It’s Monday . . . After a Three Day Weekend. . . *YAWN* . . . Bring Me Coffee And Chocolate Right Away!

Jul 7th

Three day weekends are absolutely wonderful, but the Monday AFTER a three day weekend is such a letdown, isn’t it?  As we drag our backsides out of bed, far earlier than we have for the past three days, and with bleary eyes and a shuffling, sluggish step, we make our way through the process of getting ready for work, and ultimately out the door.  My coffee is a welcome part of my morning and as I post this for you today, know that I am wishing for an IV drip of the lovely caffeinated nectar . . . but alas, my one cup before work, and the cup I take with me are all that I will be drinking this morning.  I am thoroughly blessed to have a job, but I seriously hate this first hour of the morning when my body is in complete rebellion against the torture of the alarm clock. *sigh*  Is anyone in the same boat with me?  Can I can an AMEN?  No? Yeah, I get it – you are all still asleep.

Chocolate Day – Do we seriously need a special day to enjoy chocolate?  I know as a woman I can come up with many reasons daily to justify eating chocolate.  This celebration takes all of that away though because after all, we are just getting into the celebration, right?  Chocolate is America’s favorite flavor.  It’s the flavor of choice in candy, ice cream, cake, breakfast cereal, toppings and a plethora of desserts.  It is without equal in popularity and because of that there is this day, in its honor.  Here’s something you may not have known – chocolate is a vegetable! It comes from the Cacao tree found in rain forests – though in my mind that makes it a fruit – but I won’t argue with the information I found.  Either way, fruits and vegetables are good for use, ergo, chocolate must be good for us! Yeah! There’s another justification for eating chocolate!      I actually found a menu listed for celebration this day – and no, I didn’t come up with it myself – but I had to laugh so I’ll share it with you.  Honestly, I’d have the worst stomach ache if I did THIS much chocolate celebration, but perhaps some folks with tummies made of steel may be able to go this far . . .
Breakfast: Your favorite chocolate cereal along with two or three chocolate cream-filled donuts. Wash it down with a little hot chocolate.    (Ugh, I’m hurting already and I think I just gained a couple of cavities while I typed)

Mid-morning snack: A chocolate candy bar (with or without nuts) to hold you over and give you a boost until lunch.   (starting to feel slightly nauseous)

Lunch: A big tall glass of chocolate milk is a must along with your meal. Try a piece of chocolate pie or pudding for dessert.  (Dizziness from too much sugar is setting in)     

Mid-Afternoon: Eat healthy(???) with some chocolate covered raisins. This contains both vegetable and fruit.  (unless you feel like I do that because cacao beans grow on trees that they are both fruit)

Dinner: If you are an adult, sip a chocolate liqueur before dinner. Chocolate flavored coffee is a must with dinner. Dessert is none other than chocolate cake.

Nighttime snack: Chocolate ice cream, of course!

Now that we are all in a diabetic coma and need to have our stomach’s pumped, I hope you enjoyed your chocolate.  This menu could just be the cure for anyone ever wanting chocolate again!

Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day –  I am blessed.  My parents live down the road.  We are there for each other when there is a need, but in the hurry scurry of our lives – well at least my life – I don’t spend as much quality time with either of them.  I do get more time with Mom though.  She and I tend to go to town together fairly often, which is always fun.  With Dad though, since he is still working, our schedules don’t always work together to spend time.  Oh, we make sure to go out for the things like Father’s Day and Birthday lunches, but we don’t do a lot of the every day visiting.  We have a lovely trail network behind our neighborhood that we both like to take walks in- but neither of us wants to head out alone.  Cell service is sketchy in there and if something happened it could take awhile for someone to find us.  Together though, we can explore the quiet of the woods and have a nice talk.  If you live near your father, consider heading out with him on a walk around the neighborhood, at the mall, in a park, around the track at the high school.  The only rule is that you have to focus on talking and bonding, so put away the cell phone, IPod, etc.  This is about celebrating time with Dad.  For those of you who live too far away from Dad for a walk, maybe give him a call to let him know you are thinking of him. I need to go grocery shopping after work today, but I may grab Dad and see if he wants to go for a walk on my day off!  If not, I know we are getting together for family time this next weekend, so I’m sure we’ll do some walking at that time, at the very least.

Tell The Truth Day – How many of us, throughout various days of the week, find ourselves compelled to tell a little white lie?  You know the ones.  When someone asks us if we like their outfit and it’s honestly quite hideous, or makes them look less attractive than what they really are? What is our first inclination? We say yes, we like it.  I generally try not to lie – but I will say something like – Oh, those colors are interesting/beautiful, etc.  Or when someone shows you their new baby.  You don’t want to recoil at the little monkey face staring out of the blanket at you, so you either lie and say he/she is cute, or you comment on “all that hair!”  See?  We don’t want to hurt feelings so we lie.  I’m not talking about the whopper lies – the ones that are huge!  Those we shouldn’t do anyway.  The most common lie is the little make ourselves or someone else feel better lie.  Lying about our weight.  Lying about exactly how many pieces of candy we ate when we KNOW we are on a diet.  Today we have the challenge of telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  No exceptions.  None.  Don’t hurt feelings, but tell the truth.  I do my best not to lie anyway – I’ll skirt the truth . . . I’ll change the subject . . . I’ll do or say just about anything else, but my natural inclination is to just tell the truth!  Are you up for this challenge?

This Day In History

1898 – The United States annexes Hawaii.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Strawberry Sundae Day Oh my goodness, is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day than a lovely scoop of ice cream?  It’s even better if you over it in fresh strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream. Yum!  Today we celebrate this delicious dessert – and I know a lot of folks will do so with enthusiasm. An interesting little bit of trivia, the ice cream sundae was once known as “sondhis” and “sundis”, and is named after Sunday.  The odd spelling was done to avoid offending Christians who might not like to have a dessert named for the holiest day of the week.  Of course if they were to name this treat today, nobody would care about offending Christians – and would likely go out of their way TO offend us.  That’s the way its going lately.   Here are some ideas to doctor one up in truly amazing and decadent ways.  Enjoy!


As I close this out so I can get on the road this morning, I hope that all of you can find something to celebrate on this post-holiday Monday.  May you walk with your Father, eat decadent chocolate – though I assume not to the extreme as the menu I listed – and tell the truth in all you do.  Hey Dad?  Love you – sometime this week we need to take a little walk!  I’ll call you tonight!  God Bless You and I’ll see everyone tomorrow!

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