Many Thanks to Sam Colt . . . . and Yumminess in a Bowl

Feb 25th

Pistol Patent Day –  On February 25, 1836 Samuel Colt was issued a patent for the Colt Paterson Revolver.   The revolver is a pistol with multiple chambers for bullets.  It was patented in Europe in 1835, and in the United States in 1836.  This was the first commercially available firearm of its kind, containing a revolving chamber that held 6 bullets.  The availability of the Colt Revolver represents an iconic turning point in early Western settler’s lives and how they were able to deal with adversaries.  Prior to the revolver they had to rely on single shot rifles.  In the time it took to ram a charge and a lead ball down the barrel of a single shot rifle, a Comanche Indian could shoot six arrows or run 150 yards with a spear and a tomahawk.  Now, as for how we should celebrate this day?  Unless you have invented a new pistol and are prepared to patent it today, I’d suggest perhaps watching some old western movies, or  maybe heading to the range to get in some target practice.

Clam Chowder Day –  There is something so comforting and satisfying about a big bowl of creamy, delicious clam chowder.  The history of chowder dates back to the 16th century in the fishing villages of England and France. Residents would prepare large kettles of soup and then wait for the fishermen to return and add whatever they had caught that day.  The question for people who aren’t fans of chowder, or who perhaps don’t live near the sea where clams are fresh and easily available, what exactly IS chowder?  Most chefs have their own recipes with their own secret ingredients, but they all start out basically the same.  It’s traditionally a rich cream soup that has onions, potatoes, and usually some sort of fish or shellfish.  Since today is Clam Chowder Day it would be a great day to stir up a batch of your own!  Mmmmmm . . .

Let’s All Eat Right Day – Eating right isn’t a new idea to most of us . . .as a matter of fact I’m sure that of the people reading this right now, some – if not all – made it a New Year’s Resolution to do just that.  Many of us think that the healthy-eating lifestyle craze is something that was born in the last three decades, but in actuality a woman by the name of Adelle Davis, born in 1904, was WAY ahead of her time and is often referred to as “the first lady of nutrition”.  She wrote four bestselling books on nutrition, which pioneered the nutrition revolution.  Many of us are very familiar with one of her best known quotes: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”  Today would have been her 109th birthday, and to commemorate her vision, we celebrate “Let’s All Eat Right Day” by . . . well, by eating right!

Today is an interesting combination – Eating Right AND clam chowder don’t exactly seem to travel hand in hand – but I have made a lower calorie version of clam chowder before, so it IS possible!  Between that and visiting the range, it should be a good day. Nothing says celebration like target practice followed up by a heart bowl of yummy, creamy, delicious clam chowder – toss in a side salad for Eating Right Day and you’re all set!  However you enjoy your day though, God be with you.  I’ll see you tomorrow.



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