It’s Time For A Campout!

Jun 28th

Ahhhhhhh. . . . Saturday.  I love Saturday’s.  Don’t we all?  Today I am going to say my good-mornings to all of you, then get myself together, straighten the house up a bit, and be ready for if we get the call that Baby B is on her way.  I want to be ready at any given moment to walk out that door and hop in the car and GO!  She’s now officially 2 days late . . . I feel for her mama!  Once I have myself all ready to go . . . until I get the call . .  . I have some projects to complete around her that I’ve put off far too long.  Busy, busy, busy!

Insurance Awareness Day – I admit it.  The topic of insurance – especially over the last couple of years – really brings me a great amount of stress.  Nationalized healthcare in the form of Obamacare has reared its ugly head, the public was duped into letting it happen and we have begun the slide down the slippery slope that it brought with it.  I resent the people who forced all of this on us, I resent the people who insist it’s a good thing, I resent the people who get “free” care (free my backside – I work HARD for those tax dollars that pays for someone else’s “free” care), and I resent the idiots who voted this clown show into office.  It isn’t just medical insurance that bugs me though – it’s all insurance. They charge us an arm and a leg for premiums, but when called upon to pay for something, they waste no time at all raising our rates to punish us for it.  For us, it was when 2 different trees decided to drop down and take a rest on the roof of our house.  We were told that our rates would increase for homeowners AND vehicles by 30% if we made a claim. Thank goodness my hubby is handy, but we were pretty frustrated and angry about the whole insurance nonsense.  Which brings me to the additional nonsense of radio and TV advertising for insurance companies.  Hands down they have the STUPIDEST commercials EVER! I swear I have brain cells that shrivel up and die every single time I hear a moronic Progressive commercial, Flo and her tone deaf caterwauling that is supposed to pass for singing, and the asinine lyrics that are an insult to humanity. You have NO idea how often I turn down my radio at the office to shut those commercials up. Seriously, they are the most annoying thing on the air right now.  So . . . If you are wondering if I will be celebrating this one . . . the answer would be no.  One good way to celebrate it would be to shop around and see if you can find better coverage for less money than you are paying right now. No reason to line their pockets more than you already are, right?


Paul Bunyan Day – How many kids today know who Paul Bunyan is?  I’m betting not all that many.  Mr. Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox, were very important to me growing up.  You see when we’d go to visit my grandparents, we had to drive through Shelton, WA – which is a logging town.  A little way into town there used to be a huge statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe, welcoming people as they passed through.  I knew that once we could see Paul and Babe, that it was true – we really were heading for Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.  That doesn’t explain WHO Paul Bunyan was though.  He was a gigantic lumberjack of American folklore. According to the stories, Paul and Babe lived and traveled around the country, performing great logging feats.  Many amazing and legendary deeds are said to have been done by him!  “They” say that he created logging in the United States, that he scooped out the Great Lakes to water Babe, that he cleared the entire states of North and South Dakota for farming, trained ants to do logging work (carpenter ants of course), and that Babe’s large footprints created Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.  That’s a lot for any guy to do, even if he was a giant!  There are lots of tales you can find about Mr. Bunyan, just go a quick search and there you are!  They are perfect to tell around the campfire on a camping trip.


Great American Backyard Campout (Fourth Saturday) – I love camping.  I wasn’t raised camping, actually didn’t camp for the first time until my daughter was a teenager and my son was close to being one.  It was rough at first – I couldn’t decide what to leave behind, so we ended up actually needing extra vehicles.  Turned into a caravan of way too much stuff.  It took hours to set up camp and often felt like we’d just gotten everything together and it was time to turn around and go home.  It was ridiculous actually.  Over the years I’ve grown and matured and with the help of my hubby, have realized that I can enjoy both types of camping – that with a complete camp kitchen (and I mean complete – propane oven and all), and with everything I’ll need in a backpack.  Tonight is a wonderful compromise – it is camping without leaving home – it’s Great American Backyard Campout night!  The beauty of this event is that you can set up your tent and bonfire in your yard, and you still have indoor plumbing a few steps away.  This is the perfect set up if you have children!  It just doesn’t get much better than sitting around the bonfire, roasting marshmallows, nibbling s’mores, giggling over silly stories, and finally settling down into your sleeping bags and falling asleep to the sounds of the night.  The best part is waking up and being the first one out of the tent, starting the bonfire and making breakfast as the birds begin to sing in the trees.  Give it a try.  You may find that you absolutely LOVE camping and want to try it somewhere besides your backyard at some point. 

International Body Piercing Day – I admit that this is something that gives me the willies.  I’m pretty old fashioned – I don’t mind ear piercings – even multiple ear piercings if they are tastefully done.  I’ve adapted to my daughter’s nose, eyebrow and cartilage piercings, but I can admit they aren’t my favorite things. Her face is so beautiful, I just don’t see that the extra hardware is necessary!  I know, she’s an adult, it’s her body, but I’m a mother, and entitled to my opinion!  Throughout the world, body modification has been used for many purposes – self-expression, rites of passage, to shock, and in some cultures, for religious observances.  In the last couple of decades there has been a growing number of people in the western world bringing body modification to the front lines as a form of self-expression and decoration.  Historically speaking – this isn’t a new thing – there have been documented images and writings showing body modification since pre-historic times.  Quite honestly, I feel that many people take this way too far . . . every time I see someone with their faces multi pierced and tattooed, I can’t help but wonder if they gave even a passing thought to how much they were going to frighten the grandchildren someday!  Enough is enough! As I browsed pictures trying to find something to use for the image today, I felt sick to my stomach.  I just cannot comprehend how anyone, EVER, thought that disfigurement to the level some of these people take it is a good thing! Yikes!



This Day In History

1919 – Treaty of Versailles is signed, ending WWI.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Tapioca Day Tapioca is one of those things that you either really like, or you really don’t like.  It is a wonderful thickener for pie fillings, but it also makes great pudding.  I LOVE Tapioca pudding! Tapioca comes from the yuca root — the same plant whose leaves produce cyanide. But don’t worry! Cooking, or processing the yuca into tapioca, makes it delicious and poison-free!  Give one of these recipes from a try to see what you think!

Well, there you have a rant, a couple of celebrations, and a delicious food to enjoy today!  I have to fun – things to do, preparations to make!  Come on Baby B!  God Bless You, and unless I’m at the hospital, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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