It’s Mutt Day – I Just KNOW This One Will Speak To So Many Of Us!

Jul 31st

Good Morning!  This morning, like every morning, I rolled myself out of bed around 5:15 a.m. and I got the windows opened up to let in all the cool air so the house is comfortable when the heat hits later.  It struck me that it was still mostly dark out!  I’ve gotten so used to the sun being up early and helping me wake up that it made me feel sad that it was still dark.  As the sun came up I realized that there was a low hanging fog that had rolled in off of the water, and I stood there in the open door to the patio listening to the mournful song of the foghorn in the lighthouse on the point.  For such a sad sound, it’s an inspiration too.  That foghorn, and the light from the lighthouse, is always there, guiding ships away from the rocky point and certain trouble.  That sound that grates on the ears, is also such a beautiful thing.  We are like that to each other.  Friends and family are there for each other, and even though the voices always telling us what we should do in this situation, or that one, can get to the point of grating on our nerves, they mean well because they love us.  That translates into a beautiful sound because its always there with the intention of protecting us.  No, I’m not speaking of any one specific situation right now – it’s just an observation as a mother and as a friend.  Often I feel like I am sounding a warning to my kids – even though they are adults, or to my friends – even though THEY are adults – and I’m sure those words can annoy at times.  I don’t want to be grating like the foghorn, but if that’s what it takes to let them know that they can depend on me always, then maybe it’s not a bad thing. 

So here we are!  It’s the last day of the month!  ALREADY!  I read something a friend posted –  she has friends whose children will be going back to school next week already!  WOW!  In our area they don’t go back to school until September.  For those of us who still have a month of summer left, let’s make the most of it, shall we?  Let’s start with today’s celebrations.

It’s Mutt’s Day –   Aw, this is a good one!   As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE my dog.  Tibbi would be considered by many to be a mutt.  To me, she’s the queen of all dogs, the BEST dog ever!  When Tibbi was about 9 weeks old she was found, abandoned, in the K-Mart parking lot and taken to the humane society.  The timing was perfect, as we were looking for a puppy about that time, more specifically one that was at least mostly Rottweiler.  As a pup she had the perfect Rottie markings, and to this day our vet contends that he feels she may be an American Rottweiler.  We’ll never know for sure, but that’s what we feel too.  From moment one she fit right in with the family, and was so incredibly smart!  She instinctively had a sense of responsibility and protectiveness for the children and myself.  If a stranger came near she would position herself between us and them and just stare at the stranger until they left.  May not have been intimidating when she was about 20 lbs, but by the time she got to 100 lbs it was!  I remember the joy on my son’s face when he hooked her up to her harness and she pulled him up and down the street on his skateboard, tail (which we let her keep) wagging as hard as it would wag.  This wonderful “mutt” patiently let me hug her and cry into her fur – she was quite soggy at times! – when I was going through my divorce.  She gave me her puppy kisses to console my grief.  She not only accepted my new husband, she immediately recognized him as alpha in our home and loves him completely and with all of her canine enthusiasm.  I think sometimes she loves him more than she loves me!  Now, my baby girl has lost a little weight and is down to about 80 lbs.  Her vision isn’t what it used to be, her hearing not as sharp.  Her hips hurt and she walks with a little bit of a limp. At 14 years old my sweet girl still gets this puppy expression on her face, as she forgets that it hurts to frolic and bounces around with her toys. I refuse right now to thing of the inevitable  I choose to celebrate this wonderful gift that I have been blessed to have in my life.  Today we celebrate all of the Mutts in the world, these furry family members who mean so much to us.  They deserve their day in the spotlight, just as much – if not more – as the pure breeds.  If you don’t have a pet, please consider visiting your humane society and finding a “mutt” – be it a cat or a dog – that fits in with your family and give them a chance to bless your life as much as mine have blessed mine.  I cannot imagine the last 14  years without her.     

Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day – I started playing the piano when I was 9 years old.  I had some potential to do good things with it, but gave it up when I was ready to graduate high school.  I regret it.  My hubby encourages me to play, and he is so supportive of me.  The will is there, but after a hand injury it hurts to play for very long, and my frustration level over being unable to read music the way I used to, just makes me want to give up after about half an hour or so.  It’s like knowing a foreign language, but never using it, the ability to speak or read it just fades away.  The piano is a “normal” instrument.  Just about everyone who has ever played music started out on something common – whether it was a piano, a guitar, one of the “normal” horns, etc.  But have you ever given a thought to the plethora of UNCOMMON instruments out there?  Today is a day to learn about them.  They are fascinating to read about.  Many instruments play a very important role in the history and culture of the regions in which they are played.  Have you ever heard of a wakrapuku, a Javanese bonang or a kaval? These are all types of musical instruments used around the world that, although rare here in America.  I found a website that showed a list of unusual instruments and where they are played.  If you have a few minutes, take a look.  For anyone who is interested in music, you may find this as fascinating as I do. 

Check out this list of uncommon instruments!  The picture above is a wakrapuku.  Interesting!

This Day in History

1969 – Mariner 6 flies past Mars

Food Celebrations of the Day

National Raspberry Cake Day –  Did you know that a single raspberry is actually 50 to 150 tiny little fruits that grow together?  I didn’t, but how fun!  Just imagine how many there would be in a single slice of raspberry cake!  Now, cake is a wonderful food.  I love cake.  I love all sorts of cake.  Not all that fond of most frosting, but I love the cake part.  And I love raspberries.  Combine the two and what could be more delicious that that?  Besides chocolate, but that’s a whole different level of food.  Here are some ideas for raspberry cake from  That last one, the one that combines both chocolate AND raspberries?  Well, it sounds incredible . . . maybe the perfect combination . . .



Shredded Wheat Day –  I love shredded wheat.  I know, it gets mushy really fast, but that just means you have to eat it faster.  I remember when I was a kid, my dad would eat shredded wheat a lot.  I’d sit and watch him break apart the biscuits of wheat into his bowl, sprinkle a bit of sugar on top and then the milk.  It was very important NOT to distract him with chatter between the pouring of the milk and the consuming of the cereal because it would get squishy, which would very likely make him grumpy.  I didn’t get to eat it very often because my attention span wasn’t all that long, being a kid, and it would get mushy and I’d waste it.  It wasn’t until I was a grown up that I appreciated this delightful cereal for what it was, and I’d do the same process as my dad.  I typically enjoyed this when I was alone, because sure enough, the kids would do or say something that would interrupt and it would get mushy and suddenly I’d understand my father’s frustration.  Some meals you can get up and walk away from, only to have it just as good when you return as it was when you left.  This is NOT one of them.  Where did this delicious creation get its beginnings though?  Well, according to Tasteful Inventions, on August 1, 1893, Henry Perky  and William Ford received a patent for a machine that made cereal biscuits.  They’d originally intended to sell the machines, but the biscuits were so popular that later in the same year Perky started a company in Denver to make the cereal biscuits, a restaurant to serve them from and a fleet of horse-drawn wagons from which to sell them door to door.  Now, I have NO clue as to why we celebrate Shredded Wheat on July 31st if they were created on August 1, but I won’t argue.  This is a great one to celebrate year round – not just today.

Well there you have it – fun food, incredible instruments, and furbabies that melt our hearts.  This is a nearly perfect celebration day in my mind.  Enjoy!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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