Let’s Build a Scarecrow and Invent a New Ice Cream Flavor! WOOHOO!

Jul 1st

July 1st.  A new month, fresh celebrations and plans for summer to make.  Of course this week is all about Independence Day and celebrating the richness of our nation’s history.  As always though, we have certain things to celebrate each day, and let’s get onto having some fun!

Build a Scarecrow Day – Scarecrows are built to stand out in the garden and scare crows and other birds away.  We are used to seeing them in the fall, but it stands to reason that we’d like them all set up while the garden is in full swing so that it makes it to harvest without all of the critters getting to it.  I’ve often wondered how the scarecrow does its job effectively.  Birds are pretty smart – at first they’ll think it’s a person standing in the garden and stay away, but after that scarecrow doesn’t move for awhile they’ll get the hint that he’s not a real threat, and they’ll start ignoring him.  You can be fairly sure that when you start seeing birds sitting on your scarecrow that the bird is no longer fooled.  Maybe more the scarecrow around the garden and put it in different places? It’s a thought.  I always think of The Wizard of Oz when I think of Scarecrows. Fun times . . .


Second Half of the Year Day –  Here we are.  The year is half gone . . . or we have half left.  Depends on which mindset you are in.   Have you accomplished any of the goals you set for yourself on January 1?  If not, you have 1/2 a year left to get there.  The year isn’t over yet, so don’t lose hope.  Just re-evaluate your goals or set new ones.  Congratulate yourself on what you’ve done so far this year, or take a much needed break to either reward yourself or clear your head before the next 6 months starts.

This Day In History

U.S. postage stamps went on sale for the first time. (1847) 
Taxes begin to be withheld from paychecks. (1943)      
ZIP codes go into use. (1963)

Ok, I can see why stamps needed to have a charge – delivering the mail is expensive. And Zip codes are important to help sort out the mail – can you imagine trying to deliver mail without sorting into zip codes? Yikes!  But this is a sad day for workers everywhere – the day that taxes started being taken from our checks.  Being a strong proponent of the flat tax, rather than the income tax, this one makes me grind my teeth.  Oh well – can’t like them all, right?

Food Celebration of the Day

Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day – Now this sounds like a good one!  Think about it, when we think of ice cream our first thoughts go to The basics – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc.  But at that point it’s basically a blank slate . . . a canvas for the imagination so to speak.  Today is your day to create a new flavor of ice cream.  Truly the possibilities are endless.  At one point flavors like Rocky Road, Chocolate Chip Mint, and Peanut Butter Cup were just thoughts in someone’s minds, and now they are not only popular flavors, but must haves for ice cream lovers everywhere.  If you could come up with ANY flavor, what would it be?  My mind is blank. . . . there are just so many possibilities that it short circuits the thought process.  Apparently the creative process hasn’t stopped for some though because these are some yummy ideas from www.food.com!  Check them out!



Well, we’re off to a great start this month!  As you see I stumbled across a site that gives a few little things that happened on this day in history, so I’ll be adding that to our daily celebration! I love history so this should be interesting.  Now that I’m hungry for ice cream, let’s get going on our day!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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