Mmmmmmmmmmmm . . . . Sometimes Vanilla Pudding Is EXACTLY What We Need

May 22nd

Today please take a moment or two, and count the blessings in your life.  Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the trivial stuff that we forget how wonderfully we really do have it.  Tragedy happens to people every day, and sometimes it is that very thing that is a wake up call to be grateful for what we have.  I am so very blessed, and as I look around and take in those blessings, I am humbled by God’s generousity.  It’s not the stuff that is important though – it is the people He has placed in my life.  My husband, parents, children, extended family and friends.  Those are the blessings that count the most and that is something that we should always remember.  Stuff is just that – we can’t take it with us – but the people we spend our time with, those are the blessings that cannot be replaced and should be appreciated, nurtured and held close every single moment of our lives.

Let the celebrating begin . . .

Buy a Musical Instrument Day –  It is never too late to learn to play an instrument and today would be a great day to choose one you’ve always wanted to play and buy it.  If this isn’t a budget friendly option for you, many music stores also rent instruments. Taking lessons is the more difficult part of this plan, as it takes time, practice and a lot of effort.  A motivated person though, can do it if they choose.  There are folks who wait until they are senior citizens to pick up music as a hobby, so celebrate this one by fulfilling your dream of playing beautiful music on the instrument of your choice. 

National Maritime Day – On this date in 1819, the steamship Savannah set sail from Savannah, GA on the first transoceanic voyage that was fueled by steam.  It took 29 days and four hours for it to reach Liverpool, and in doing so, paved the way for efficient ocean travel which boosted the economy and strengthened national security.  It was on May 20, 1933 that Congress declared May 22 to be National Maritime Day, and three years later the U.S. adopted the Merchant Marine Act of 1936, which declared that “It is necessary for the national defense, that the United States shall have a merchant marine of the best equipped and most suitable types of vessels sufficient to carry the greater portion of its commerce and serve as a naval or military auxiliary in time of war or national emergency. . .”  To observe this day everyone is encouraged to display the American flag at their homes and businesses – but then again, if you know me at all, you know that I advocate the flying of our flag proudly 365 days of the year.


World Goth Day – We have all seen young people, or its usually young people, sporting the black clothes, dyed black hair, black lipstick, black nail polish, looking gloomy and grim as they go about their lives.  They keep to themselves and appear to be trying to make some sort of a statement, but honestly, I could never understand what that could possibly be, for as they tried to be unique and different, as the idea caught on, and more people started doing this too, the less individual and unique they became.  Where did it start though.  Well, the Goth subculture sprang up after the release of the band Bauhaus’ song, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” in 1979. The movement most likely began in the United Kingdom and was gaining ground by the early 1980s. There were a few of these kids around when I was in high school, so this timeline sounds very reasonable.  Initially the movement was mainly underground, but today’s Goth followers commonly appear in the mainstream.
Due to their less than typical physical appearance – particularly their clothes and makeup – Goths have been surrounded by a plethora of mystery and myths. Here are just a few myth busters about Goths that I found – do I believe them? I have no reason not to since I have never been, nor will understand, the mindset behind being Goth:
* Goths are not satanic.
* Goths are not obsessed with death.
* Goths are not suicidal.

* Goths are just like you and me, except for the music they listen to, the clothing they wear and a few other minor differences that are neither evil nor morbid.



Food Celebration of the Day –

National Vanilla Pudding Day – Pudding has an interesting history in that it originally contained meat. In Britain the word has many meanings, and is used to refer to sausages, any sweet or savory steamed dish made with flour, and all types of desserts.  In the U.S. things are a lot less confusing. When we refer to pudding we are talking about a creamy, sweet relative of custard.  The boxed stuff is great when you’re short on time, but a day like today calls for the good old-fashioned homemade stuff.

Never forget, that though sad things are happening around us, though the world seems to be spinning out of control, there is always something to celebrate.  From the first birdsong of the morning, to the setting of the sun at night, to the softness of our pillow while we sleep . . . take each day, make it special in some way.  God Bless You.  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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