It’s Hug Your Cat Day! For Those of You Without Cats . . . It’s National Cheese Day! What a Day To Celebrate!

Jun 4th

Hug Your Cat Day –  For those of us who love our cats, this is a good day.  Our kitties are cozy, huggy, snuggle babies who just want to be loved.  Some cats allow you a little bit of petting time, then nonchalantly wander off – as if they are doing us a favor.  Other cats are true huggers and just want to settle into a lap for a long nap.  Go ahead and give your cat a big, furry hug.  For the dog lovers – hugging our dogs is good too, they deserve it, but today its about the cats!

Old Maid Day – In 1946 – or about then anyway – WWII was over, and millions of soldiers were coming home.  There was a huge increase in marriages.  At some point during this time someone commented that there were plenty of Maidens waiting for the returning GIs.  These ladies weren’t getting any younger while they waited.  The long war had disrupted many relationships, and many of the GI’s didn’t return home.  Dances and other social events were held to bring together the returning soldiers and the many unmarried ladies.  It is from this that Old Maid’s Day came about.  For the women out there looking for your Mr. Right, don’t give up.  It’s never too late to find love.

Food Celebration of the Day

Applesauce Cake Day is a time to enjoy an old and often forgotten goodie. Today is a good day to bake an Applesauce Cake.  I remember my Grandma H. used to make an applesauce cake once in awhile, and my other Grandma would make applesauce cookies.  Of course they both made these treats with applesauce from the apples that grew on the trees in their yard.  You just don’t get better applesauce than that!  Enjoy some delicious, apple/cinnamon goodness today!

National Cheese Day – As if you needed another reason to eat it, experts say having cheese at the end of the meal is good for preventing tooth decay!  I’ve never heard that before today, to be honest, but heck, if it’s good for our teeth we should indulge!  Here are some recipes from for you to try!

Well, the celebrations were short and few, but you can’t really get much better than furry kitty hugs and CHEESE!  Enjoy the day and all of fun it brings your way.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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