normal” candy bar) it’s decadence all the way to the check-out counter.  I savored every bite.  No treats for me today . . . my dessert will be fruit, as soon as I stop at the store to get some.  May your Monday have something sweet to get you through to the end of it.


Verse of the Day

MondayMay 15, 2017

So after they had fasted and prayed, they placed their hands on them and sent them off.

Acts 13:3

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

While fasting is not widely practiced in many churches today, it was clearly something that was a part of the early church experience. Whether sponsored by our congregations or not, let’s make sure that we prepare for major events with a time of prayer and fasting, asking for God’s leading, power, and guidance as we embark on his work in the world.


Food for Thought

Yesterday while I was shopping with my Mom, looking for clothes for the cruise she and dad are going on next week, we ran into a lady that we went to church with years ago.  I remember so many special events with this lady and her family, they were our neighbors and they were our friends.  Her daughter babysat me when I was little and by the time I was 13 I had a crush on her son.  It was brief, but I remember it.  He was so sweet to me, never cruel or taunting because this scrawny neighbor girl liked him.  The genuine joy the lady showed at seeing Mom and me after all of these years was sweet, and as she talked to us I felt so sad for her.  She lost her first husband many years ago when I was a teenager – he was one of the first victims of the suicidal side effects of Prozac.  Very sad.  Her 2nd husband passed not long ago from Leukemia, her daughter has stage 4 colon cancer, and she just lost her best friend to a different cancer. I always felt a certain amount of envy and awe of their family – they were relatively well-to-do financially, they were well traveled, had new cars and clothes all the time.  Looking at this sad woman now, I felt so bad for her because money wasn’t making her happy – her daughter’s life not ending to this nasty disease would. Having another day with he husband would.  Laughing with her friend again would.  Life is fleeting and we are given just a short time to pack all of the living into it that we can.  Wasting it would be so wrong!  Grab the ones you love, tell them how much they mean to you, and live life as fully as you can.  When we go home to meet our maker, we should really be able to say we didn’t waste one single second of the time we were given.


Hyperemisis Gravidarus Awareness Day – This one was in the spotlight a few years ago. What is interesting is that I’ve never heard of it before Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was hospitalized while suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) while she was pregnant with her first child.  This is a serious and frequently misdiagnosed condition that is marked by rapid weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, unrelenting nausea and vomiting.  The disease increases the risk of miscarriage, premature delivery and low birth weight, and is the 2nd leading cause of hospitalization during pregnancy, impacting up to a half a million women each year.  Sadly, in spite of this, little funding is granted for research.   Until Duchess Kate was hospitalized, most people had never heard of HG, yet many have known women who are expecting babies who have suffered from extremely severe illness that was likely misdiagnosed as morning sickness.  Current treatments are not adequate to prevent the loss of very much wanted babies by these mothers for whom the joy of pregnancy has been turned into a nightmare.  Research shows that for women who have suffered from HG, the recurrence risk of having it again with future pregnancies is greater than 70 percent.  The mildest cases of HG end by mid-pregnancy with a weight loss of about five percent, and the most severe can last until delivery with severe weight loss and lengthy hospitalization for treatment with fluids, medications and nutritional support.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this would be so often misdiagnosed, since it sounds like the symptoms are severe and pronounced.  I can honestly say though that I am very grateful that both of my babies came without much simple morning sickness at all, because this sounds absolutely devastating. It’s a blessing that the birth of Princess Charlotte happened without any HG.


Nylon Stockings Day – Nylon stockings were first introduced to the public by the DuPont Corporation in 1940 and were an instant success.  They were said to be “stronger than steel” and “run-proof”.  This new synthetic material fascinated the public.    DuPont brilliantly promoted the new stockings from the start. On May 15, 1940, DuPont declared “N-Day” – for the first time, all across America, nylon stockings would go on sale. Women lined up for blocks and DuPont sold 5 million pair in that single day.  Marketing GENIUS!  During WWII DuPont was forced to divert its nylon production to war related materials, such as parachutes and aircraft tires.  The nylon stocking shortage began.  In America the demand for nylon stockings was so high that people began paying $20 on the black market (before the war they were selling for a little over $1).  In Chicago police ruled out robbery as a motive in a murder case because the perpetrator had left behind six pair of nylon stockings at a crime scene.  In August of 1945, only eight days after Japan’s surrender, DuPont announced that it would immediately begin producing nylon stockings again, and the next month they went on sale at a limited number of stores.  Thousands of people showed up for the stockings, which quickly sold out, and this is what began the first of what was called the “Nylon Riots”.  Throughout 1945 stores were overrun by mobs of women who had learned of the sales by word of mouth.  DuPont, not yet fully recovered from its wartime conversion, could not keep up with the demand.  People waiting in line were disorderly and police had to disperse the crowds.  When stores sold out of the precious hosiery, fights broke out.  In Pittsburgh, the mayor arranged for a stocking sale in response to a petition by 400 women.  On the day of the sale, 40,000 people lined up to fight for 13,000 pairs.  Sort of puts Christmas sales to shame, doesn’t it?  Similar scenes took place all across the country.  Finally, by March of 1946, production was back up to speed and DuPont was producing 30 million pairs a month, enough for everyone, and the “Nylon Riots” ended.  My Grandma had a box with one of the early pairs of nylons in it – she never wore this pair and kept them for some reason.  I remember taking them out of the box and sliding my fingers across them when I was little and she told me about wearing hose, how the garter belts worked and how fancy they made her feel when she wore them.  She also said that she didn’t have a reason to wear them very often now that she wore slacks, so she never took these out of the box and kept them as a memory.  I don’t know who has that package of nylons now – for all I know it is in my Mom’s cedar chest with so many other treasured items from years gone by.  For quite a few years now the bare legged look has been in style – though for some women like me that never worked – but once again The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is in one of our stories today, because she has been credited with bringing back nylons.  Honestly, as I read this I have to question, if these wonders of technology were run proof back in the day when they were created, what have I been buying?  I can’t seem to have a pair for more than 5 minutes before a snag turns into a big run.  Hmmm . . .


Police Officer Memorial Day – My son is a law enforcement officer, and every single day I pray that this day will never be about him.  I know that this sounds selfish, in light of how many officers make the supreme sacrifice while doing their jobs, especially lately with the horrible public opinion in many cities about police officers, but I am a mother and the thought of losing my boy to the act of some criminal chills me to the bone.  I know that this is the same emotion experienced by every parent, grandparent, spouse and sibling of police officers everywhere.  When my son was in the police academy our county lost a well-respected and very much loved State Trooper.  Trooper Tony was horribly and senselessly slaughtered while making a traffic stop.  The county still grieves over his loss. They always will.  While at my son’s graduation from the police academy, as I walked through the Memorial for fallen officers, in that hushed and hallowed garden, my heart was heavy at all of the names etched onto the stones.  I prayed, so selfishly, that my son’s name would never appear on those stones, that he would be protected by the hand of God.  Unfortunately the list of names, that agonizingly sad, long list of names, was on the pillars, there forever as a reminder of lives cut short while doing what they believed in, for serving the communities they cared so deeply about.  This day was set up by the people I don’t want to be, the people who have lost their loved ones to senseless criminal acts by the monsters they try to take off the streets.  This day honors and remembers police officers who gave their lives while on duty.  These men and women protect and serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.  It is a dangerous job and though they know that they are putting their lives at risk to keep us safe, they accept those risks.  Today please show your respect and appreciation for police officers everywhere . . . today . . . everyday.  There are so many ways that you can show your appreciation and respect for officers who serve, and those who have fallen.  Say thank you when you see them, and rather than be angry or frustrated if they pull you over, know they are doing their job and you probably shouldn’t have been speeding (or whatever you were doing to be pulled over) anyway.  Make a donation to a police officer fund or memorial.  Participate in activities honoring officers who have died while performing their duty.  Mostly, just be respectful and grateful for the police officers who are there for you every day, whether you see them or not.


Straw Hat Day – I thought it was interesting to read that historians agree that some form of head-covering was the first article of clothing worn by primitive man to protect them from drenching rain or scorching sun – though I wonder if that means they counted the leaves that Adam and Eve wore as something other than clothing – but I digress.  Today marks the day when fashion “rules” say that we need to put away the felt hats and knit caps and begin wearing the lighter, breezier straw hats.  The most popular straw hat style for men is the Panama hat.  They came into style in the mid 1800s when Ecuador made them and shipped them to Panama.  Today they are made of toquilla fiber, which is woven in Ecuador, Columbia and Peru.  Clark Gable wore a Monte Carlo style Panama hat in the movie “Gone with the Wind”.  You could celebrate this day by wearing a straw hat, or watching Gone With The Wind!  I haven’t seen that in years.



This Day in History –

 1862 – President Abraham Lincoln established the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

1918 – Regular airmail service inaugurated (between New York, Philadelphia & Washington DC.

1940 – Nylon stockings hit the market for first time.


Food Celebration of the Day –

National Chocolate Chip Cookies Day – Thank Ruth Wakefield of the Toll House Inn for inventing these mini morsels. She mixed broken chocolate pieces into basic sugar-cookie batter and baked up the world’s first batch of chocolate chip cookies.


Well, isn’t this just ducky?  I’m hungry for sweets and chocolate chip cookie are being celebrated today?  *sigh*  It figures.  Have one for me and let me know how it was, OK?  I need to head out to work and get this Monday started; I’m assuming you need to do the same! Well, get to it!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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