May We Always Remember. . .

Sep 12th
I owe all of you an apology.  When I got home last night it was pretty late and I completely forgot the date.  If I had remembered I would have at least done SOMETHING this morning.  I’ll post this now, and hurry to get tomorrow’s done.
September 911 – Remembrance Day – Never Forget . . . 9/11. The mere mention of this date brings a hush and sense of overwhelming sadness to the soul of every red-blooded American. We can all recall the precise moment when we heard what had happened on that horrible day in… New York, right here on our home soil, to hard working men and women, to a city, a nation, the world. It was the day when we were stripped of what innocence remained, naked and without the sense of being protected by the very strength of the borders within which we live. It was the day that we realized that we too are vulnerable to the evil that pervades the world and we are no longer insulated from that evil. We can no longer count on the safety that we have taken for granted for so long.

On that day we came together as a country, of one mind . . . one heart . . . one goal. We bonded together, across this nation, every walk of life, every religion, every ethnicity, every political affiliation . . . we united to rebuild, to heal, and to NEVER be victims of such senseless violence again. In the 13 years since that day, though it seems as if it were just yesterday, we have deteriorated back to a nation of back biting, fighting, clashing and finger pointing. How quickly the memories of such devastation fade for those who have limited capacity to love our country for what She is, what She has been, and what She could potentially still be. How quickly the selfishness, hypocrisy, hatred and plotting one against another fall back into the old routine, as if the pain and horror of that fateful day never happened.

To those who would push our country down the path of destruction through stupid policies, through quest for power, through greed for more of what our neighbor may have, SHAME ON YOU! To those who walk on the graves of men, women and children who died that horrible day, remember that judgement day is pending for those who still walk this earth, and God is the ultimate judge. While you are busily pushing Him out of our schools, out of our public places, out of the government which was built in His name, and out of the holidays we celebrate in His honor – He is recording your actions, your thoughts, your words and the day is coming when you must relive them . . . through His eyes. At that point it will too late to wish He have mercy on your soul. None are free of sin, but some seem to perpetrate it on purpose and with glee and malice for the innocent, the honorable, the devout.

Please, take a moment to pray for the families and friends of those who perished on 9/11. Pray for the those who so valiantly worked to save as many as they could. Pray for the men and women who have served, and still serve, in our military, striving to protect our nation against such heinous violent acts from happening again. Pray for the families of those who serve. Pray for our country, for the preservation of the constitution on which we have built our very existence.

Don’t ever forget . . . It is your duty as a human being, as an American. . . Honor this day and always remember.

Make Your Bed Day –  I know that when I get up in the morning I am in a rush to get out of the house.  The last thing on my mind is making the bed.  I know, that might sound a bit lazy to folks who are habitual bed makers, but quite honestly, what is on my mind at that point is getting out of the house in a timely manner.  Turns out that I’m not alone.  Many people seldom, or rarely, make their beds in the morning.  They di t when they change out the bedding, or when company is coming over.  Today is the day to change that for the better and take a few moments to make up the bed before you leave the house.  It does make it much more pleasant to get back into at night!  
No News is Good News – Today the idea was to turn off the news, taking a break from all the bad stuff that we always see.  I can’t do it.  I can manage to do without the news when we are camping or on a cruise – simply because it isn’t available – but to turn off the news, especially on a day like today just isn’t going to happen for me.  I can see why someone would though.  There are times when the news just puts us on emotional and mental overload!  So much bad stuff going on all around the world can short us out to the point that we just need a break so we can focus on something good.  I like to see what is happening in the world so I know how to plan my life – but maybe that is just me.  Today though, if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by current events, turn it off and just assume that No News Is Good News!
This Day In History
2001 – Islamic Al-Qaeda militants flew planes into NYC’s twin World Trade Towers and the Pentagon.

Food Celebration of the Day

Hot Cross Buns Day – How a day celebrating an Easter treat landed in September is a mystery, but use this as an excuse to bake up one of your favorite holiday breads.


It’s a day I hope and pray we always keep in our minds – the silly stuff is just that . . . silly . . . but for the important things, I hope that we never forget the impact on our lives, on our nation and on our entire future.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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