It’s Wear Something Gaudy Day! Did You Wear Something Outlandish Today?

Oct 17th

Friday SquirrelWoohoo! It’s Friday!  What a wonderful thing Friday is, right?  I took a vacation today to get a few more things done before my out of town company comes this weekend.  We have had so many projects going on here, that the house has been a nightmare inside and out.  After making great progress on Wednesday, I need to finish up today.  So far I’m behind schedule already since I was too tired last night to start in on today’s blog! Best laid plans.  Today is a variety day – a combination of silly and serious.  Are you ready to celebrate?


gaudy catWear Something Gaudy Day –  this is a fun one! Today is your day to wear something gaudy – to really stick out in a crowd!  The word “gaudy” refers to something that bright, cheap, showy or outlandish.  This is one you can REALLY have fun with!  For just the one day, ignore fashion and style and look for something to wear that is really wild and wacky, and will stick out wherever you go.  If you don’t have anything like this in your wardrobe, maybe ask a friend!  is your chance to really stick out in a crowd. The most interesting thing about this one though, is who started it.  Do you remember the 1970’s TV sitcom “Three’s Company”?  Well, the guy who played Larry (actor by the name of Richard Kline), declared October 17th to be Wear Something Gaudy Day!  I have to wonder what his motivation was behind it?  Hmmm . . . (this poor cat was so embarrassed about this outfit that it closed its eyes!)


MulliganDayMulligan Day- So, what is a “mulligan”?  The term is believed to have originated in the game of golf.  In the context of golf, it means to re-take a shot that was hit poorly the first time, without a penalty.  Over the years it has come to be used as simply being a “do-over”.  The purpose of Mulligan Day is to encourage people to give others a second chance.  Do you have anyone  you know who might benefit from a second chance?  Maybe you would consider giving them a mulligan!  You never know, you may need one yourself some day.




RibbonGirlsWMammography Day In 1993 Bill Clinton proclaimed the 1st National Mammography Day, an annual observance that encourages women across the country to schedule their annual mammograms.  According to a report by the American Cancer Society, that though breast cancer rates in the U.S. have dropped 34% since 1990, it is estimated that over 230,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed this year and nearly 40,000 American women will die from the disease.  Men can get breast cancer too.  It always surprises me how few people know that!  Granted, it isn’t as common, but it still happens.  The estimate is that 1,900 new cases of breast cancer in men will be diagnosed this year.  Screening and early detection saves lives, so in honor of National Mammography Day, women across the nation are encouraged to schedule a mammography appointment.  Do it for yourself, do it for your family. 


This Day In History

1931 – Mobster Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion.

Food Celebration of the Day

ANTITRUST: ISTRUTTORIA SU AUMENTI PREZZI PASTANational Pasta Day –   Mmmmmm . . . Pasta.  Are there really that many people who DON’T like pasta in one form or another?  From something as well known as spaghetti and meatballs, to macaroni and cheese, pasta has been enjoyed by young and old for centuries.  As a matter of fact, archaeologists have found evidence that noodles were first made in central Asia many thousands of years ago.  Pasta comes in almost 400 different shapes, and many have more than one name.  For example, wagon wheel pasta can also be called wheels, ruote, routine or ruote de carro.  Some other interesting facts are:  the average American eats 20 pounds of pasta each year; pasta is very affordable, costing an average of only $1.45 per pound; and Americans eat more pasta than any other country in the world, accounting for 24 percent of consumption globally.  Here are some yummy looking recipes from

Time to race around and get the house together!  It’s been wonderful celebrating with you!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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