It’s That Time Again! Time for The Pintastic Pinterest Party!

May 15th
It’s our weekly Pintastic Pinterest Party! 
Welcome back to our party. We are pretty excited about featuring you and spreading the word of some amazing posts to read! Thanks for joining us.

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Here is this weeks feature:

This is such a beautifully written article and I have to say that it hit me right in the heart and emotions.  We as women can be SO judgmental.  Stop denying it, it is true! It seems to be something we come by naturally – but that is so UNnatural! Why do we do this to each other?  Whether we are judging how another woman looks, how she raises her children, what she does for a profession, how she deals with school, church or anything else with her kids and family – what business is it of OURS . . . unless a child is being harmed of course, but that’s a different issue.  Take this article to heart – it would be such a beautiful world if the Mommy Wars came to a stop.  We can each do our parts to make that happen.

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