May Peace and Love Be Yours This Christmas Eve and Every Day

Dec 24th

Good Morning.   I think it’s a good morning anyway.  I was falling asleep and nodding off as I researched today’s events.  I literally was dozing off over the computer!  I’m going to make quick work of the research, take some cold medicine for my scratchy throat, runny nose and sneezing, and hope when I re-read this before I post it this morning that it makes some sort of sense. 

Christmas Eve – What a beautiful month it has been.  My husband and I started out this month with nightly lighting of our Advent Wreath candles, a prayer and a Bible reading.  It has been touching and kept our focus on the meaning of the season.  And in what feels like an incredibly short period of time, here we are! Christmas Eve!  I know we all have different ways of celebrating – some open their gifts tonight, some tomorrow morning.  Some people get up and dressed, have breakfast and THEN open presents, some stumble out to the living room in their PJ’s, and get started right away.  What it comes down to is this . . . no matter the day, no matter the specific traditions, if you celebrate with a heart focused on Christ as the reason for this season, then the details don’t really matter.

I’m a big one for set traditions – I like doing certain things at a certain point. The house needs to be decorated by the weekend after Thanksgiving. There are specific cookies that must be baked.  There are certain things that go into the stockings, and everyone must have the same  number of gifts. All of these things contribute to a sense of comfort and family, and for me that makes it special.  Everyone has those things that just make the celebration personal and beautiful to them.  When my children were little we would read the account of Christ’s birth in the Bible to them.  They knew that Santa was pretend (which really caused some controversy and irritation amongst my friends at times), but we still read The Night Before Christmas because it was fun.  We watched silly Christmas movies, and classic ones, and we went to my Grandparent’s house.  What are some of YOUR family traditions for tonight?

This Day In History

1818 – Franz Joseph Gruber composed “Silent Night”.

Food Celebrations of the Day

National Egg Nog Day comes but once a year and that’s fine by me.  I’m not a fan.  I completely respect people who ARE fans of this overly sweet, overly rich, overly fattening drink – but I just can’t do it.  It makes my throat feel thick just thinking about it. So for those who ARE thrilled with this popular drink – do you like it with – or without – rum?  Consumption of Egg Nog increases right before Thanksgiving and goes on throughout Christmas.  By the time it’s the New Year rolls around you won’t be able to find it easily.  





Whatever your traditions, and no matter what makes this day special to you, may your joy be complete in Christ Jesus, our Lord.  May your day be blessed, filled with family, love and the making of many new and beautiful memories.  Merry Christmas, God Bless You and I’ll briefly see you tomorrow!


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