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May 27th

Good Morning and Welcome to the short work week!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful three day weekend with family and friends, and spent time contemplating how important Memorial Day is and the people who made such sacrifices for the people of this nation that they loved so much.  My weekend was low key for the most part, some spent shopping, some resting up from a horrible headache, and some puttering around the kitchen baking.  I had such plans for organizing and none of them happened.  No harm done, but now I still have some big projects on my to-do list.  Thank you for understanding about no silly celebrations for the last three days – somehow it just seems a little shallow to look at the trivial when there are so many big things to focus on – like the sacrifices made by our veterans – so I didn’t bother.  The break cleared my head a little too.

Sun Screen Day – If you’re anything like me, you burn easily when out in the sun, turn a lovely lobster red, then peel once the excruciating pain is gone, and turn white again.  If you’re REALLY lucky, whatever color you DO get has those white little spots that I have heard called chicken skin.  It’s not so lovely, and I’ve long envied people who tan a beautiful golden shade  – the one so many of us equate with a healthy glow.  Truth is that the exposure time it takes to get that “glow” isn’t so healthy, and the UV rays we absorb can lead to a number of health problems, the main one being skin cancer.  It can lead to early aging too – wrinkling and sun spots mainly.  Sun Screen Day is held today on purpose – with it being just ahead of summer and vacation season, it’s a good reminder to protect ourselves from the dangerous rays by using sunscreen of at last an SPF of 15 before you go out – even when it’s cloudy, and when you swim.  They make waterproof sunscreens for swimming and people who sweat heavily.   We do need to get Vitamin D from exposure to the sun, but keep it in short doses and not at the hottest time of the day.


Cellophane Tape Day – Richard Gurley Drew (June 22, 1899 – December 14, 1980) was an American inventor who worked for Johnson and Johnson  Permacel Co 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he invented masking tape and cellophane tape.  When Mr. Drew began working at 3M in S. Paul in 1924 it was a manufacturer of sandpaper.  While he was testing their new Wetordy sandpaper at auto shops, Drew was intrigued to learn that the two-tone auto paint jobs so popular in the roaring 20s were difficult to manage at the border between the two colors.  He worked for two years in the labs, and invented the first masking tape, a two-inch-wide tan paper strip backed with a light, pressure sensitive adhesive.  The first tape had adhesive along its edges, but not in the middle.  In its first trial run it fell off the car and frustrated the auto painter.  “Take this tape back to those Scotch bosses of yours and tell them to shove it” the painter growled at Drew. (By Scotch he meant parsimonious).  The nickname stuck, both to Drew’s improved masking tape, and to his 1930 invention, Scotch brand cellulose tape, the first transparent cellophane adhesive tape.  In the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 people began using tape to repair items instead of replacing them, which was the beginning of 3M’s diversification into all manner of marketplaces and helped them to flourish in spite of the Great Depression.  Richard Drew passed away in 1980 in Santa Barbara, California.

This Day In History

1647 – Achsah Young is the first woman to be executed as a witch in Massachusetts.           
1919 – The pop-up toaster is patented.      1941 – German battleship Bismarck sunk by British Navy.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Barbeque Month – Nothing tastes quite as delicious as meat and vegetables grilled outdoors in the open air. To hardcore enthusiasts, barbecue means “low and slow.” To the less stringent, it might just be smoky-sweet sauce you slap on a grilled goodie. No matter how you feel about it, and what your favorite BBQ method is, offers the best of both worlds.







Getting back into the routine after a long weekend isn’t necessarily easy, but it sure does make it better knowing it is a short work week, right?  Time enough to have a full week NEXT week!  Have a lovely Tuesday!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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