July Celebrations! Already!

Jul 1st

Isn’t this amazing?  It’s already July!  As usual, I’ll post the list of Monthly Celebrations, followed by the Weekly Celebrations.  You can pick and choose what to do for these, and I’ll continue to focus on the Daily Celebrations as they come along.  I wish I had time to write about every single one of them, but I have to work, sleep and do housework at some point, right?  Have a WONDERFUL July!  Here’s what we are celebrating this month (Food Celebrations are in red, my individual commentary will be in pink!)

Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days (7/3 to 8/15)
After the last couple of days, I can REALLY celebrate this one!

 Bereaved Parents Awareness Month

Bioterrorism/Disaster Education & Awareness Month

Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Dog Days (7/3 to 8/11)

Eggplant and Lettuce Month 

Family Reunion Month

Family Golf Month
Freedom From Fear of Speaking Month
Celebrate this one while you can.

 Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness Month 


Herbal/Prescription Awareness Month

International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month

International Group B Strep Awareness Month

International Women with Alopecia Month

International Zine Month

Mango and Melon Month

National Anti-Boredom Month 

National Blueberries Month
National Child-Centered Divorce Month 

National “Doghouse Repairs” Month – hahaha seriously?

National Grilling Month

National Ice Cream Month

National Horseradish Month

National Hot Dog Month

National Independent Retailers Month

National Make A Difference to Children Month

National Recreation & Parks Month

National Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month  – ooooh good one!

National Wheelchair Beautification Month

Nectarine and Garlic Month 

Sandwich Generation Month
Smart Irrigation Month

Social Wellness Month

Tour de France Month (Started 6/30 – 7/19?)

Women’s Motorcycle Month

Women With Alopecia Month

Worldwide Bereaved Parents Month
July Weekly Observances

National Education Association Week: 1-6

National Unassisted Homebirth Week: 1-7

Beans and Bacon Days: 4-7

Freedom Week: 4-10

International Chicken Wing Week: 5-7 

Be Nice To New Jersey Week: 7-13 (First Full Week)

Creative Maladjustment Week: 7-14

National Farriers Week: 7-13 (Second Week)

Nude Recreation Weekend: 8-14 (Hopefully at home!)

Everybody Deserves A Massage Week: 14-20  (3rd Full Week) (Nice one!)

Sports Cliché Week: 14-20 (Always Week of Maj. League Baseball)

Rabbit Week: 15-21

National Baby Food Week: 17-20 

National Ventriloquism Week: 17-21 

Comic Con International: 18-21

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Education & Awareness Week: 18-25

National Scrabble Week: 19-24

National Parenting Gifted Children Week: 21-27 (Third Full Week)

Captive Nations Week: 21-27 (3rd Week)

National Independent Retailers Week: 21-27  (3rd Week)

National Zoo Keeper Week: 21-27   (3rd Week)

World Lumberjack Championships: 25-27 (Last Weekend)

Garlic Days: 26-28  (Last Weekend)

Single Working Women’s Week: 29-8/4 (Always on the week that has 8/4 in it)

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