Made In The USA . . . Do You Check Your Labels?

Jul 2nd

There’s something so refreshing about the early morning air that follows a still, humid night.  We don’t get a lot of heat OR humidity in our area, so this is something we do a considerable amount of whining about when it happens.  Of course whining here isn’t limited to heat.  We do it when it rains, when its cloudy, damp or dry.  We just don’t seem to know how to accept the weather for what it is.  Changeable, unique and utterly and delightfully independent.  God does with the weather what He wants and we really need to learn to accept and appreciate it for what it is, any day of the week, in any season of the year.  For now, I’ll take the calm, cool morning, with the birds happy in the trees, and let it soothe my spirit and prepare me for the day. 

I Forgot Day –  How many of us, especially as parents, have heard our kids say “I forgot”, after we’ve instructed them to do something?  Did you do your homework? I forgot.  Did you clean your room?  I forgot.  Did you brush your teeth?  I forgot.  You get the picture.  It was like endless loop replay . . . day after day.  Turns out there’s a day just for the sort of folks who use the “I forgot” as a solution to all the things they didn’t do that they were supposed to.  I’m not saying that sometimes we don’t legitimately forget something, but to say it all the time turns it into just another excuse. For today though – you’re allowed.  If there’s something you just need to forget today – a bad day, someone saying something to hurt your feelings, an errand that won’t hurt anything to “forget” until tomorrow . . . go ahead and forget!  Just for today though.  I don’t suggest using this as an excuse for something important today. . . . like showing up for work on time or getting married.  You know – important stuff like that!  And so you know . . . I Forget Day is closely related to I’m Sorry Day.  They sort of go hand in hand, depending on what it is you are forgetting. 

World UFO Day –  Wouldn’t it be nice if world leaders would just admit that UFO’s really exist?  Of course, that would mean they’d have to stop hiding facts from the public and honestly I’m not sure they are capable of such a thing.  When it comes to UFO’s though, I believe.  Not to seems a little egotistical.  Think about it.  God created an entire universe made up of many, many galaxies – too many to count.  Why would He limit Himself – being God – to only one teeny, tiny planet of inhabitants?  Just because not many people have seen them . . . or have they? . . . doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.  Today’s date was chosen for this celebration because it is the date of the Roswell Incident, an historical even leading to wide speculation and belief that aliens have visited us.  Do you know much about that?  Most of us have heard it at least mentioned in movies.  On July 2, 1947 Mac Brazel, a rancher NW of Roswell, New Mexico found wreckage of a metallic object on his ranch.  The wreckage and the metal it was made of was strange.  He contacted military authorities who investigated and removed the object.  The first military reports referred to a mysterious Unidentified Flying Object.  These reports were later rescinded, leading to widespread speculation and claims of a massive government cover-up of the discovery of UFOs from outer space.  It also sparked fear of a UFO invasion and rumors of other incidents.  That speculation is alive and well today.  The secrecy from the government agencies just fuels all of the stories and makes them grow and evolve into ever bigger stories.  Have you seen anything in the night sky?

Made In The USA Day – Look around you.  Do you see the decline in our economy?  Have you felt it in your own home?  Maybe you are one of the many who has lost their job, or like me, have had their hours reduced.  One of the many reasons that our economy is doing so badly, besides pathetic leadership and too many people with their hands out for something free while the rest of us work our backsides off trying to take up their slack, is the fact that so many of our jobs have been shipped overseas to countries with a more affordable labor force and fewer horrendous restrictions placed on them by an overzealous administration.  The import of foreign goods, cheaply made by those other countries, then sent back to our country to sell to us is disgusting.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to buy foreign products because quite honestly the budget just doesn’t go as far as it used to.  Think about it though.  If all of us replaced even half of our monthly purchases with only products made in our own country by our own citizens, that would begin sending a message that we believe in the United States and the principals of free enterprise.  Our nation was built from the hard work and sweat of dedicated people who knew that by their very efforts a great country was being built.  I believe in this country.  I believe in our workers.  I hereby make the pledge to start being more careful about checking the labels of the products I am buying and to replace foreign goods in our home with those made by our own citizens.  Look for the Made In The USA label on your products and help rebuild our country to her former glory.  Perhaps by 2016, if we all pitch in, we’ll still have a country to save.  This company has pages of items made right here, within our own borders, by our own people.  What a concept!

This Day In History –

President Garfield is shot. His struggle to survive lasted 80 days until his death on September 19th. (1881)      
The Lawrence Welk show premieres on television.(1955)

Food Celebration of the Month –

National Hot Dog Month – The history of hot dogs are as American as apple pie.  There is no certain etiology of the term hot dog, but there are two theories that are the most common.  The popularity of the term hot dog is generally given to sports cartoonist T. A. “Tad” Dorgan, who caricatured German figures as dachshund dogs just after the turn of the 19th century. His talking sausage cartoons generally criticized the cheap wieners sold at Coney Island,  suggesting they contained dogmeat. It was such bad publicity that the Chamber of Commerce actually banned the use of the term “hot dog” from signs in 1913.  The term first appeared in print in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1900.  The 2nd theory was also from German origins.  German Americans brought us weinerwurst, German for Vienna sausage, and the name was eventually shortened to weiner.  Other German immigrants referred to smoked sausages as bundewurst – which is German for dog sausage.  By the late 1920s “weinie roasts” became all the rage.  Guests would bring their own hot dogs to roast over an open fire.  Harry Magely gets credit for putting hot dogs onto warm buns and topping them with a variety of condiments.  He was catering director of New York City’s Polo Grounds, who was said to have instructed his vendors to call out “Red hots! Get your red hots!”   The credit for actually warming the bun goes to Charles Feltman, of Feltman’s Gardens in Coney Island amusement park.   So, though Americans didn’t actually invent hog dogs, we sure did integrate them into our culture.  What ballgame, summer cookout, or boardwalk would be complete without hot dogs?  Here are some fun hot dog ideas from  Not too late to add some to your 4th of July festivities!

Don’t FORGET to BUY USA PRODUCTS, watch the sky for UFO’s and have a HOT DOG roast tonight!  How fun is that?  What a great day!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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