Let Someone Know They Mean Something To You – We All Need To Hear It From Time To Time

Oct 7th

Somehow the weekend flew by and we are greeting another new week.  It was beautiful here – not that we saw much of the sunshine except through the windows.  My hubby has that nasty cold that is going around, you know, the one that seems to go around everywhere in the fall.  I did manage to make two batches of apple butter for the freezer, and got some movies watched.  You know – relaxing . . . that elusive pastime that most of us don’t get the opportunity to enjoy all that often.  I just feel bad that it was at my hubby’s expense!


Bald and Free Day – This is the day for people who have a beautiful, bare top – and though you don’t have to be bald to celebrate this day – it helps.  People who are married or related to a bald headed person can celebrate with the honoree.  No bald jokes allowed today – zero tolerance for those.  No, today is a day to cherish and appreciate the freedom that comes with being bald.  People without hair save so much time and money on cuts, styling and hair products.   I know – most people who hair challenged fuss about it, they spend time worrying and fretting about the loss of their hair, but I wonder if they are aware that no hair, or reduced hair can be very appealing?  It is! The exception to that would be those guys who are in hair loss denial – sporting horrible comb overs (yuck, just say NO to comb overs!), or worse, bald on top and growing it long and straggly in the back.  Admit what’s going on, and go with it!  It can be very freeing!      (FYI – some folks say that this celebration is today and others say it’s on the 14th – about 50/50 for each – celebrate one or both!)

World Smile Day – Today we acknowledge and celebrate the popular yellow smiley face!  It’s also a good chance to do acts of kindness.  According to the World Smile Day website, a proclamation of this day was made by U.S. congress.  At one point the smiley face  was so popular that the U.S. Post Office issued a stamp with the smiley face.  Your duty today is to do at least one act of kindness, and bring a smile to someones face.     Years ago my daughter wanted a smiley face birthday party.  She was 12 that year and she wanted to have smiley face party favors, gift bags and everything smiley.  I searched EVERYWHERE.  That year the smiley was very difficult to find, no matter where I looked.  I ended up finding a t-shirt for her to wear, and some pathetic little key chains for favors.  NOW? NOW you can find them everywhere, but at 29 she isn’t as thrilled with the whole concept. 

You Matter To Me Day – We all need to know we matter to someone.  And the people in our lives need to know that they matter too.  Today is the day to let the people in your life know that they are special to you.  Our kids, our husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends . . . There are days that all of us need to hear the words that we are important – that we matter.  We KNOW that they care, but the words are so important too.  Keep that in mind today . . . say something special to the ones you love.  It could be the nicest thing they heard all day.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Frappe Day – I could have SWORN we just had a frappe day not that long ago, but it’s such a delicious treat that we can celebrate it again!  The name may be French (from the word “frapper,” meaning “to ice”), but history says it’s the Greeks who popularized this icy and sweet concoction during a 1957 international fair.

I hope your Monday is truly blessed and that you have the opportunity to make someone smile, and that someone makes you smile too!  It’ll be easy to do when you tell them how much they mean to you.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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