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Jan 18th

Once in awhile a day comes up with a mixture of frivolous, boring and very near to my heart observances – and today is one of those days.  As I sit and contemplate the meaning behind each one, the reasons someone felt it was important to set aside a particular subject/event for attention, I wonder how it is I should write about it, to give them each the time and/or credit they deserve.  I never know where to start, but typically I start with boring, move on to serious, then end up with silly.  Today I need to mix that up a bit.  Today I’m ending with serious, because of what it means to me, and I hope to all of you.

For starters though, I’d like to announce Thesaurus Day!  I’m sure very few of us haven’t at one time or another picked up a thesaurus to complete a project, write a letter, or try to articulate a thought without the typical mundane words we use each day.  I know that it was a book that traveled to and from school with me for many years, and now there is one sitting by my desk at work.  Today is the birthday of Peter Roget, the author of Roget’s Thesaurus. Peter Roget was born on this day in 1779. For anyone who hasn’t used one for many years, the Thesaurus lists synonyms (words with the same or similar meanings) for words.  This gives us alternatives to using repetition when writing, and giving speeches.  It also lists antonyms – or words with opposite meanings.  If you haven’t used this valuable book in awhile, maybe celebrate today by picking yours up, dusting it off, and taking a look through it.  It’s a treasure trove of incredible expressive opportunity.  I know . . . I admit it . . . I’m a word geek.  I love using variety in my verbal and written conversations and the Thesaurus has taught me much over the years, and I have always appreciated its value to forwarding literary excellence.

How many of us either read Winnie the Pooh when we were children, or have read it to our own kids?  I did too!  On both counts!  Today is Winnie the Pooh Day!  Perhaps you can take the opportunity to enjoy your favorite bear and all of his friends to celebrate the birthday of A.A .Milne, the author who created Winnie the Pooh and all of his friend.  A.A. Milne was born on this day in 1882.   If it’s been awhile since you’ve read any of these books, Winnie’s pals included Christopher Robin, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Roo. Have some fun today. Celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day by reading some storybooks about the adventures of Winnie and his friends.

While I was researching this day I stumbled across a very interesting study – I’ve heard of it before, but hadn’t actually read it.  There are actual college and psychiatric studies that analyze the personalities of each of the characters in the Winnie The Pooh stories, and each character it turns out, is completely dysfunctional and displays various mental instabilities, illnesses, or personality disorders that are actually common amongst real life human beings – from ADHD, OCD’s to depression – it’s a fascinating study that I realize that was partially tongue in cheek, but really does make one think.  I’ve also heard – though I don’t remember where, since it was awhile ago – that just about everyone we know can be compared to one of the various Pooh characters – and it’s true!  We’ve all known an Eeyore, or a Tiger, or a Roo, or any of the other residents of Hundred Acre Wood . . . something to think about!

This last one may lose me readers, possibly lose me friends – but if that is the result of speaking my heart, then so be it. True friends stick around even if they don’t agree – it is my hope and prayer though that the significance, the deep importance of this day resonates with every single reader, and carries forward from there.

On this day, January 18, 2009, President Bush declared, in Proclamation 8339, one of his final proclamations while in office, today to be National Sanctity of Life Day.  This day is intended to foster respect for human life.  Our current administration has not honored this day, and will not be likely to, as our current occupant of the White House does not respect human life as begun at conception, as God declared it to be.  In President Bush’s words, “All human life is a gift from our Creator that is sacred, unique and worthy of protection.  On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, our country recognizes that each person, including every person waiting to be born, has a special place and purpose in this world.  We also underscore our dedication to heeding this message of conscience by speaking up for the weak and voiceless among us.  On this day, and throughout the year, we aspire to build a society in which every child is welcome in life and protected by law.”  The president continued, “The most basic duty of government is to protect the life of the innocent.  We also encourage more of our fellow Americans to join our just and noble cause.  My Administration has been committed to building a culture of life by vigorously promoting adoption and parental notification laws, opposing federal funding for abortions overseas, encouraging teen abstinence, and funding crisis pregnancy programs.  In 2002, I was honored to sign into law the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which extends legal protection to children who survive an abortion attempt. I signed legislation in 2003 to ban the cruel practice of partial-birth abortion, and that law represents our commitment to building a culture of life in America.  Also, I was proud to sign the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004, which allows authorities to charge a person who causes death or injury to a child in the womb with a separate offense in addition to any charges relating to the mother.”  President Bush also talked about promoting the value of human life when it comes to new science and research.  “America is a caring Nation, and our values should guide us as we harness the gifts of science,” he said. “In our zeal for new treatments and cures, we must never abandon our fundamental morals. We can achieve the great breakthroughs we all seek with reverence for the gift of life.”  The president closed the declaration with an optimistic tone.  “History tells us that with a cause rooted in our deepest principles and appealing to the best instincts of our citizens, we will prevail,” he said. The president urged all Americans to “recognize this day with appropriate ceremonies and to underscore our commitment to respecting and protecting the life and dignity of every human being.”

How much has changed since that time.  Babies are being slaughtered daily, their little lives cut off before they ever draw their first breath.  God weeps, heaven grieves.  The ONLY consolation in all of this is that Jesus is waiting with open arms to welcome those beautiful children to heaven, to celebrate the life they should have had, and nurture them with His unending, all encompassing love.  I lost a baby once. I was about three months along and was so excited.  My daughter was 2 and I was ready to give her a baby brother or sister.  One day I suffered a miscarriage and was devastated for quite some time.  The doctor assured me that it wasn’t anything I did, or didn’t do, that it was something that just happened for a reason we’ll never know.  I worried, I had nightmares . . . what if, when they performed the D&C to make sure that there wasn’t any residual tissue left that would cause me to get an infection, what if they were wrong? What if I hadn’t really lost the baby and they were killing it through this procedure?  That horror I suffered from that worry, from the grief, and from the loss makes me wonder at the mindset of women who get an abortion – who go through that on purpose, deliberately killing a beautiful creation.  I realize that many people do not view this as murder, and that they justify it in many ways, and I suppose that to some people some reasons can be rationalized as justifiable.  I know that desperation, fear, pain, uncertainty, abuse, etc can lead a person to make a decision outside the realm of what I personally view as moral. I can’t judge their morals, nor their reasons.  I just know that God declared life to begin at conception – for He knew us in our mother’s wombs.  And God said that Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder.  So if God views a child as a human being, as one of His own, at conception – and He tells us not to commit murder – then the obvious and moral conclusion is that abortion IS murder! Plain and simple.

For the readers who haven’t clicked out and made up their minds that they won’t be back, thank you for hanging with me while I work through this in my own mind and heart.  It’s always been very clear to me what I feel is right and what is wrong.  And it is for each of us to decide that for ourselves, with God as our guide to that decision.  You are loved completely and wholly by our Lord – no matter the past, no matter the future.  I know that my baby is waiting for me in heaven, waiting for me to meet him or her, to give them a name since I lost them before I knew their gender, and that he or she will know me when I get there.  For the mothers who have sent their babies to heaven while still in the womb, if those mothers end up in Heaven to meet with God, their babies will be there waiting also.  I wonder what will they say? How will these mothers face these children?  I cannot imagine a burden greater than what they carry, a more profound guilt than that and I ask God to speak into their lives, to reach them in a real and meaningful way, so that they can be forgiven, and forgive themselves.  When the day comes when the meet their child, may it be with a clean heart and an unburdened soul.

I realize that the end of today’s blog isn’t one that will fill anyone with giggles, but it is a subject that needs to be discussed.  The rights of the unborn are so important to protect, to stand up and declare our opposition to the heinous murder of millions of innocent lives.  May God be with you today, and may your hearts be filled with His love, His peace and the joy that only He can bring.  See you tomorrow.

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