May The Upcoming Weekend Be Wonderful For Everyone . . .

Aug 23rd

Happy Friday to Everyone.  I want to thank all of my readers today for being here so faithfully each day.  Every time I look at the number of times the blog has been looked at, it just fills my heart with happiness.  Today I am going to do something a little different.  For the first time since January 1st I am taking a weekend to just spend with family, and I am completely unplugging from the computer to focus just on the people I love.  As I type this it is getting late on Friday night, and I am preparing food and cleaning for the upcoming family festivities, and honestly, my brainpower is on low and I am feeling that any writing I would do would just disappoint you.  What I am doing is listing the special days, without additional explanation.  That way you know what is happening, but you don’t have all the extra reading to do.  Thank you for understanding.

Also, for those of you who also follow on Facebook, I am temporarily deactivating my account in support of a blackout this weekend.  I, as a conservative Christian, am getting pretty tired of the Facebook moderators censoring a lot of free speech that ISN’T offensive, but is merely a nuisance for people who have opposing views.  Many conservatives are attempting to show Facebook just how many people are ticked off by this practice and are deactivating their accounts temporarily to make a point, that we are a presence and to please stop discriminating against us.  I will be back, both with the blog and on Facebook on Monday morning.

August 23 – My son’s 25th birthday – WOOHOO!

August 23 – Ride The Wind Day

August 23 – Hug Your Boss Day
August 23 – Valentino Day
August 24 – Vesuvius Day
August 24 – Pluto Demoted Day
August 24 – William Wilberforce Day
August 24 – 25 – International Bat Night
August 25 – Kiss and Make Up Day
August 25 – National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day
August 25 – Founders Day
This Day In History

August 23 -1966 -The first picture of Earth from the moon is taken by Lunar Orbiter 1.           
August 24 –    79 – The infamous Mount Vesuvius eruption buries the city of Pompeii.       August 24 – 1869 – The Waffle Iron is patented by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, NY            August 25 – 1530 – Ivan the Terrible, the first Tsar of  Russia was born.  
August 25 – 1932 –  Amelia Earhart completes her trans-continental flight.

Food Celebrations of the Day

August 23 – National Sponge Cake Day  – Sponge cake is actually one of the oldest and simplest forms of cake — recipes for it date back as far as 1615.








August 24 – National Waffle Day – The ancient Greeks are said to have been the first waffle bakers — they cooked flat cakes between two metal plates held over burning embers.


August 25 – National Whiskey Sour DayInvented in the 18th century to help prevent scurvy in British sailors, sours combine spirits and citrus juices to irresistible effect.

Have a truly wonderful weekend.  I’ll see you next week!  God Bless You!

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