It’s The National Day Of Play! Dust Off Your Imagination And Have Fun!

Nov 15th

thH39Q974OIt’s the weekend – we made it!  It’s been a weird week, hasn’t it?  Last weekend it was fairly warm, and by mid-week we were all in full winter gear and shivering around our heaters at work.  I had to laugh though. I went to the store Thursday after work, in my very, very warm shearling coat, and looked around.  It was so funny!  Yes, it was chilly out – at that point about 39 degrees, but everyone was dressed like Snowmaggedon 2014 was going to hit . . . but we had clear blue skies, no wind and not a hint of moisture in the air.  Granted, it’s Washington and the precipitation status changes in a snap, but it was so funny!  Big heavy boots, scarves, hats and gloves, huge coats like mine . . . I had to wonder what they are going to do when we DO get inclement weather?


Sorry I didn’t post Friday’s celebrations.  I had everything all written out, but when I went to save it, the site wouldn’t do it!  logged out and back in, lost everything, re-did it, but when I went to save it again, the site went down for maintenance.  At that point I was too tired to continue trying, and  yesterday morning I was running a little late and didn’t get a chance.  Anyone have any fantastic plans over the weekend?  Here at home we will be doing some more organizing of the house and preparing for the holidays.  I have a lot to do, and only 2 weekends to do it!  Yikes! Time flies!


Lighten_Up_1024x768-576x43214th – Loosen Up Lighten Up Day – It is sort of sad that we need a dedicated day to remind us to loosen up and relax, isn’t it?  I know that as we hurry, hurry throughout our daily lives, the stresses build up and as we try to beat deadlines, get things done, accomplish more, do more, BE  more, we lose sight of just taking a breath and letting some of it go.  Let’s give ourselves a break!  This celebration encourages people to let go of their stresses and spend time just enjoying things that make them happy. Here are some suggestions that may help every day: – Having a laugh releases feel-good hormones, improves your immune system and reduces stress – Naps improve productivity and reduce stress – Regular physical activity releases endorphins which improves circulation, mood and reduces stress – Adequate amounts of sleep reduces blood pressure, risk of heart disease, helps maintain a healthy body weight, and (you guessed it), reduces stress A few suggestions for Loosen Up and Lighten Up Day: – Take a walk or go for a hike – Pay a surprise visit to a friend – Joke around with people – Plan a special evening out after work with a significant other, family or friends – Make time to read a favorite book or watch a favorite movie – Take a vacation day from work, sleep in and let the day decide where to take you!



nurse_teddy29c14th – Operating Room Nurse Day – Have you ever had surgery?  The nurse who is there for you through the whole thing is so very important!  Not only do they help the surgeon, but they offer comfort before and after the surgery.  I’ve had really awesome nurses every time I’ve had surgery, and can tell you, they deserve this special day.  I know that they deal with a lot in their job, and as such, full appreciation of it is very important!  By thanking an operating room nurse you could be helping THEM know that what they do is important and not taken for granted.







15th – Clean Out Your Refrigerator – is today, and boy-oh-boy do I need to do that!  I’m almost frightened though – I’m fairly certain that something is hiding in there that I don’t want to find, way in the back!  You ever get that feeling? You know, the one where you’re scared to open the bowl and would just about prefer tossing it out and buying a new bowl? Yep, that’s the point I’m at with mine.  Today is the day to plug your nose and dive right in.  At one point everything in there was fresh and healthy, ready to eat.  Whether it was waiting to be cooked and forgotten, or leftovers that nobody ate, it got pushed aside and buried and began to transform into something impossible to identify.    The worst refrigerators are often those at work – but I can say that for now that isn’t ours at my office.  We just went through a couple of weeks ago and purged all the old stuff. Before that? Well, it was a little scary.  Here we are just a couple weeks from Thanksgiving and we are going to need all the space in that fridge that we can possibly get, so roll up your sleeves, take everything out, sanitize it, and toss anything you have any doubts about.  Food safety first always!  (note: this is NOT a picture of my fridge! Just had to put that in there. Even mine isn’t THIS bad!)



ard0115th – America Recycles Day – In our area, everyone pretty much recycles.  There are places that don’t though, and that always surprises me.  This day was set up to encourage us to recycle and use products made from recycled materials.  It isn’t difficult to do, and just makes sense.  Did you know that on average, each American produces about 4 pounds of waste materials each day?  If we can find a way to recycle even a portion of that, think of how much space we will have saved in the landfills, and how much good we could do for our world.  Did you know that this day started with a presidential proclamation by President George W Bush?  According to his proclamation, each person in America – on average – produces about 4 lbs of waste every day.



National-Philanthropy-Day-image15th – National Philanthropy Day –  Throughout history philanthropists have made great contributions to those in need, and to worthy causes.  According to the official National Philanthropy Day website, this day was set aside to “recognize and pay tribute to the great contributions that philanthropy – and those people active in the philanthropic community – have made to our lives, our communities and our world.”   Many great philanthropists do their good deeds quietly, not wanting recognition.  Most people see philanthropy as a monetary contribution, but people who volunteer their time doing fund raising also fall within the definition of philanthropy. So, if you have a little extra money to contribute to a cause, you can turn your labor effort into charitable cash contributions and be a Philanthropist!





nordic-ware-heritage-bundt-pan-d-20131016131659697~7304705w15th – National Bundt (Pan) Day – As odd as it may seem to be, celebrating a cake pan, that is exactly what this is.  The Bundt pan is unique, and there’s something about seeing a Bundt Cake on a serving plate that just feels right, and brings the anticipation of good things to come to the forefront.  It’s basically a simple round baking pan with a tube in the middle, with fluted decorative sides.  It makes it charming and pretty.  There really isn’t anything all that different about the CAKE, just the shape and appearance.  The Bundt pan was invented for Nordic Ware by a man named H. David Dalquist with the help of his wife, Dottie.  Actually, he started the company known as Nordic Ware in 1946, which is a division of Northland Aluminum Prods., Inc.  Their first products were ethnic bake ware such as Rosette Irons, Ebleskiver Pans and Krumkake Irons.  They are best known for their Bundt Pans though, with nearly 60 million Bundt pans in kitchens across America.  I have 3 different  Bundt Pans.  How many are in your kitchen?  




children-playing15th – National Day of Play – The 3rd Saturday in the month is National Day of Play. This day was created to celebrate imaginative play by children, with the imagination being a child’s most powerful tool.  Using the imagination plays an important role in the development of a child’s social and cognitive skills, their emotional abilities and with abstract thinking.  The first time this was celebrated was in 2010, sponsored by Playmobil, with events scheduled at several retailers across the country.  Today children and adults are all invited to take part in hand-on play time.  What could be more fun than that?  I know that when I was a child, as many of us did, we spent far more time playing than hanging out on the computer, watching TV or doing video games, and I believe that we were healthier for it!  I remember hours of fun playing dress-up with my friends, building “roads” in the woods with my brother, creating little communities amongst the trees and spending hours out there, until Mom called us in when it started getting dark.  I remember exploring the beach near our house for shells, wading in the creek looking for pretty rocks, and setting up cities with blocks in the house when it was too rainy to be outdoors.  If we tired of all of that, then we’d curl up on the couch and read to each other, or more often than not, he’d be doing something else, and I would lose myself in a book until I was nearly bleary eyed from it.  I still do that when I have the opportunity.  Make today a beautiful day of play.



2010041421385420015th – Guiness World Records Day – Today marks the 10th annual Guiness World’s Record Day, and had 1000’s of people around the world doing everything they could to break the current world’s record in a huge variety of events! I cannot possibly do it justice, so I’m attaching the link for the Guiness page so you can see a few of the records broken for yourself. Very cool!



This Day In History –

11/14/1832 – The first streetcar went into operation.

11/14/1968 – Yale University goes Co-ed.

11/14/1777 – The Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation.


Food Celebration of the Day –

pickle14th – National Pickle Day – I love pickles, especially those really crisp dill pickles that give a nice crunch when you bite into them.  I like sweet pickles OK but the dills are wonderful.  Pickles seems to be one of those things that people either love, or hate,  Sour, sweet, savory or hot . . they come in all sorts of flavors!  You can apparently even buy deep-fried pickles when you are at the fair! I’ve never tried them, but who knows? I might some time.  What I DIDN’T realize was how many dishes you can make with pickle juice!





th5HJTDH7P15th – National Raisin Bran Day – Invented in the 1920s, Raisin Bran was once a trademarked title. After a court battle, the name was up for grabs. A judge ruled “raisin bran” wasn’t necessarily creative — it only described the cereal’s contents.


Well, the guest room isn’t going to clean itself – though wouldn’t it be nice if it did?  With my son and his family coming to spend the night the weekend after Thanksgiving, they’ll need a place to sleep.  That and the Christmas decorations are buried in the closet in there and we’ll need those soon too.  Good incentive to get something I’ve been putting off done, right?  Have a wonderful weekend!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!AmericanFlagCrossandPrayingHands


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