It’s the Blessing of the Animals Day! How Wonderful is THAT?

Oct 4th

Yesterday I was sitting at a traffic light, and I was watching people’s faces as they drove past me.  There are a LOT of unhappy folks in the world!  I didn’t see one face that didn’t have a scowl on it!  How sad is that?  I know that sometimes when I am lost in thought I don’t have a smile on my face, but it certainly got me to thinking  . . . when people drive past me, what expression are they seeing?  The world is going crazy, but I am blessed! There isn’t any reason for me to drive along with a scowl on my face!  I have a wonderful husband, amazing kids, a beautiful home, nice cars that always run, we are both working and earning enough to make ends meet with a little leftover and the blessings just go on and on.  God has provided for me, and continues to do so every day.  I wish we could keep our blessings in mind as we go about our lives . . . the world would be a happier place, even if it IS going crazy.  As we start in on our celebrations today, let’s keep counting those blessings.

National Golf Day – Since 1952, National Golf Day has been a major charitable event sponsored by the PGA.  All of the over 4,300 professional members of the PGA are encouraged to play golf with contributors.  The entry fees of the contributors goes towards a wide range of charitable causes.  This is an admirable and worthy event.  Many golf courses hold their own individual events on this day also, with all of the proceeds going to charities.  

Blessing of The Animals Day – This is beautiful.  I’m sure that those of us who love animals will appreciate it.  Today as you go about your business you may see something that you think is odd . . . a procession of animals – everything from cats and dogs, to hamsters, horses and birds – being led to churches for a special ceremony called the Blessing of Pets.  This custom is in remembrance of St. Francis of Assisi’s love for all creatures. Francis, whose feast day is today, loved the birds that flew around his little town.  He and his early brothers, while staying in a small hovel, allowed themselves to be displaced by an donkey who needed shelter.  That is truly a love of all creatures! 
An Franciscan churches, a friar with a brown robe and white cord often welcomes each animal with a special prayer.  The Blessing of Pets usually goes like this:“Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.”

I’m sure that those of us with animal companions appreciate this day, and if you are blessed to have a church near you who does this, maybe you can take your beloved furbaby in for a special blessing.  They are with us, through good and bad, with all the love they have to give.  This could be a really special treat for them.


Improve Your Office Day – Many office environments are pretty depressing – especially if you’re stuck in a cubicle.  Today would be a good day, if you are finding yourself feeling like your office space is a prison, to improve your space.  If it is cluttered, clear it up.  If it is bland and plain, maybe spruce it up with some flowers, a new picture or even just rearranging your desk top.  I know mine is due for a complete clean up, just don’t think I’ll have time to do that today.  Soon though – I’ll do it soon.



Kanelbullens Dag (Cinnamon Bun Day) – Cinnamon buns are almost a daily part of Swedish life, but today is their special day.  The tradition of celebrating Kanelbullens day is a 13 year old tradition, though it fits in perfectly with Swedish culture and tradition.   Cinnamon Bun Day was started in 1999 when staff at Sweden’s Hembakningsrådet (‘Home Baking Council’) were looking for a way to celebrate their fortieth anniversary.  The idea was to create a day to celebrate Sweden’s home baking tradition by highlighting a traditional and much-loved pastry.  The autumn harvest is high season for baking in Swedish homes, so it was the perfect time of the year for a festive day with a baking theme.  It was important to keep with Swedish culture and choose something that everyone could participate in – which was easily done.  Go into any bakery in Sweden today and you will find cinnamon buns in aBUNdance.  (sorry – I couldn’t resist)  We may not be in Sweden, but you can easily celebrate this day by going to your local bakery and getting a cinnamon bun in honor of this special tradition.

Food Celebrations of the Day


National Frappe Day –  So, just in case anyone doesn’t know, what IS a frappe?  Well, it’s a drink made of many different things.  The actual dictionary definition of Frappes is that it is an ice cream beverage drink.  But that leads to a lot of confusion.  Some frappes are made with the same ingredients as milkshakes.  Others don’t have ice cream at all, but use whipped cream instead.  Still others use yogurt instead of ice cream, and even others have alcohol in them.  Probably the most popular versions are the ones you find in coffee shops and cafes, the coffee and mocha frappes.  So, why is this celebration in October?  Not sure, but it’s nice that it is so we can enjoy pumpkin frappes!  Delicious! 


National Taco Day – Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi — famous for his Nathan’s hot dogs feats — also holds the record for most tacos eaten. He polished off 106 in 10 minutes in 2012.  Alright, now that just makes my stomach hurt.  I love tacos, but seriously? That’s just gross.

Well, there are some to get you started on your day.  Most of them seem to be centered around food!  Well, at least they are all fun foods, right?  Keep counting your blessings and finding reasons to celebrate your life.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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