Mmmmmmm Chicken . . .Celebrating One Of The Most Versatile Foods!

Sep 3rd

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s back to work we go!  I hope everyone had a great long weekend, and that it was everything you wanted it to be.  Ours was a combination of relaxing, work around the house, shopping and having fun.  Pretty much just the way it SHOULD be!

Skyscraper Day – If you’re a city person then you probably love skyscrapers.  I’m not a fan, but I’m not a fan of cities, so it stands to reason.  However, if you like tall places, this is the day for you to appreciate and admire the tallest skyscrapers of the world.  Skyscrapers are amazing feats of engineering, and in many crowded cities, with space being in short supply, building UP has become more logical.  As technical capabilities in construction have improved, skyscrapers have become taller and taller, and there is a certain prestige to having one of the tallest structures in the world in your city.  Is your city on this list?  Considering that there are only 2 U.S. cities listed, I have to wonder how many of my readers are living near one of these buildings.  Even though Seattle, which is the closest city to me, isn’t on the list, it still has one of the prettiest skylines!

World’s Tallest Buildings
Year Built
Taipei 101
Taipei, Taiwan
Petronas Tower 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3. Petronas Tower 2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1,483 1998
Sears Tower
Chicago, Il
Jin Mao Building
Shanghai, China
Two International Finance
Hong Kong, China
Guangzhou, China
Shun Hing Square
Shenzhen, China
Empire State Building
New York, New York
Central Plaza
Hong Kong, China


Another Look Unlimited Day – The day after Labor Day is designated for taking another look at any load of old junk you may have lying around, and identify things you would like to donate to charity, give to friends or recycle in another way.  You can go through your house, garage, barn, attic or shed.  Sometimes we even buy things we don’t need just because they are on sale, so they could find a very happy new owner easily.  Here are some ways to celebrate Another Look Unlimited Day:

Donate to Schools – Donate new notebooks, pens, paper towels, tissue boxes, crayons, scissors, glue sticks and erasers. Anyone who takes advantage of sales at the store or buys in bulk during back-to-school season may have extras on hand.

Dispose of Electronics Properly — Some community groups host electronic recycling days. For a nominal fee ($10 to $25) you can dispose of old TVs, computer monitors and other broken electronics. Not all towns have dumps and your regular garbage collection company does not want this stuff in the trash.

Cell Phones — Keep or Donate — If your cell phone functions and has a charger, you may want to hold onto it. If you still have a collection of brick phones, it’s time to let go. Delete all information from a SIM card on a newer phone before e-cycling it advises the EPA.

Junk Drawer — Clean out the junk drawers and properly dispose of the items you haven’t used in six months. Dead batteries should not be thrown in the trash. Instead, drop them off at a retailer accepting dead batteries. Some communities also have drop-off boxes in the town hall.

Old Eye Glasses — If you’re holding onto an old pair of glasses, don’t. Unless the prescription is the same it does you no good to keep them since you shouldn’t wear them anyway. Donate old prescription eyeglasses to the Lions Club.

Lots of great ideas for junk we don’t need anyway.

This Day In History

1813 – The image of “Uncle Sam”, a symbol of America, was first used.     
1951 – TV soap opera Search for Tomorrow premieres on CBS.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Chicken Month – Chicken has to be one of the most versatile meats out there.  You can do so much with it!  Roasted, pan-fried, grilled, in a soup or rolled into enchiladas — the options are endless. Eat chicken all month and never have it the same way twice.

Everyone have a happy Tuesday!  It’s that great?  To say it’s Tuesday and not Monday?  Feels pretty good to me.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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