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Apr 10th

Welcome back to our party. We are pretty excited about featuring you and spreading the word of some amazing posts to read! Thanks for joining us.

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Here is this week’s feature post:
When I was raising my kids I felt a great deal of guilt.  I was gone working a lot, and with a 5 hour round trip commute, there wasn’t much of me left mentally or emotionally to give to the kids.  It wasn’t a choice I wanted to make, but someone had to provide for the family and it was left to me. This post really meant a lot to me, clarifying how special is the position a mother plays in her children’s lives.  We can’t be perfect, we can’t be everything, but everything we are is so important.  We are there to love, to encourage, to praise, to discipline and bandage up the owies as they come along.  Mother’s are helping shape little lives into the people they will be when they are grown up, and honestly I can’t imagine a more important job for God to give to anyone. 


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