Kool-Aid! Did You Enjoy It When You Were a Kid?

Aug 11th

Whew. It’s Friday. We made it and I know we are all happy about it.  Well, most of us.  My kids have jobs that have them scheduled for the weekends, so I’m sure they aren’t as thrilled as I am, but I won’t let that take away from my excitement.  This weekend I am planning to experiment with a few new Keto recipes – and am hoping that the low carb marshmallows and graham crackers turn out AWESOME for our upcoming camping treat.  S’mores without the guilt – nothing wrong with that!


Verse of the Day

And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you.

Romans 8:11

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

Romans 8 reminds us again and again of the blessings of the Holy Spirit living in us, God’s children. The Spirit in us is our guarantee that we will be raised from the dead! Because the Spirit that gave Jesus life and raised him from the dead is in us, we can have confidence in our resurrection. Mortality will not claim us. The Holy Spirit’s life-giving power is stronger than death. We will live! Even though our bodies may die, the Spirit of God animates, inspires, and empowers us to victory.


Food for Thought

Yesterday for lunch I decided to drive down the road to a local park so I could have some alone time. It was nice!  The sun was shining, I was sitting in the shade, the birds were singing and I really appreciated the peace and quiet to be with my thoughts.  It didn’t make the situation at work any better, but it did give me a bit of breathing space.  I think while the weather is nice I need to do that more often. When you need to be alone with your thoughts, where do you go?



Kool-Aid Day (Always the 2nd Weekend) – Did you drink Kool-Aid as a kid? Or maybe you still do?  I haven’t had it many, many years. Honestly, I’m not even sure I’ve ever given it to my kids, it’s been that long.  Now that I try to limit our chemical and sugar exposure, this is something that wouldn’t come into our house, but when I was a kid I LOVED the stuff!  There was something about an icy cold glass of Kool-Aid on a hot summer day that just put a smile on kid’s faces.  This celebration is in Hastings, NE, the home town where Kool-Aid was invented.  The history was far too long to try to share with you, but here’s the link.  It’s quite interesting!  Take a few moments and skim the article.  To me it’s a classic story of someone having the desire to make something bigger of their lives.  American success story from beginning to end.



Presidential Joke Day –Presidents have a sense of humor.  Some have a CRUEL sense of humor and put the joke on the whole country, like our most recent ex-President did – but that’s not the kind of humor we are talking about today.  Many people think that today is a day to make jokes about the president – well I may well do that, but that’s not what this is.  This is the day for presidents to actually make a joke.  On this day in 1984 President Ronald Reagan (BEST PRESIDENT EVER!) made a doozie of a joke.  Just before his regular Saturday radio address he was doing a voice test with the microphone.  He thought the mic and the feed was not live, so he joked into the microphone:  “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever.  The bombing begins in five minutes”.  Imagine his shock when he realized he was on a live feed!  This incident led to the creation of “Presidential Joke Day”.  Most American presidents will not make it a habit to perform jokes on, or to, the American public on this day, or any other. Keep in mind that SOME presidents, even without intending to be, ARE a living, breathing, walking joke on this nation every moment of every day, though I am happy to say that no matter how many cruel cartoons come out, or how much negative commentary, at least now we have a President who actually loves our country, and contrary to what the mainstream media is telling you, is actually getting a LOT done!  I say yippee!


Shop Online for Groceries Day – I looked for awhile and couldn’t find out who started this one or even that it was an official holiday. The only place I actually saw it was from one of the 2 sites where I get my lists of celebrations. What I did find was a list of lots of stores that sell groceries online, which is actually pretty awesome for difficult to find items, or for people who can’t get out easily. We buy much of our meat online through Zaycon Fresh. We love it! Not only is the meat local, without hormones or antibiotics and easy to pick up, Zaycon Fresh has a referral program so if you refer your friends you can get a discount on your next order! Give it a try, and if you want to make this blogger REALLY happy, enter KarinaR as your referral code! I’ll be jumping for joy! We also get a lot of long term storage food, that I do use every day in normal cooking, from Thrive Shelf Reliant Foods. Delicious food that we can put back for a rainy day delivered right to our door. See the link to the right side of the screen? Yep, click that and it will take you to the website and walk you through setting up a monthly shopping trip based on your budget.  I also have been doing some shopping on Thrive Market, Vitacost, and Amazon for difficult to find, or typically expensive items.  It’s really saved some money here and there. What sorts of foods do YOU order online?


Son and Daughter Day – This is a day to spend with your children.  Our sons and daughters are everything to parents!  At least mine are to me.   Raising happy, well adjusted children in today’s hive mentality world isn’t easy, and we aren’t always highly successful.  Kids will grow up and do things we don’t approve of, but that doesn’t make them any less beloved to us.  I wish I could spend today with my children, however it isn’t to be.  Whenever the chance does come up to even steal a few minutes with one of them, I do.  This isn’t a day of giving or receiving gifts, unless it is the gift of time.  If your kids are grown, give them a call.  Tell them what an amazing and wonderful thing raising them was, tell them how proud you are and how much you appreciate them.  Flaws and all, they are so important to us.  Besides, we all have flaws, we have all failed.  Put those things aside and love on your kids today.  If you are blessed to still have them at home, do something wonderful together.  Go for a walk, go to the beach, play games, laugh together.  Make a happy memory with them that will stay in their minds and hearts forever.  Someday they will look back and they will tell the story of those times to their own children.  Besides, God gave us our kids.  They are gifts, and we have been given instructions by Him to raise them up right, to be shining examples to them, and to nurture our relationships with them.  This doesn’t end when they move out.  It ends the day we die and they carry on with the lessons they have learned from us.


This Day in History

1966 – The Beatles begin their last US concert tour.


Food Celebration of the Day

Raspberry Tart Day – Well, doesn’t this sound delicious?  I cannot begin to tell you how hungry I suddenly am for a raspberry tart!  Traditionalists may demand that tarts only have a shortbread crust. But we won’t tell if you want to make yours with graham crackers or chocolate cookies!

May your Friday lead into a wonderful weekend! I am just looking forward to sleeping in!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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