It’s Go Caroling Day! How fun!

Dec 20th

Well, here I am, tired but happy to wake up to a light snow falling.  They say it will turn to rain in a couple of hours, but for now, I get to watch it fall . . . while I drive to work.  I am also feeling pretty good about how close I am to being done with everything but a little more baking.  The treats I had to get finished with early are done, and now anything I do is for fun and to take to work, or to send to hubby’s work with him.  The gift boxes to mail to family are nearly ready, the cards will be done soon and I’m bleary eyed.  It was a late night getting everything ready!  A couple last minute gifts arrived yesterday, so I just need to get those wrapped this afternoon.  For now I’m going to get straight to the celebrations, because I have just a few more things I need to do before I leave for the day. (These aren’t OUR gifts – ours weren’t arranged under the tree the way I wanted so I just grabbed this from a bing search)

Go Caroling Day – I’ve only been Christmas caroling a couple of times, and both of those times were back in high school with my youth group from church.  It was wonderful, fun and so rewarding as we wandered from house to house in a neighborhood with a lot of retired people, to see their happy faces as they stood in their doorways to listen to the classic carols we were singing for them.  It really filled my heart with a major case of the warm fuzzies!  Caroling was far more popular decades ago than it is now, but that doesn’t it mean it is a forgotten activity.  You still see it in all of the Christmas movies.  Makes me wonder how it is that I’ve never had carolers go by my house EVER?  Isn’t that sad? I know that school choirs and church youth groups go caroling more often than other groups, but that isn’t keeping other folks from trying it out in their neighborhoods.  Come on! Give it a try! Today is the day for it!  Liven up your street, put a smile on people’s faces, grab a group of friends and go caroling, followed by a nice, not cup of cocoa.  I’m betting you’ll be happy you did! Interesting fact:  Caroling dates to the founder of the Catholic church’s Franciscan Order, Francis of Assisi.  He started the tradition of public singing of merry songs, instead of solemn ones.


Mudd Day – Have you ever heard someone say “Your name is MUDD!”?  I have.  I had no clue what it meant.  One, I had no idea it was an actual name!  The whole name that gave this saying its start was Samuel A. Mudd (Dec 20,1833 to Jan 10, 1883).  And two, what could he possibly have done that was so bad that even now, more than a century after his death it is still a saying with negative connotations? Well, helping out a guy who assassinated Abraham Lincoln would be the thing that started this one.  Samuel Mudd was imprisoned for life for medically treating John Wilkes Booth.  He was later pardoned by President Andrew Johnson, but his name had been pretty trampled ever since his sentencing.  Calling someone “mud” was already happening before Mudd’s error in judgment, but his actions did give the phrase “Your name is mud” a whole new low.


Underdog Day – We all cheer for the underdog in the movies, right?  I know I do.  This day was set up in 1976 to celebrate the heroes in stories that aren’t usually given any credit for what they do.  For example in Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson is treated as a side kick.  In reality he has a great deal to do with cases being solved and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves! For today at least, Dr. Watson can be a hero. The original meaning of the word “underdog” actually started from sawsmen who built ships.  Planks of wood called “dogs” were put over the top of a pit.  Two men would have to supervise those planks being placed, so one man would stand on top of the planks, and one would stand underneath the planks in the dark pit, covered in sawdust.  Poor guy in the pit was known as the “Underdog”.  Fascinating! I had no clue!

Food Celebration of the Day

National Sangria Day – I’ve heard of Sangria.  I even know people who love it!  I have never personally tried it though.  In 1964 the World’s Fair introduced New Yorkers to many things, but one thing that was imported was pretty unforgettable.  Spain’s boozy punch made with red wine, brandy and chunks of fruit was pretty popular.  Here are a few recipes to try out to see if you like it.  I may have to give it a try!

Limoncello Sangria
Sangria Con Tequila
Sangria Barcelona
White Sangria

Well, not a very Christmas oriented day of celebrations, but interesting nonetheless!  At least I thought so.  Now, let’s see how fast I can get these cards done!  Merry Christmas, God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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