It’s Splash In A Puddle Day! Go Ahead . . . Be A Kid Again!

Jan 13th

Happy Saturday!  My wonderful hubby whisked me off to the beach for my birthday weekend, so I am typing this from our hotel room, listening to the roar of the waves crashing to the beach and the wind howling as the storm comes through.  It was nice to make it – all that rain and the dark roads we weren’t familiar with made it a little tense in places.  It’ll be a storm watching weekend for sure!  I know how I’ll be celebrating today, but let’s see what all of you have in store!  I am deliberately keeping it short today because we have exploring to do!

Step In A Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day – Hey! This is one I’ll be able to do today! Yahoo!  There’s so much water in the streets, coming out of the sky and sitting in the parking lots that we’ll be splish-splashing everywhere.  Thank goodness I brought my waterproof hiking boots!  Today is all about mischievous fun, whether you’re a kid or a grown up.  Some of my best memories with my kids are splashing in puddles and laughing our heads off – not usually in January, but I guess it doesn’t much matter when it is as long as you have fun doing it.  It would be nice to know why someone designated this day to be in January, since in so many places across the country the puddles will be frozen solid.  

This Day In History

1973 – American League baseball adopts the “Designated Hitter” rule.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Hot Toddy Day –  When I’m not feeling well – you  know, the coughing, sore throat,  congested, head is stuffy sort of not feeling well, one of the first things I want is a really strong hot toddy.  Do you know what one is?  Most people will say they’ve heard of a toddy, but many will be a bit hazy about what they actually are, and I’m betting more than that won’t know how or why they originated.  The history is a little murky, but I’ve found out a little bit.  First of all, for those who haven’t heard of a toddy, it’s a very simple drink without a specific recipe.  You start with some type of liquor – I prefer the honey whiskey for mine, a sweetener like honey or sugar (honey is beset), hot water, tea or cider, and lemon.  How I make mine usually is to fill a coffee mug 1/3 full with the honey whiskey, add a couple tablespoons of honey, lay a lemon slice on top of those, then top the mug off with hot water.  Stir that up and drink while it’s hot.  It soothes the throat, clears out any yucky stuff in there, and warms you to your toes.  It also has the added bonus of helping me sleep like a baby.  now the origins are a little less specific, but we do know that it’s an old drink and believed to have been invented in Scotland in the 1700s.  The country’s stable liquor, Scotch, had a harsh flavor that the women weren’t all that thrilled about.  The Hot Toddy is said to have been designed to be a sweeter alternative for ladies to drink.  The name though? Nobody truly knows where it came from, and it doesn’t really matter does it?  It’s a lovely hot drink for either a very cold night, or someone with a very bad cold.  Here are some more ideas for recipes to try!  As for the last one with the cupcake recipes . . . I have a big question mark as to why THAT one is with this category from  Hmmm . . . ???

The ocean is calling.  I love the beach, and I especially love it when the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down sideways.  It makes the majesty and intensity of this amazing creation all that much better.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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