It’s Hug Holiday Day! Who Needs A Hug?

Jun 29th

Good Morning! We actually slept til nearly 7 this morning!  I always look forward to weekends because I don’t have to have the alarm set, and the thought is always to be able to sleep in.  Poor hubby usually is wide awake by 5:00 no matter what, and I usually wake not long after, though often I force myself to lay there til I fall back to sleep.  This morning the dog woke me up to let her out around 6, but I was able to lay back down and doze until hubby woke up.  It was nice!

Camera Day  – There is no better way to celebrate this one than with pictures!  Pictures record the special moments of our lives, and of the world around us.  They tell our stories with a quick snap of our cameras.  With digital technology using our cameras has never been easier, or less expensive.  Most of us always have a camera handy these days, since most cell phones have cameras in them.  I am constantly taking pictures with mine – little things that I want to have sent to my email right away – maybe a scene I’d like to have my very talented mother-in-law paint some day, a dish at a restaurant I’d like to duplicate, it could be anything.  I keep my little digital camera in my purse for any special things I see along the way that I can take a few extra moments to get a better shot.  Remember when we had to take all of our film in to be developed?  I think I still have a few rolls stuck in boxes or drawers somewhere that need to be developed.  Last time I found a few rolls and took them in I found pictures of my Great-Grandmother and my daughter.  My daughter was about 3 months old in the pictures, Grandma passed away when she was about 2 years old, and at the time they were developed my daughter was 20.  Yes, I do tend to procrastinate, sadly enough.      One way you could celebrate this day is to dig out any old rolls of film you have lying around and take them in, get it all done once and for all.  Recording the important events in our lives is so vital to never forgetting the special times and sharing them with future generations.  Good times and bad, keeping those memories alive lets family yet to be born know family already gone.  Take advantage of this gorgeous summer day and get some pictures for that scrapbook or album.   

Hug Holiday Day – I love hugs – at least from people I know at least a little bit.  There is nothing quite like the feeling you get from a pair of chubby little arms from a child, wrapped around you and squeezing with all the love they have to give.  Then there’s a gentle hug that you get from Grandma – and the one you give back is just as gentle because you know she’s a little bit fragile.  There all sorts of hugs for all sorts of people and in for many different situations.  From the barely there hug with lots of air between you for someone  you don’t know very well, to the grab on and bear hug like I get from my son, to the snuggle hug that feels so comforting that I get from hubby.  Hugs just feel good and today we are encouraged to give hugs to those who need them, for hugs are very healing.  The specific focus for today is about the elderly, sick and invalid, for the lonely and anyone who needs the warmth, cheer and love that a hug provides.  I wouldn’t just isolate it to today though – this is one to practice every day. 

Waffle Iron Day – Do you have a waffle iron?  I have an old one electric one that I’ve had for many years, and I have a new one made of cast iron that I tried on the stove but I think is best suited to the times we cook outdoors.  Especially since I have a ceramic cook top on my stove.  The time I tried it indoors it was a big mess.  Waffle irons come in a variety of  styles and shapes.  The most common one you’ll find is for Belgian waffles – those waffles with the big indentations in them.  Then there are the basic small pattern waffle irons.  You can get them round, or square, and even heart shape.  Most people think of waffles as just being for breakfast, and truthfully the waffle is the perfect vehicle for butter, fruit, syrup or whipped cream.  Crispy and light, they are similar to the pancake but in my opinion, they are far better.  I like the crispy texture of waffles better since I’m not a fan of mushy things.  Pancakes tend to get a little mushy once the syrup is added.   Waffles aren’t just for breakfast though  They are good for lunch or dinner, and with any assortment of toppings.  Of course one of the most famous is the chicken and waffles topped with a maple flavored gravy.  I haven’t tried it yet, though I have tried the chicken and waffle potato chips from Lay’s.  I wasn’t a fan. Sorta odd – like a cross between a Chicken in a Biscuit cracker and sugar.   I saw a cooking show once where a guy was saying that you could make ANYTHING into a waffle, and he proceeded to blend up macaroni and cheese and make a waffle out of it.  I’m seriously going to have to try that sometime!  Do you know when waffles were invented though?  The waffle dates back to the 1300s in Greece.  Greek cooks made flat cakes between two metal pants.  At the time they topped them with cheese and herbs, as pancake syrup hadn’t been invented yet.  Over time and with new technology, waffles evolved to what we have today.  Though we celebrate the waffle iron today – we can also appreciate waffles in March on Waffle Day! 

Food Celebration of the Day

National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month – June is the start of summer and what comes with these warmer months? Fresh fruits and veggies! I know that our celebration of this one goes on year round, but the best fresh fruits and veggies start hitting the markets and gardens right about now.  We are going to have a lovely fruit salad later on with watermelon, pineapple, blueberries, grapes and raspberries. YUM.  So refreshing on a hot day.  The choices are pretty much endless with how much you can do with fresh produce, so make your list and start enjoying! 

I hope your day is beautiful – sounds like we are going to have amazing weather for the next week or so.  I’m not a fan of the heat, but I do love the fact that we’ll be able to be outside enjoying the beauty of nature without getting rained on.  Enjoy your Saturday.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!    

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