Kitchen Klutzes of the World . . . This Day is for You! See? There Really IS a Celebration for Everyone!

Jun 13th

Here it is, already Thursday.  June is nearly 1/2 over, many schools are getting out for the summer, graduations are happening and plans are being made for the summer.  It’s time to get ours scheduled too!

Sewing Machine DayBefore the invention of the sewing machine all clothing was made by hand, one laborious stitch after another.  Today we celebrate the machine that changed all of that, and simplified clothing production, forever.  The first sewing machines were made in France in the 1830s, but it wasn’t until 1846 that they were patented in the United States.  The people who are good at using machines are dwindling in number.  Our Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers all likely had a sewing machine, and they were very good with them.  (The picture to the left is exactly like the one that sat for my entire life in my Grandma K’s dining room.)  My aunt and cousins carry on that tradition, and though I have a machine, in no way am I proficient at using it.  One of these days I may actually buckle down and take some lessons!  Do you remember that saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.”?  What does that mean?  No really! I want to know what it means!!!

Career Nurse Assistants Day – People who choose a career as a Nurse Assistant have chosen a difficult and often thankless job that requires knowledge, commitment and compassion.  Today we recognize these people who have dedicated themselves to the well-being of others and taken on that thankless job.  It is often the nursing assistant who cares for our elderly and disabled in hospitals and long term care facilities.  This dedication deserves this day of recognition and thanks.



Food Celebration of the Day –


National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day – Not everyone is comfortable in the kitchen, and wouldn’t know how to boil water if it came with written instructions.  There are even people I know who have joked that they only have a kitchen because it was in their house plans (yes – I know you’re reading – I mean you).  Remember when on “I Love Lucy” that loaf of bread shot out of her oven and pinned her against the cabinets? hahaha If you identify with that moment for her, then this day may be just the celebration you need. has set up these super-simple dishes that even the biggest stranger to the kitchen should be able to master.

May your Thursday go by quickly, and with plenty to do.  May your experiments in the kitchen yield amazing results.  May each of us focus on the good in life and all the blessings we have been granted.  God bless you.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

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