It’s Shaping Up To Be Quite A Monday – And It Isn’t Even 6:30!

Jul 28th

Welcome to the new week!  What a weekend I’ve had!  Filled with family, fun, wayyyy too much food and a LOT of love.  It was so sad that my daughter and son-in-law couldn’t join us yesterday for our family dinner, but we will try to get everyone together again soon.  Family is so important and getting together as often as possible is more important to me than ever before. 

Well – apparently we aren’t celebrating today!  I worked on the posts until long after the rest of the household was fast asleep . . . and it all disappeared in a POOF!  I am just too tired to try it all again.  I am SO sorry!  Hoping the internet will cooperate tonight so I can make up for it!  *sigh* Great way to start a Monday, right?

God Bless You and I’ll try again later!

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