Let Us Eat Cake!

Nov 26th

It’s Tuesday . . . and my Friday . . . and the week is flying by already!   Did you know that as of yesterday it was exactly one month until Christmas.  I just wish time would slow down near Christmas.  Not only could we enjoy it more, we could savor it.  Do you ever feel like you are just rushing from one thing to the next, but you aren’t taking time to appreciate the memories being made with family and friends?  I know I always feel like there’s so much energy and time, not to speak of money, put into the entire holiday season and suddenly, it’s all over and I have to stop and wonder where the time went . . . and did I have fun?  Well, of course I always have fun, but sometimes it just speeds by so fast that it’s a blur.  Today is small on celebrations . . . but that’s because we are closing in on Thanksgiving and everyone is focused on that! 

Shopping Reminder Day – As if we need to be reminded!  Thanksgiving is two days away, the traditional stampede to the stores is Friday, so why would we need to be reminded?  My goodness!  Besides, from all of the Christmas decorations in the stores, the ads on TV, in the newspaper and in our email in-boxes, how could we forget?  This obviously was important to someone to set up as a celebration . . . maybe they really do have issues with remembering something that is so obvious to the rest of us.  But just in case you weren’t thinking about shopping . . . well, here’s your reminder.  Ready . . . SET . . . . GO SHOPPING! 

This Day In History

1716 – The first lion was exhibited in America.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Cake Day – Cheesecake and fruitcake were the forerunners to our modern day array of sweet, nutty, chocolatey and fruity cakes.  I’ve never actually made fruitcake – though years ago a patient brought some in to one of the offices where I used to work.  It was the MOST delicious fruitcake I’d ever tasted.  Where most I’d had were dry or hard and very dense, this one was moist and very flavorful.  Her “secret”?  She used dehydrated fruit instead of candied fruit.  It made all the difference. I found a recipe using dehydrated fruit, and it doesn’t have to sit for weeks to get soak in all of the flavors.  I may just have to try that in the next couple of weeks.  Better add it to my baking list.

As far as celebrations go, does it get better than shopping and baking?  I didn’t think so! Glad you agree!  Have a wonderful day and I’ll do the same.  It’ll be a busy one, so I know it’ll fly by.  Gotta get to work!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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