MMmmmmmm! Homemade Bread!

Nov 17th

Do you ever crave something for a really long time, ignore the craving because you KNOW it’s not good for you, then suddenly decide that you HAVE to have it?  Yes? Well, this morning was one of those days for me, which is why I was late to getting started on today’s post.  I have been really craving crispy hash browns with ketchup for MONTH’S, and today I decided that I had to have them.  What’s Sunday morning breakfast if we can’t make it special, right?  Hash browns, bacon, scrambled eggs and toast.  I’ll likely pay for it big time on the scale tomorrow, but at this particular moment, when my tummy is happy, and I’m sipping a mocha, I can’t find it in myself to care.  So, what is there to celebrate today besides the wonders of a carb filled breakfast? 

E-Card Day– E-cards are fun, aren’t they”  And best of all, most of them are free.  Can’t really go wrong with that, in my opinion.  In exchange for the “free” part though, you may have put up with some pop-up ads, but since they support the sites and make it possible for us to receive and send these cards for free, it seems like a small price to pay to let someone you love know you are thinking about them, all while keeping it to a really lovely zero cost budget! It’s the thought that counts, remember?  Hop onto an electronic greeting card site today, and send a few animated cards.  There are greeting cards aimed at all sorts of days throughout the year, so don’t limit the fun to just one day.


Take a Hike Day – Walking and hiking are excellent ways to get exercise and get into shape.  How are hikes different from walks?  Well, hikes are usually taken in the woods, hills, mountains or somewhere else in a natural setting.  Because of this, they not only give us exercise, but they provide beautiful scenic sites and are good for relaxing the mind and the soul.  I took my first real hike a little over a year ago and loved every exhausting second of it.  I came home sore, but revived in a way that I didn’t even know I needed.  I proved to myself that I could carry everything I needed on my back, and saw amazing scenery I would never have had the chance to see if I hadn’t taken that first big step into the woods.  It may not be the weather to go on a hike right now, but it’s a great day to plan a hike for this upcoming spring or summer! 

National Unfriend Day –  This one was inspired by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and is the day when Facebook users take an honest inventory of their friends list and eliminate all people who aren’t true friends.  By making these cuts they will have more time and energy to spend on the people that really matter in their lives.  I have to laugh a little at this one though because when I “friend” someone on Facebook, generally speaking, unless they truly are a good friend to start with, one of my political rants will inevitably send them screaming to the UNFRIEND button.  It saves me the trouble! 

Food Celebration of the Day


Homemade Bread Day –  Oh my, bread.  This is one of my major weaknesses.  I love bread.  And when that bread is baking fresh, filling the house with its amazing, yeasty aromas?  Even better!  For people who love to bake, this day is for us! Homemade Bread Day!  Bread has been part of human’s lives for thousands of years.  Estimates date its origin back to 5000 – 10,000 B.C.  Our modern day lifestyles have relegated homemade bread to the world of specialty baking and holidays because people just don’t have the time to bake homemade bread.  We’ve become so used to that quick stop at the grocery store or bakery for our bread needs, that some people don’t even THINK about the possibility of baking a loaf of bread instead.  Now that there are automatic bread machines there has been a small resurgence of homemade bread, but not like it was in our Grandmother’s day.  The purpose of this day is easy to understand – it’s about making homemade bread, and to encourage us to try to make tasty bread that hasn’t been stripped of its nutritional value by commercial processing.  So, take a little time out of your busy day and make some bread! Your nose, your taste buds and your family will be glad you did.

Well, now that I’ve taken so long to get this done, I need to get busy.  I’m still playing with the idea of making a loaf of bread.  Sounds so good!  I’ll let you know how it turns out – bread is something I’ve never been all that successful with – even with my machine.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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