Let’s Get This Week Started With A Smile, A Cup of Coffee and A Big Dose of CUTE! (At Least I Think So!)

Oct 9th

Have you ever had a moment, or an hour, or an entire afternoon that you can pinpoint as being near perfect? Saturday was one of those for me.  There are many others – the moment Baby B was born and I saw the expression on my son’s face, the moment I met my husband . . . and too many more to count. Anyway, we took our Grandson, Baby R to meet up with his Mama and Daddy (Baby R spent the night with us on Friday) and we went on his first Pumpkin Hunt.  The farm was as perfect as any farm could be.  It was local, the farm house looked like it belonged on a post card that came from years gone by, the little rolling hills were filled with rows of pumpkins, with pens along one side of the field, holding happy little goats, pigs and chickens for the children to feed.  There was a tractor drawn train of little cars for the children to ride in, and a giant maple tree had a rope swing hanging from it that was in constant use by laughing kids.  There was even, and this was precious, a little barn filled with toy rocking horses that thrilled Baby R to pieces. He thought those were awesome.  I want to remember that afternoon forever – those moments where we were happy to be together, when Baby was experiencing new things for the first time, with his face filled with wonder at all he saw. Those moments, the precious snapshots we keep in our hearts, these are so incredibly special, and with children growing up so quickly, they are to be cherished and appreciated when we can grab them.  Hold on to these special moments, because life changes so quickly and we can never make up for the times we lost by not cherishing them.

Happy Monday! Let’s get this week started! This upcoming weekend we have time with Miss B and Big Brother E! The fun just keeps on happening!


Verse of the Day

October 9, 2017

Fear the LORD, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing.

Psalm 34:9


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

“Fear of the LORD” is one of the great themes of the Old Testament. The phrase is particularly hard to translate, especially in light of the repeated message of the Bible to “fear not” and John’s reminder that “perfect love casts out all fear.” It means more than “hold God in reverence.” Generally, “fear of the LORD” means that we remember our place in the order of things. We know we are deeply loved by our holy Father in heaven. We recognize that we are weak and sinful in comparison and are saved by God’s mercy and grace. We acknowledge that his majesty and holiness are far beyond us and that we pale in significance before God. We come to God acknowledging our need for him and our unworthiness to demand anything from him. The incredible reality is that when we approach God with this sense of awe and profound respect, he in turn welcomes us with open arms and brings us close. (See Isaiah 57:15)



Food for Thought 


 The holidays are upon us, can you believe it?  There are decorations in the stores right now for the three upcoming holidays, all vying for the attention of the shoppers.  We aren’t big into Halloween in our house, though if the Grandkids are here we’ll decorate the front porch. We always hand out candy to the few children who venture down our dark, unlit street to get a few pieces, but it’s just not our thing.  We really gear up for things when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas though, starting early (like all weekend, and last weekend . . . and ok, maybe the weekend before) watching Christmas movies.  We have one new Christmas display up already, and will be getting out the decorations for the rest of the house probably in the next couple of weeks.  It’s not that we want to bypass other special days, but we don’t like to rush things and if I wait to do it all the day after Thanksgiving I lose some of the enthusiasm in the mess and the hurry.  We decorate the entire house for Christmas, except the dining room, and the tree, by the end of October.  The dining room is all Thanksgiving until the day after, and we wait until the tree farms open after Thanksgiving to get the tree.  For some reason tree farms get cranky if you start traipsing all over their land looking for a tree BEFORE they are open. Go figure!  This decorating time is special to us, and if we were inclined to get a fake tree – which I hope we never are – we’d probably have that up too.  No matter what your holiday schedule is, whether you do things early like we do, or wait until the last minute, grab onto your traditions and appreciate them with everything in you because these traditions are what make these times special for the children and that they will take forward into THEIR future with their children. Tradition – it is so important to me and I hope it is to my children, and will be to my grandchildren.


Columbus Day – (2nd Monday) – Until a few years ago, I had NO idea how many countries celebrate a version of Columbus Day.  I realize that there is some controversy around celebrating this day, and I understand why if you’re part of the Native American community that there would be.  On October 12, 1492, Columbus arrived on the shores of the Americas.  Here is a list of a few countries that celebrate, and what they call the landing:   Columbus Day in the United States:  Día de la Raza in many countries in Latin America; Discovery Day in the Bahamas;  Día de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacional in Spain;  Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity) in Argentina;  Day of the Americas in Belize; and as Día de las Américas (Day of the Americas) in Uruguay. These holidays have been celebrated unofficially since the late 18th century, and officially in various areas since the early 20th century.   So in all of this, when did it become an official holiday in our country?  Well, in 1906 it became an official state holiday in Colorado, and became a federal holiday for the whole country in 1937, though it has been celebrated since the colonial times unofficially.  In 1792, New York City and other U.S. cities celebrated the 300th anniversary of his landing in the New World.  Since 1970 though, the holiday has been fixed to the 2nd Monday in October, which gives many people a three day weekend.  Banks, the bond market, the U.S. Postal Service, other federal agencies, most state government offices, many businesses and most school districts have it off.  For those of you who get a three day weekend- awesome for you!  Enjoy. I’ll be heading off to work in a few minutes.


Curious Events Day – I’m not too sure about this one – seems rather like a broad spectrum we could include in it . . . but I guess that makes it versatile for everyone. . . pick your own meaning!  So, why does this day exist?  Who created it?  What curious events are held today?  See?  It’s all very curious because there aren’t any answers.  I suppose if you have a questioning and curious mind, then this would be your day.   Since the topics are broad and seemingly endless, it’s completely up to you to choose what it means.  From philosophical subjects to the existence of aliens, this day is limited only as far as your curiosity takes you!


Fire Prevention Day – Sometimes it amazes me how something simple and seemingly not a big deal can cause so much trouble! According to legend, on October 18, 1871, Mrs. O’Leary was in her barn milking her cow. The cow did what cows do, and moved around some, kicking over a lamp, and that simple thing started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871! The fire burned for over 27 hours and by the time it was done, more than 300 people died, 100,000 were left homeless and over 17,000 buildings were destroyed. That fire – called the Great Chicago Fire – started many major efforts. Forty years later the Fire Marshall’s Association of North America held the very first Fire Prevention Day.


Leif Erikson Day – Around 1002 A.D., Leif Erikson sailed to North America from his home in Greenland.  He was searching for a land seen, but not visited, by a Norse sea captain.  During his voyage he landed in a number of different places, but he never documented those landings on a map.  Historians are able to put together the authenticity of his journey based on records, but it would have been nice if he had made a map!  It is believed that he landed along the coast of New Foundland, and possibly as far south as Cape Cod.  Erikson and his men spent the winter in North America.  They built a large house for lodging, and a shed to shelter the boat over the long winter.  He never returned to further explore North American, though a number of explorers, including his brother did travel to North America.  his brother was killed by Indians.  In 1964, joint resolution of Congress declared October 9th as Leif Erikson Day.  It is interesting to note that depending on where you look, his first name has been spelled as Leif, Leifur or Leiv.  His last name has been given the variations of Erikson, Ericson, Ericsson or Ericksson.  I guess as long as we know who we’re talking about, it’s just Leif Erikson a detail.  It would be nice to know what his actual correct name was though!


National Chess Day – On this day in 1976, former President Gerald Ford proclaimed this day to be National Chess Day. There had been a series of requests from various groups regarding this, and since roughly 30 million Americans played chess at the time, it was decided that it would be recognized and honored as a great game. It has faded away in popularity over the past few years, but enough people do play that they should all get together and celebrate this one today! Maybe they can get a renewed interest going on!


National Pro-Life Cupcake Day – This one is pretty special in my mind.  Today people who are pro-life will be participating in a national awareness campaign called “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day”.  The event is simply distributing free cupcakes to the general public or on college campuses to celebrate the lives of the unborn.  The idea is sort of like giving someone a birthday cake, but the unborn are never given a birthday, so Cupcakes for Life seeks to honor their lives before they are born. Annually, on October 9, pro-lifers across America  participate in an awareness campaign called National Pro-Life Cupcake Day. The event simply involves the distribution of free cupcakes to the general public or school campus to celebrate the lives of the unborn. The idea is similar to giving someone a birthday cake, but because the unborn are often never given a birthday, Cupcakes for Life seeks to honor their lives before they are born.  I have copied and pasted the description about National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” from the Cupcakes for Life site. “Cupcakes are such sweet and fun things to have at events and for people that are cared about, especially for birthdays! With this in mind, we want to help others realize not every child has the chance to have a birthday because of abortion, and that we care about them. We thought these children’s lives should be remembered, so we picked October 9th as a national day to recognize them and raise awareness about the issue of abortion and the impact it is having. By using cupcakes we are able to reach out to the general public in a warm, non-confrontational way and use it as a segue to raise awareness, start conversation, and potentially educate individuals about issues that would ordinarily be suppressed to silence.”

Here are my personal thoughts for people who would argue about the justifications for what I consider to be an unjustifiable thing . . . every life has value.  And God doesn’t make mistakes.  Anyone who believes in God likely believes that.  If they don’t, then their idea of God is greatly skewed.  PEOPLE may mistakes, but God can bring blessings from those mistakes.  Children are a creation of God, from the moment they are conceived – the Bible tells us this plainly and clearly – as such every single child was conceived for a purpose.  Perhaps to bring about peace in a world filled with strife.  Maybe they were intended to bless the lives of someone else with their skills in medicine, in conflict resolution, or as a nurturing spirit to those around them.  Killing these children through the act of abortion says that God made a mistake, and that the purpose of those children wasn’t important.  For everyone who whines that they hope that someone comes up with a cure for cancer, what if that person was created, but their lives were cut short by the selfishness of abortion?  People say, but but but, what about people who are raped, or cases of incest, or where the mother’s life is in danger?  All horrible things, but God is bigger than the crime of rape, He is greater than the horror of incest, and He is the healer of all.  Each life is in His hands, so let it be in His hands that we trust that all will be the way it should, and let these children live.  For women who choose not to keep and raise these children? That is a choice you can make for your own life, but there are plenty of people who crave a family and are unable to have one, so allow them the blessing of a child by giving the one you don’t want up for adoption.  The blessing of that child will resonate into the future with the great things they will potentially accomplish.


National Kick-Butt Day – This is a good one, and not about stopping smoking. That’s earlier in the year. We are nearing the end of the year and I’m betting there are a lot of things we haven’t yet accomplished that we really want to. Well, today is the day to give ourselves a good kick in the butt and get things moving in the right direction before the New Year begins and we have a whole new set of resolutions to try to fulfill. There’s still time to start eating healthier, to exercise, stop smoking, go back to school, or even start learning a foreign language! Stop procrastinating and kick your butt back onto the right track today!




Food Celebration of the Day –

National Moldy Cheese Day – Your first thing, or at least mine was, when seeing this one was . . . YUCK!  But seriously, let’s take a close look at this one.  Do you have any moldy cheese in your refrigerator?  Do you actually need to have any to celebrate this one?  If you DID have moldy cheese, what would you do with it?  This is one of those days that we come across that doesn’t have any obvious rhyme or reason, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate it!  Did you know that mold is common in cheese?  It is part of what gives some cheeses their particular character and flavor.  For example, the blue color in bleu cheese?  It’s mold!  Delicious mold, but it is still mold.  So celebrate this one – seek out any moldy cheese hiding in the fridge and see if you can salvage any of it after you cut off the parts you don’t want.  Now, in our house, cheese doesn’t last long enough to GET moldy, but it may not be the same in your house.



National Pizza and Beer Day – Is there any better, or more delicious, combination than beer and pizza? Yum!  Well today is the day to put those two together and celebrate with enthusiasm!  Honestly, this one is going to be celebrated a little early in our house on Saturday instead of Sunday.  Beer is one of the oldest beverages that people have ever produced, showing up in written history that dates back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in 5th millennium BC.  Pizza, or what would have passed for pizza is pretty ancient as well, showing up in documentation back in 997 AD in various parts of Italy.  Pizza was more like focaccia bread with toppings, but essentially it was pizza!  Delicious goodies are timeless, aren’t they?


I have no idea what we are having for dinner, but I wonder if I should try to make a pizza using blue cheese? Is that even a thing? Hmmmm . . .

It’s time to get this Monday started.  I should head out since I can hear the foghorn going, which means that certain points on the road will have limited visibility. Know what this means? That the day should be GORGEOUS! Another beautiful fall day ahead of us! Let’s enjoy it to the fullest. God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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