Love Your Pets Today!

Feb 20th
Love Your Pet Day – I love my pets.  I’m sure we all give our fur babies lots of loves and hugs on a daily basis, but today is a day when we get to give them some extra loves, treats and attention.  I’m sure we don’t need an excuse to love our pets, but we can go over the deep end with it today and nobody will think twice . . . at least not if they keep up on all the cool holidays like we do.  I found it to be interesting that certain e-card sites have a wide choice of e-cards for today.  Not something I’d honestly have considered sending a card to someone for, but hey, we all celebrate in different ways, right?   Today my babies will get a special can of the “good” (i.e. expensive) soft food, and lots of extra attention.  Tibbi – our wonderful dog – will get an oatmeal bath (ok that won’t be HER favorite part of the day, or for that matter mine, but she will smell lots better when it’s done).  The kitties – the attitude ridden, snuggle kitty, Pepsi, and the chatter box Itty Bitty – they get their claws trimmed (again won’t be their favorite moment OR mine, but needs to be done), and some extra pets, and a good brushing too.   Give  the “kids” some extra loving, and if you don’t have a pet of     your own, it might be a good day to visit the Humane Society and volunteer to walk some dogs, or go snuggle the pet of a friend or family member.  We all benefit from the love and non-judgemental attitude of pets – they just accept us as we are, no questions asked.
Itty Bitty – 7 year old unknown breed – mutt?
Pepsi – 14 year old Maine Coon Mix
Tibbi – 14 years old – American Rottweiler


Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day – I will not personally be celebrating this one today, but I’ll pas along the information for those of you who wish to observe it.  For the folks sick of winter and ready for spring, this day is for you.  On this winter day, people go out at noon, wave their hands over their heads and chant “Hoodie-Hoo”.  Apparently this is intended to chase away the winter and bring in the spring.  Where they came up with this idea, I have no clue, but this is what I’m reading. Maybe it’s a little bit of cabin fever from being shut up all winter and not seeing the sun.  If that’s the case, well, I can tell you they don’t live near me.  It’s been acting like spring since the beginning of February.  The reason I won’t be celebrating this? Well, for starters I’d feel silly, and though I don’t mind feeling silly for a good cause, this one to me isn’t a good cause.  Which brings me for reason 2)  I WANT winter!  I haven’t really had one this year, so why on earth would I wish to chase it away??? Duh!

FYI Hoodie HOo Day is a copyighted holiday, created and provided courtesy of the folks at

It’s Cherry Pie Day!  Did you know that cherry pie is America’s second most popular pie?  It’s in line behind only apple pie in popularity.  In February though, it’s #1.  When he was a young boy, Goerge Washington made the cherry tree popular, with his famous quote “As I can not tell a lie, I chopped down the Cherry tree.”  We celebrate George Washington’s Birthday and President’s Day in February, therefore it is traditional to bake cherry pies in honor of these occasions. Being the “hot pie” of the month, it is only fitting that Cherry Pie Day falls in February. On Cherry Pie Day, celebrate today with a piece of pie.

Well, you have your assignments for the day!  Hug some furry friends, give them lots of attention and love; eat some cherry pie and if you are so inclined chase away winter with an enthusiastic Hoodie Hoo.  Whatever you do though, be safe and God bless you.  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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